Monday Chat Transcript

Talking the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, the health of Devin Gardner, looking to 2014 and off-season decisions for the Michigan football team, and the role of Mitch McGary for Michigan basketball.

<KyleBogie> Hey now.

<KyleBogie> How are we doing people?

<jsmirman> I guess we are

<jsmirman> Oh, we're doing fantastically

<jsmirman> Not like I wasn't rooting for sinkhole the other night

<kn212003> Bogie - Eric Davis going to get a Michigan offer since Coleman wants to take his time?

<KyleBogie> kn2`12003. That would be a major change from the approach taken prior. We'll touch base with him in the coming days. I'll believe it when I see it re: an offer for Davis. I like him, don't know how much Michigan does.

<1vfap> what happened to devins toe

<jsmirman> I'm sitting on post 4999 and have a long post for 5000, but just can't find the write mental space to compose it

<jsmirman> right

<jsmirman> excuse me

<jsmirman> I have things to say tonight, but I don't know if anyone wants to hear them

<jsmirman> topics like 1) was it correct to root for MSU over O$U (I think it was) 2) How is Al Borges not fired yet and 3) yes, I really want to hash the damn headset thing out

<kn212003> So Devin has a large boot and crutches, obviously that's not turf toe

<jsmirman> If I'm being honest, I still just don't get it

<KyleBogie> 1vfap. Devin was playing with injuries we'll never know

<KyleBogie> Another reason I commend Gardner for his effort and haven't lost faith that he can't be the quarterback for this team and program.

<Dizzo> Bogie - How was that sandwich you got at the Hoops game on Saturday?

<kn212003> Sam seems to be hinting that Hecklinski will be the QB coach next year

<jsmirman> I'll say this, Kyle, we sure knew Devin was going to get them, with greatest hits like Borges' "Let's shuffle behind the line on 4th and2!"

<KyleBogie> This off-season will be big for Devin though , from a leadership standpoint. It's time for him to lead the group, be the voacal leader and lead by example.

<1vfap> have you seen hime walk?  can he get around or does it look worrisome?

<jsmirman> Serious question - honest - was there *anyone* on this board who didn't think/know Devin was going to get KILLED over the course of the year?

<KyleBogie> Dizzo. Not very good LOL They never are to be honest!

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. I agree with that LOL.

<jsmirman> Because I would have bet everything I own on that.

<Dizzo> Ha.. glad I skipped it then.  I was working for BTN doing official stats and saw you and Josh walking down the tunnel from where I was sitting and saw the box o' food

<jsmirman> So frustrating to watch bad things you expect happen exactly as you expected them.

<KyleBogie> kn212003. I would not be surprised to see a QB cach next year, whoever it is.

<TomBeaver> yay, I'm in

<KyleBogie> Hey Tom, welcome

<TomBeaver> took several tries, as usual lol

<kn212003> So if Heck is the QB coach, Ferigno is the WR coach, Does Al coach TE's ?

<michwolv1> kyle you thinking maybe staff re assignments or replacing a guy

<jsmirman> Evening, Tom. This native is as restless as ever. I literally had heat rising off of me as I stewed and waited for the BIG Championship to begin

<KyleBogie> Dizzo. Gotcha. It's always a struggle, some day I'll learn and eat before I go haha

<TomBeaver> kn212003 -- that'd be the speculation ... but it's merely speculation

<KyleBogie> At this point I'm unsure but the more I think about it and as time goes on I find it les and less possible that someone will GO. I think a reshuffling could be more likely but thats PURELY my opinion.

<jsmirman> I have some bkb thoughts but I think I'll put them in post 5000 - for now, I want to go on record as saying that I find Beilein's embrace of McGary as a PG to be horrifying

<1vfap> how good a teacher is borges?

<jsmirman> How is Borges employed?

<TomBeaver> I wondered about the possibility of one guy coaching WRs AND TEs, but I guess that's not likely?

<jsmirman> How can you continue to employ a man who has failed so thoroughly for three years running against one of your main rivals?

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. What do you mean?

<michwolv1> i've of the opinion if anyone is going to go it will be after the bowl thats the way michigan usually does it

<jsmirman> I mean, what, is the plan to pray that Narduzzi gets a HC gig

<TomBeaver> jsmirman - he might as well embrace it ... it's gonna happen regardless (IMO, lol)

<outcastinohio> Has anyone heard anything about Maurice Hurst?

