Monday Chat Transcript

Hot topics include Jabrill Peppers, Vic Enwere, remaining scholarships, Michigan football prepping for bowl game and more.

<KyleBogie> Happy Monday Night Football night everyone!

<KyleBogie> What's going on?

<clarkw267> Where is everyone? At the Lions game?

<KyleBogie> Probably lol

<KyleBogie> Or gearing up at the bar to watch it!

<goblue94>  roar

<clarkw267> So, what's the feeling on Enwere? Seems like he's leaning towards UM, no?

<KyleBogie> clarkw267. I don't thinkthe commits are being over the top with their comments on him, think the chances of a switch are almost likely at this point. We'll see what happens.

<KyleBogie> Michigan seems to have made a strong impression on Enwere though

<goblue94> Was mcmillan to Ohio expected?

<jsmirman> Kyle is here and almost no one else!

<jsmirman> Not like the game has started yet, so que?

<clarkw267> Is it still McDowell and Enwere or bust at this point?

<1vfap> any darboh updates?

<KyleBogie> goblue94. I had not been in depth ton that recruitment, either way a huge pick up for OSU.

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. I know, I'm sorry to disappoint :(

<KyleBogie> clarkw267. Without a doubt AND continuing to make sure Peppers is saying all the right things. He's the biggest one.

<KyleBogie> 1vfap. Brady just said "he's making progress" when asked about he and Drake Johnson this afternoon.

<snic2u> kyle do you think peppers goes to UCLA to check things out?

<goblue94> has scout had any luck reaching peppers, post visit yet?

<snic2u> hey tom

<jsmirman> Tom is here

<KyleBogie> snic2u. No I do not. From the beginning I never truly thought Peppers would go through with any of this. We'll obviously see but I think Michigan holds onto him (this is me still being unafraid to put opinion out there LOL).

<snic2u> thanks kyle

<clarkw267> Did everyone see that Denzel Ward decommitted from Purdue?

<TomBeaver> hi guys

<TomBeaver> I don't expect Peppers to visit UCLA

<TomBeaver> and I don't expect Crawford to visit OSU

<jsmirman> Kyle, is this pretty much because Jabril knows that Hoke and any defensive guys he cares about are definitely going to be here when he arrives?

<KyleBogie> goblue94. He has proved elusive, have been able to speak with others though and based on his tweets I think he ends up at Michigan. We'll touch base with him when he edecides to answer.

<TomBeaver> however, U-M still has a gameto play ... so, ya know ... they still have a chance to impress or lay an egg

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. I think a lot of his concens were answered directly and head on by multiple people on his visit.

<snic2u> we knew what you meant tom lol

<jsmirman> So... does that mean he spoke with Brandon?

<jsmirman> Just out of curiosity

<KyleBogie> i'm not as strong on the Crawford not visiting OSU thing, not because he's indicated anything BUT because there is still so long before signing day 2-0156

<KyleBogie> 2015*

<TomBeaver> bogie- yessir

<goblue94> Tom, Kyle, any guess as to who ends up at Texas?

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. I would bet a lot.

<jsmirman> Interesting

<jsmirman> Here's a question - do you think the staff is feeling more heat or less heat as a result of the Big Ten championship game outcome?

<TomBeaver> 94 - no, tho I do know there were overtures to Urb ... that's a fact ... and he was interested ... that's a fact ... but this was a while ago ... so dunno how that stands now

<KyleBogie> goblue94. Yeesh. I feel like i could throw the name Bill Bellichek out there right now and sound as accurate as the experts right now. I have no idea LOL.

<clarkw267> Does McMillan to Ohio help at all with Hilliard? They have a loaded LB class this year, not that ours isn't good...

<TomBeaver> Brandon - you can be sure he communicated with Peppers ...

<goblue94> Thanks. Do you guys think O'Brien stays at Penn State?

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. Interesting questin. I still think it's the same. Bowl game and next year had better bet better

<TomBeaver> jsmirman - no, no more, no less ... but that was a big win for MSU, and it hurts U-M

<jsmirman> I think it's fair to say that Brandon knows his a** is in the same wringer as Brady's - it's Hoke or die for him, it seems

<KyleBogie> clarkw267. Could be a nice little residual effect.

