2016 Jersey DT Star has Family in Michigan

Michigan stopped through Scotch Plains, NJ last week to check in on 2016 five-star DT Rashan Gary. The talented youngster plans to return the favor as soon as possible. He may be able to do so the next time he visits family in the Great Lake State. GBW spoke to him about it.

Sam Webb: Take me back through your season and tell me how things went for you on the football field.

Rashan Gary: "We weren't good as a team. We finished 2-8, but we had a majority of sophomores starting, so we're going to be better next year. But my season as an individual was good. I had 50-plus tackles, two forced fumbles, and three sacks."

Sam Webb: Give me a scouting report on

Rashan Gary. Break down your game for me.

Rashan Gary: "I'd say he has to be strong because he always requires a double or triple team, he is fast off the ball, and if they put him on the edge they have double team him off the edge too. If you let him get to the quarterback the quarterback is going to be out for the game. So you've always have to keep

Rashan Gary contained because if you don't he is going to make plays all over the field."

Sam Webb: What would you say you need to improve


Rashan Gary: "I guess I would say working on new hand moves, pad level because I just started staying low this year, and basically everything. I could get faster off the ball… just everything. That's something I'm going to work on in the offseason."

Sam Webb: Do you know how many offers you have off the top of your head?

Rashan Gary: "I have nine… Rutgers, UCONN, Temple, Florida, Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan, and Maryland."

Sam Webb: Let's talk about Michigan specifically. What was it like for you when they offered you that scholarship?

Rashan Gary: "It was crazy. It was like the day before our team started working out. Coach Roy Manning called my coach, and my coach told me to call (Manning). He talked to my mom actually because I was out with my stepdad. Then my mom called me and told me the good news. Then when I got back I called him myself and I just told him thank you. I didn't expect Michigan to come so soon. Iersonally I think everybody is going to (offer eventually). That's my motivation… to get every college across the nation to offer me. But for Michigan to come that early… I was excited."

Sam Webb: Did you have interest in Michigan before that or did your interest sort of begin after they offered you?

Rashan Gary: "Michigan has always been a team I watched on Saturdays because I have family up there in Detroit. I have my mom's side. There are some of her sisters and brothers up there. Everybody when I go up there is like all Michigan. So it's a team that my family knows about and I know about. I just started paying attention to their games heavily though."

Sam Webb: What's your connection like so far with Coach Manning?

Rashan Gary: "Coach Manning is an exciting coach. He is chill to talk to. He came to my school a couple of days ago, After he left we talked about how I'm playing basketball and how he might come back by to look at some games, so our relationship is cool."

Sam Webb: Do you know Jabrill Peppers?

Rashan Gary: "Yeah, I know Jabrill. I've talked to him."

Sam Webb: Has he talked to you about Michigan?

Rashan Gary: "Not really. Whenever I talk to him it's been seeing how his season is going and this and that."

Sam Webb: With what you know about Michigan right now what would you say you like most about them, and what would you say you're most anxious to find out about?

Rashan Gary: "From what I have heard Jabrill say, they're good educationally. The head coach is also their defensive line coach and I like that. Hopefully when I go up there for a visit I'll get to talk to him. And I just want to see want the environment is like on campus and how the students are."

Sam Webb: What schools have you visited so far?

Rashan Gary: "I've been to Penn State for the Nebraska game and I've been at Rutgers for a couple."

Sam Webb: Have any of the schools you're considering started to stick out for you yet?

Rashan Gary: "To be honest, no because I haven't really been thinking about it. I'll probably start thinking about it around the summer time. That's when I'll probably take more visits and go to camps."

Sam Webb: What does your decision timeline look like? Are you one of those guys that wait until you're senior year to do it, or are going to want to get it done earlier than that?

Rashan Gary: "I'm going to be one of those guys that's going to wait and see because I'm going to try to get everybody on my team looks, so I'm going to wait it all the way out to signing day."

Sam Webb: When you get to point where you're ready to make a decision on which school you're going to attend what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Rashan Gary: "A big factor is education. I also want to see if it is a family atmosphere, and because I'm a big boy and I like to eat…do they have good food? (Laughter) And just if my mom can see living there because my mom is going to be a big part of decision."

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