<jsmirman> Here's what I mean, Kyle - all this nonsense about Al being "the smartest guy in the room" - I think it's conclusive - put Narduzzi and Borges in the room and I know who is the dumbest.

<michwolv1> tom ferigno has coached both before at Oregon and another school

<KyleBogie> As Sam as said, the evaluation process will or could center on deveolopment, specific to the quarterback position.

<TomBeaver> michwolv1 - at the same time?

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. I meant about the McGary thing...

<jsmirman> Oh - I think it's a SOLID prescription for 1 to 2 charging fouls a game against a savvy opponent

<frm710> Kyle, local media is giving a lot of press to McGary running the break.

<TomBeaver> jsmirman - don't disagree, or he'll get stripped

<jsmirman> I also think it's great that he can take 1 or 2 dribbles, but the moment he sees Walton or Nick, I fail to see how it's better for him to hold onto the ball

<TomBeaver> if I were opposing guards, I'd hang back when he got the rebound and go after the ball

<dave76> Well, I'd rather he was doing this than to be underused and scoring 8 pts a game

<jsmirman> He should give it up and fill the lane like a great big should

<KyleBogie> frm710. He's not "literally" playing point guard though. He's just fully capable of bringing the ball up the floor and making plays for others and it's definitely working and helped get GR23 going and Stauskas some looks.

<jsmirman> It's going to end badly

<TomBeaver> but you can tell he absolutely loves to do it

<KyleBogie> It was only one game, I don't believe Mitch will be doing that every game. He did it almost every time he got the gball Saturday, don't expect that to happen against Arizona

<jsmirman> Of course he does, but it's still going to end badly

<frm710> I agree Kyle.  I'm not sure that I would say Beilein is "embracing" it.

<KyleBogie> But if Mitch is going to be effective in doing it and finding open guys, I'm ok with it

<jsmirman> We can't afford him to get any extra fouls

<dave76> I think he was doing it becasue it was Houston Baptist or Methodist or whatever

<KyleBogie> To be honest, the guards haven't been GREAT in transition or pushing the break, hence the reason, in my opiinon (outside of hitting limited jumpers) GR3 hasn't been as effective.

<TomBeaver> So, who's ec, excited about Buffalo Wild Wings!!!

<dave76> If he thinks he's going to do that in the BIG,  that'll be a laugher

<dave76> Not me Tom

<frm710> LOL. Not a fan of the restaurant by any means

<jsmirman> And it *is* useful to have him be able to take the first few dribbles, it's just Walton needs to get the ball as soon as is feasible and he needs to push it immediately

<TomBeaver> to me, it's just a reason for 14 extra practices, nothing more ... doesn't matter thay much if they win or lose the game even ... 7-6 or 8-5, about the same thing

<snic2u> I think it will be just fine for the program Tom

<michwolv1> pretty meh tom but this team doesn't deserve a NYD bowl

<jsmirman> I don't think I could possibly be less excited about the BWW bowl

<snic2u> more practices and a larger audience

<dave76> Love the resaurant.  Hate the bowl.  And the start time for us in the EST

<jsmirman> I know it's good for momentum for them to win, I get that.

<1vfap> 1015

<dave76> Spot on, anyone that thinks this team deserves a better game is fooling themselves

<frm710> Indiffernt to the bowl...will cheer them on and watch it until I doze off.  watch the recording the next morning

<Dizzo> Tom - I think it matters a lot actually.  Maybe not for the program, maybe not for the general fans, but for the lunatics that subscribe to message boards it will determine the tone of the offseason.

<jsmirman> I still can't fathom Al being back, I get that I have to come to grips with it, but hell, I don't understand the whole complacency at all

<snic2u> what bowl do you think a 7-5 team should go to jsmirman?

<TomBeaver> you'd think they'd move mags to OT, and do alot of preparing the OL for next season ... in practice I mean

<snic2u> sugar maybe?

<jsmirman> How did I say that I thought they deserved any better???

<KyleBogie> If it becomes an issue Beilein wil have no problem pulling the reins a bit on Mitch. I think it hadds a dynamic to the team that is needed RIGHT NOW. This team isn't running as well as in years past, need to get that going and if Mitch can jumpstart it, I see no issue so far

<dave76> They better do something to that OL in the offseason

<jsmirman> I said nothing of the sort

<Dizzo> A win and decent offensive performance will lessen some concerns, but if we lose or look bad on offense and then no changes are made, it's going to be a long 8 months on the boards

<snic2u> didnt say you did was just asking if you read what i wrote

<jsmirman> Kyle, they need to push it for sure - this team absolutely needs to put themselves in more favorable positions and less unfavorable positions

<TomBeaver> Dizzo -- yeah, I'm afraid of that, lol!