<TomBeaver> 94 - boy if I were him I'd get out ASAP, but dunno

<jsmirman> I still say that even though they probably would have lost, O$U winning the MNC would have been the death knell for us competing with them

<KyleBogie> goblue94. I believe O'Brien is in it for a bit unless some unbelievable offer comes. Seems pretty committed to those kids. That can all change with one phone call though lol

<jsmirman> Although I confess I'm giving up hope that we're going to compete with them for some time, I'm afraid

<TomBeaver> jsirman - nah, you can't bigger than OSU already is, IMO ... I was rooting for them to beat MSU

<KyleBogie> I agree with you Tom, I wouldn't wanna stay at Penn State at all lol

<jsmirman> I know you thought that Tom, I think you underestimate the utter hell that would have been

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. Not going to be easy BUT take away Miller/Hyde/4 OL notto mention a mess of a defense and Michigan might not be as far as you think

<TomBeaver> how so ... OSU is already getting #1 classes, doesn't matter wrt them ... IO, IMO

<jsmirman> The PSU people I talk to - I don't know, I am not counting on O'Brien moving unless someone blows him over like blows him to smithereens with an offer

<jsmirman> Tom, I think we would have never been able to win another head to head recruiting battle with them again - almost never

<Jmizzy24> Word on any players leaving during the bowl season yet?  Always seems like a guy or two transfers during the bowl practice period.

<TomBeaver> we already don't (pretty much)

<clarkw267> Any new developments with '15 QB recruiting? Is Sills still waiting to talk to Sarkisian? Anything on Rosen/Town? (Saban recommitting to Bama probably squashed that)

<TomBeaver> that's what I'm saying ... no difference

<goblue94> How big a loss are the O and D coordinators from the Irish? thats a pretty big hit in one offseason, yes?

<jsmirman> Dymonte?

<TomBeaver> there's always going o, to be the outlier

<1vfap> who do you think is getting their NFL dract stock assessed?

<jsmirman> But whatever, it's not important - although I'd love to know what you think it would take to change that reality if it is the (revolting) reality

<KyleBogie> Jmizzy24. Interesting thing is Hoke mentioning a couple of guys exploring NFL options. Wouldn't say who or how many but that's curious to me.

<TomBeaver> 94 - you'd think so ... but maybe ND wasn't enamoured with them anyway ... dunno

<KyleBogie> clarkw267. As soon as Kiffin left I think it was inevitable that Sills isn't going to end up at USC.

<clarkw267> Could one of those guys be Jake Ryan? That would be bad news for us

<jsmirman> Who on earth is exploring NFL options? I mean, Ryan

<jsmirman> yeah, that's the only one I could think of

<TomBeaver> 1vfap - that's a good question. IMO Devin for one. Who'd be the second ... geez, Clark maybe?

<KyleBogie> clarkw267. Jake has been adament about returning

<TomBeaver> you wouldn't think it'd be Ryan

<clarkw267> No.... I'm staying in college Tom

<1vfap> so we are safe in terms of defections to the NFL

<TomBeaver> clark - that's a huge relief for all of us .. IF you're Frank Clark (lol)

<jsmirman> I don't know how to respond to the Devin exploring his options thing without offending everyone

<KyleBogie> Clark and Devin are the only ones I could come up with. Would be quite odd to see Devin go that's for sure.

<clarkw267> Would be career suicide for Devin IMO. Hasn't had enough starts

<1vfap> or production

<jsmirman> I'm sputtering in apoplectic disbelief over here, lol. Respect the hell out of that kid's heart and hope for a better future, but je-sus - off of this year? Come on.

<TomBeaver> Doesn't matter who's getting NFL evals ... no one is leaving, no one is rated that high ... so, if anything, it'll just spur the kids on to do better

<clarkw267> Production when given time to throw has been fine

<KyleBogie> i WILL say this and continue to say this, with Devin it's all still there. When he has time he can sling it and make plays with his feet. Needs to get his confidence up, get a running game and maybe his season was hugge for his growth. I'd love to see him return for a final year and have his dredemtpion.

<Jmizzy24> I would rather lose Clark than Ryan.

<TomBeaver> Bogie - well said

<jsmirman> Kyle, I just have real concerns that he will never think like a quarterback. I hope to hell he can. It's scary that he can't audible to multiple things and was our starter all year. Do you see that changing drastically next season?

<TomBeaver> For me, the big question is ... can Green become a top player, or is he Kevin Grady #2 .... that's the huge question

<clarkw267> Early favs for Capitan next year? Devin, Jake, and Blake?

<bigcox7> Who is more likely at SEE next year Charlton or Beyer?

<TomBeaver> If Green gets in shape and gets his act together, then U-M is in business

<jsmirman> Lol, Freddy Jack's petitioning for a 7th year for Fitz

<KyleBogie> IF Devin returns that will be extremely telling. Devin would need to step up as a leader in the off season and earn that title.

<TomBeaver> Devin wasn't Devin the last half ... he was shell shocked (IMO)

<jsmirman> Kyle, what on earth are his options?