<jsmirman> I'm not following, Snic. It's an appropriate bowl after a pitiful season. It's appropriately uninspiring.

<michwolv1> Borges is going into the last year of his contract doubt he comes back after that if he comes back next year

<snic2u> i'm happy it aint the liberty bowl like miss state

<TomBeaver> Will anyone be shocked if U-M beats Zona next weekend? Not me

<snic2u> or the bowl in nashville like Ole Miss

<KyleBogie> If Mitch's decision making ends up hurting Michigan it'll changed but if you look at it his decision making was fantastic regardless of the opponent.

<dave76> I'm hoping what happened after that dreadful 2005 season happens next year

<frm710> Wouldn't surprise me either.

<jsmirman> I think Mitch is a passer for sure, but I'd still prefer someone else pushing the break

<TomBeaver> I think the hoops team will gell at some point, and be hard to handle when they do

<KyleBogie> I'm with you Tom. A full week to get healthy, get Mitch some extra practice reps, scout them thoroughly and get up for a home game against the No . 1 team in the country? I think it'll be a tight one throughout, potentially a spring board for Michigan with a win

<jsmirman> I meant I think Mitch is a great passer, argh

<dave76> Me Tom.  I don't think UM is quite that good, yet.  If this were in early Feb.....yes

<jsmirman> I am *very* concerned with the lack of another competent big man

<snic2u> i am hoping we jell prior to the start of the conference

<TomBeaver> A big game at home ... sometimes that really sparks the g, the team

<jsmirman> Very disappointed in what I've seen from everyone who is not Mitch

<dave76> Morgan looks worse that ever

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. I understand your point but I'm just not seeing great decision making out of the guards in transition. wILL IT COME? I think so,

<michwolv1> bball team sorta reminds me of Burkes freshman year

<jsmirman> and part of Bacari's calling card was what he did with Jordan initially - well, what happened?

<TomBeaver> michwolv1 - sure ... and remember, even last year they didn't really gell until late

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. That is a legitimate concern at this point. And, well, Mitch is a special talent, it'll be a concern when he leaves...

<jsmirman> Can you believe Jordan Morgan is the same kid who went toe to toe with Jared Sullinger???

<frm710> Morgan and Horford have reached their ceiling

<jsmirman> How is that possible?

<snic2u> peeps are gonna hate it but like the football team the hoops team is young, although in hoops youth makes a smaller difference

<michwolv1> definatly tom ..

<dave76> That's a low ceiling then

<frm710> Yep

<jsmirman> Horford is downright delicate. I really thought he could push through that to some extent. Morgan has receded from his ceiling.

<TomBeaver> snic - agree, tho a season in hoops is kinda like three in football ... it goes on so long, they play so many games ...

<frm710> Totally agree on that Jsir

<dave76> Horford gets better the more minutes he plays.  Problem is there aren't that minutes for him

<rathbone> does anyone know where the alumni club watches in games in southern California

<snic2u> i agree with that also tom

<returntoglory11> I am really interested to see this team play a good team at home....I think it will look like  a different team

<frm710> Horford just can't catch the dang ball

<jsmirman> There are minutes for Horford if he wants them at all. If he shows any fire.

<TomBeaver> that's part of what I like about hoops ... LOTS of chances for redemption

<jsmirman> I don't mean to talk crazy, but is there any chance Jordan is more focused on his academics than anything else?

<snic2u> they were talking bout that same thing on the radio here in Memphis tom

<snic2u> how college hoops has multiple times for hope with a team

<jsmirman> That's a hard major to combine with bkb, and he seems oddly detached most of the time

<TomBeaver> jsmirman - it's just not easy to get, what, 10 minutes a game? And to be on your game ... it's almost impossible IMO ... for certain personality types especially

<TomBeaver> not east, not easy to get ...

<jsmirman> And yet, Tom, it *is* easy to come in like a fireball if you get 10 minutes a game

<michwolv1> heard today that there is supposed to be a annoucement on Mack Brown before fridays Texas football bust hot rumor is he is retiring

<jsmirman> I wonder if Mack got a nice cash bonus to ease the way

<returntoglory11> "retiring"  lol

<dave76> I don't buy that Tom.  Good teams have that guy that *can* be the sparkplug off the bench

<michwolv1> it's supposed to be for the good of the program

<TomBeaver> jsmirman - neither our backup bigs are fiery guys ... both are nice guys, and cerebral types ... it's like that position has the highest IQ of any position of any U-M sports team, lol

<jsmirman> That was my role - 8 minutes plus or minus, come in and knock some people around.

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. I'm with Tom on that one, Jon and Jordan Are not those type of guys

<returntoglory11> I have been disapointed by SPike....I guess 17 minutes gave me hope last year....

<TomBeaver> dave76 ... you're right ... I guess I mean for those two ... neither are that sparkplug type

<jsmirman> I definitely get cerebral guys getting in their head, but at a certain point, you've got to be smart enough to understand your role.

<dave76> Sure, I understand a big part of it is personality

<snic2u> spike is a soph role player, not sure what you want from him

<jsmirman> And if you're not committed to it, that's one thing. I mean, I don't know what Jordan's priorities are.

<gobluewalls> How have you been disappointed by spike? The kid has ridiculous handles and can hit 3's at will. any disappointment with Spike should be with the coaches not giving him more time while walton struggls

<TomBeaver> my solution. is to simply play Mitch 40 minutes a game .. there, that solves it!

<dave76> ridiculous handle?

<returntoglory11> I want him to run the offense and hit an open shot....not too much....LOL

<jsmirman> Well, Kyle, I will say that if you don't see any fire out of either of those guys, I don't have a lot of hope for the season.

<KyleBogie> Mitch needs to be on the floor.

<TomBeaver> gobluewalls - they must think Walton has a really high ceiling that he can get to pretty quickly, tht's all I can figure (because I've thought the same thing)

<snic2u> and you have done it in a high major college game so it umust be so easy?

<gobluewalls> he's no kyrie on cross overs but he rarely loses the ball, escapes double teams easily and is my #1 for bringing up the ball on any sort of press

<dave76> So who's mildly concerned with Devin's foot

<jsmirman> Kyle - Mitch can't do it alone. Not possible.

<gobluewalls> Spikes issue is athleticism not ball skills

<frm710> Was surprised to see Beilein state right after Duke game that MM has only participated, fully, in 6-7 practices

<jsmirman> Playing hard is a choice.

<KyleBogie> Those two have played a lot of basketball, I think they'll be fine for a few minutes but anyone expecting them to come in and commit hard fouls will be disappointed LOL. They can grab some rebounds and hopefully finish one here and there at the rim. That's all, then get Mitch back in

<returntoglory11> Tom you almost sounded in a post yesterday like you would be surprised if Dantinio didnt pursue greener that accurate?

<TomBeaver> dave76 - I'm not, because this game means nothing ... it's just 14 practices ... sorry but that's how I see it ... so no matter what the deal is with his foot, it's okay

<snic2u> he had one really nice game in the finals.  be happy with it but dont expect it on a daily basis.

<dave76> Well, I think he could use more practice, couldn't he?

<snic2u> its much like expecting 200 yards from peterson in fantasy every week

<jsmirman> Yikes. I really thought Horford would see his potential and bring it a little harder.

<TomBeaver> returntoglory? hmmmm ... I expect him to stick around ... tho if I were a rich program I'd offer him $4.5 mil and snag him

<snic2u> i cant tell you how much he does or doesnt practice.  can you tell me?

<dave76>'re pretty hard on this hoops team

<jsmirman> I think we're short one big man and one scorer if GRIII doesn't get his act together

<KyleBogie> The coaching staff has amde a commitment to Derrick, benching him in favor of Spike wouldn't be the right move mentally for either. Derrick is going to be just fine, he's had guys in and out of the lineup, still not a healthy/100 percent conditioned Mitch

<BlueFan31> If it's turf toe, there's a good chance that Devin won't be able to play.

<hockey4> sounds like we might as well just blow the hoops team up and stop playing? geeze guys, it's december

<snic2u> i agree with that jsmirman

<jsmirman> dave, I'm legitimately concerned, in all honesty. We need some contributions we're not getting.

<dave76> Defense better show up then if DG can't go

<TomBeaver> GRIII -- yeah, but he just has to figure it out for himself ... he's a different cat, very, very introverted

<KyleBogie> If Robinson III hits the open shots he gets then we're really not talking about him.

<returntoglory11> Kyle..I missed the beginning of chat...any progress on 15 hoops recruits?

<frm710> I really had hopes for Horford, with his family history thought he would know what it takes adn would progress,  not

<michwolv1> Even burke struggled in the begining

<gobluewalls> By no means am I advocating benching him, if anything I'd like more of a Walton/spike/Levert/Irvin/Mitch lineup when stauskas needs a breather

<dave76> I hear ya jsmir

<KyleBogie> That's his role. GR3 needs to get a couple rebounds, a couple assists, a couple steals, a couple easy buckets and knocke down a coupple shots.

<jsmirman> I'm not giving up anything. I just refuse to believe Horford can't be a little less delicate. Unless he's still hurt and we don't know it.

<dave76> I'm just willing to see what they look like in Feb before I get too worried

<gobluewalls> We need smarter plays and less mistakes. our huge thing last year was we RARELY turned the ball over. I know we were top 5 in the category for most of the year

<jsmirman> I'm worried, but remain hopeful

<frm710> I do agree that it is too early make any judgements on this team, bb that is

<TomBeaver> I'm actually not worried about hoops one iota ... because it's all play-time until March ... none of it matters

<jsmirman> Honestly, the biggest thing I cannot handle right now - I mean really cannot handle - is that the team is not running back down the floor hard enough in transition defense

<kn212003> So who wins the Big Ten East Division next year?

<dave76> FOr me, it's GR3.  Period.

<jsmirman> I think there have been many many instances that are shocking

<michwolv1> this team was always going to be a enigma without burke and hardaway

<KyleBogie> The whole basketball team has yet to all really be together and in sync yet. This Saturday COULD be the first time we see better chemistry and all of the big guys in the lineup, healthy/in better shape.

<KyleBogie> I think sATURDAY will be incredibly entertaining basketball

<TomBeaver> Kyle - I agree

<dave76> Me too

<jsmirman> I know it sounds simplistic, but I think everyone sans Mitch should be running suicides all Christmas break

<returntoglory11> I agree Kyle...

<jsmirman> Kyle, tell me you haven't seen lollygagging getting back down in transition D?

<BlueFan31> Tom, how surprised were you with the offer to David Sills?

<dave76> I can see AZ blowing the doors off this team though.  That's a good team.

<jsmirman> What's up with that? The kids are just jogging. I think that can and must change.

<snic2u> can you see us winning the game dave?

<TomBeaver> BlueFan - not whatsoever ... because I understand how those QB offers are getting handed out now ... it's differeny because Borges is different in how he does things

<dave76> Which is what, Tom?

<snic2u> no answer eh

<returntoglory11> So Ohio was at Crawfords school today....any updates?

<dave76> Yes, I can

<TomBeaver> he's using his contacts, like with Clarkson ... more than going after the kid(s) directly ... so that'll look different as far as outcome

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. They're struggling in certain areas, yes. I think the effort part of it is not as big an issue though. They just haven't played well in stretches and the disorganization offensively is effecting their defense

<snic2u> cool

<1vfap> tom please write an op-ed on the coaching staff and AD....

<dave76> Because at home, if they hit a few shots early, the crowd gets into it

<TomBeaver> 1vfap  no way Jose

<gobluewalls> The offer to Sills, more than anything, signaled we need a change at OC

<gobluewalls> Yes, I said that

<michwolv1> borges ugh ... Think hoke should have went with a seperate Qb coach like he did at SDSU

<1vfap> chicken

<BlueFan31> Tom, it seems as if unless there's an obvious "superstar" passer like Josh Rosen, Borges is looking for a game manager type rather than a potential game-changer

<jsmirman> Kyle, I've just seen so many replays where the kids are like wandering back down the court : (

<snic2u> i can see them winning because they are a good team who hasnt jelled yet.  when they do they could be special

<TomBeaver> Ohio and Crawford ... no reason to be concerned imo ... and no reason to blame a '15 kids for having a backup, just in case ... not to burn all bridges

<gobluewalls> Yes JS we get the idea, you think theyre lazy, you're doing it again btw

<snic2u> you want tom to lose all access jose? not happening even in his book

<KyleBogie> Regarding the offer to Sills, I had a sideline review or VIEW for him and really like what I saw. He showed some real grit on the final drive, is a pretty good runner and throws the ball with nice zip.

<hockey4> jsmirman is ready to go Herb Brooks on the whole team... "AGAIN!!"

<dave76> no kidding, jsmir...we get it you think their d is lazy

<TomBeaver> BlueFan - mmmm, could be

<jsmirman> I don't think they're lazy - I just think they are hopefully figuring out what it's going to take

<jsmirman> yes, I totally want to go Herb Brooks on them - I think they have enough potential that it's worth it for them to go after it that hard

<returntoglory11> wthen push comes to the opinion now we can keep Peppers from taking visits?

<returntoglory11> this weekend

<hockey4> i think without us being privy to watching practices and workouts, we should temper the talk of kids not working hard enough

<TomBeaver> snic2u ... I'm gonna have to agree with you there

<jsmirman> Dave, why do you think they've had such notable difficulty stopping the first dribbler on the break?

<KyleBogie> It changes every year. Mitch backed off on the "soft" comment following the Houston Baptist game but I think he's right. They'll need to figure out what gets them going as a group and I think they will.

<KyleBogie> This coaching staff REALLY knows what they're doing, guys.

<snic2u> i had my decoder ring from 04 out Tom

<jsmirman> Hockey, I just have yet to see them *play* hard enough - and that we *can* see. I still hope they will get it.

<dave76> I'm not saying you're wrong.  Just that you've said the same thing 10 times this chat

<TomBeaver> people forget how long it took them last year to get their act really together

<gobluewalls> Its not Sills itself that is my issue with the offer, its the manner of the offer. Borges is so against recruiting that all he is willing to do is call his buddies and ask how they feel, then offer whoever they recommend. Sills could become the next Tom Brady, and though I doubt Lane Kiffins Talent evaluation that much, its the principle that upset me

<frm710> Because last season Burke and Hardaway handled that...still geling

<jsmirman> Tom, I'm a little worried about making the tournament, tbh. I may be overrating the overall Big Ten, though.

<returntoglory11> Tom last year they were undefeated until mid January

<Hollandblue> My opinion is as McGary gets in game shape you will see a far different team

<returntoglory11> and ranked number 1

<gobluewalls> They also hadn't played anyone till mid january

<dave76> 20-0

<TomBeaver> IMO it'll be hard to keep last year's runnerup out of the tournament

<jsmirman> I hope you're right

<frm710> Did I miss something on the Sills offer?  Is Borges against recruiting? Or is this just piling on?

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. The Big Ten is not the Big Ten of last year. The lower tier/middle of the pack teams are better this year but MSU is the only ELITE team right now

<rathbone> gobluewalls why do you doubt Kiffin talent evaluation

<returntoglory11> Please Kstate, NC State, Pitt....they had played decent teams

<frm710> And MSU is banged up.

<rathbone> seems USC has plenty of talent

<jsmirman> See Kyle, that's what scares me, though - you have to pile up enough wins

<frm710> Wonder if they will banged up all year

<TomBeaver> returntoglory - yeah, but they had the oppposite schedule as this year ... and then they hit a semi-skid, right?

<michwolv1> kiffin got a raw deal at USC the guy was fighting a uphill battle the whole way

<returntoglory11> Not until early Febuary when the road stretch hit them

<dave76> hahaha........sounds like a familiar story

<snic2u> last year we hardly played anyone until mid january

<TomBeaver> I just dont think it matters until March 1 ... which is why they didn't even let Mitch pratice even tho, as he kept saying, hit back was okay

<gobluewalls> Haha more a joke that the only thing Sills panning out would be is that Kiffin called it at 13

<TomBeaver> even tho, as he kept saying his back was okay

<gobluewalls> Borges is heavily against recruiting FRM

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. Making the tournament is not the issue right now. Take a breath.

<jsmirman> michwolv, I take it that was sterling satire

<frm710> gawd, bears defense is abysmal

<bonesnjnts> he hasnt taken a breath in months

<snic2u> you lose many of your top guys and the lie downs d would suck too

<jsmirman> Kyle, I sweat it every year, I always start counting wins from day one, that's just how I am with the tourney

<returntoglory11> love outdoor football...

<KyleBogie> I gotta run guys.

<snic2u> missin briggs tillman etc

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. I understand, try to calm yourself lOL.

<TomBeaver> well guys I'm gonna go cook dinner ... it'll be interesting to see what Hoke says about Devin when he has his next presser

<michwolv1> not satire at all .. That job under those circumstances was a lose lose for him ...

<frm710> Biggest loss, IMO, was the dline player.

<TomBeaver> THAT's it for me -- THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!

<returntoglory11> thanks guys

<KyleBogie> Have a good night everyone, thanks for dropping by!

<frm710> Thanks Tom

<jsmirman> Yeah, I've far from given up hope, not the impression I mean to give, just want to see more from them

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