<TomBeaver> bigcox- let's hope it's Taco

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. It didn't matter what Devin audibled into this year, it was all a disaster.

<jsmirman> Kyle, I don't want to hog this, but I don't agree with that. I can think of game after game where a damn bubble screen would have been 15 yards like cake.

<Jmizzy24> Taco has loads of potential. Beyer is who he is. Solid.

<jsmirman> Jmizzy, that's exactly what I would have said.

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. Can't all fall on a quarterback

<jsmirman> Oh hell no. Are you kidding? I wouldn't wish Devin's situation last year on my worst enemy.

<BlueFan31> I like Beyer at WDE. He's just far too small to play the 5-tech (SDE) effectively.

<Jmizzy24> I like Beyer is a solid backup.

<Jmizzy24> as a solid backup

<goblue94> Tom, re Green, who does he have during off season to show him some leadership, to help Green figure it out, put in the work?

<TomBeaver> Beyer's frame isn't that big ... he's a classic tweener

<BlueFan31> Yep

<Jmizzy24> just typing tweener as well. lol

<jsmirman> I have all the sympathy in the world for Devin. I just think he was bad, the rest of the offense was terrible and I hope that Devin takes a huge mental leap in the offseason. And that the line stops sucking life-threateningly.

<1vfap> Devin has an enormous reservoir of untapped talent.  Do not seell him short.  If he has the right pieices in place, including play calling he can be tremendous.

<TomBeaver> 94 - S&C is in charge of the offseason, basically ... and the seniors

<BlueFan31> Green should give Monte Ball a call. That's who he needs to take advice from because Ball went through the same thing wrt his weight and conditioning

<jsmirman> goblue94, why on Earth isn't it as simple as Green getting the picture that Smith will leave him in the dust if he doesn't???

<jsmirman> That is part of why Freddy Jack makes me want to cry.

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. Without a doubt Devin had his faults this season, can't overlook that. Just think giving up on him is still premature given all of the other issues the offense had.

<goblue94> right, seems like the lack of senior leadership on the offensive side is not ideal to help shepherd a kid like Green?

<Jmizzy24> Freddy Jack is around for recruting purposes only i believe.

<TomBeaver> Devin got his bell rung too many times, it took the starch out of him ... there has to be a run game and bigger pass blocking ... he was like the guys in the movie Platoon the whole second half of the season

<jsmirman> Kyle and 1V, I don't give up on Devin at all. He *definitely* has plenty of athletic talent - just hope he has the mental tools to take the leap he needs to take. I just think none of us know the answer to that question.

<goblue94> J - agree but many of these kids never need to work hard so when its time for some self motivation its not easy to all of a sudden have that

<TomBeaver> mental tools? He's smarter than you-n-me, he's a high IQ kid ... but he needs good QB coaching, everyone deserves that, IMO

<jsmirman> The motivation should be that the best back will start and you will never play if you come in fat. Smith looked great last year. Dammit he looked great.

<ASquared1> Sparty just lost their 4 star QB commit Durkin

<TomBeaver> no insult meant to you, or me, lol ... we're of course high IQ guys as well, LOL

<jsmirman> Totally agree on the QB coaching - totally - but Tom, you can be super smart and still never be able to see the game like a QB needs to

<TomBeaver> well, time will tell, definitely

<goblue94> Tom,  some of the issues and basic remedies (ie qb coaching) are crystal clear...question is what are Brandon, Hoke going to do to fix?

<BlueFan31> Borges' biggest fail BY FAR is with QB coaching. At this point, I'd even settle for Hoke reassigning duties within the coaching staff and making Hecklinski the QB coach.

<TomBeaver> 94 - agree ...

<jsmirman> And along those lines, I assume it's 0% that Borges isn't back, right?

<TomBeaver> jsmirman - no one can say that ... but right now the plan is to have him back, it looks like

<jsmirman> So can I hazard if that's the case, Kyle and Tom, where do you weigh in on how much of the playcalling failures rests on Borges' head - 70%? 100% 20%?

<TomBeaver> Borges calls the plays .. so all the playcalling is on him.

<umjaker> not fair coaching staff in highest paid and produced nothing to show for it

<BlueFan31> Michigan State just lost 4 star QB commit Chris Durkin to Virginia Tech. Way to go, Lefty!

<jsmirman> Btw, I think it's clear I think this, but I am flat out ashamed of how much Devin got hit this year. I think it's shameful.

<TomBeaver> BlueFan - lefty should always be able to get a top dropback QB ... he's a good QB coach, and a good recruiter

<BlueFan31> Yep, agree Tom.

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. The 3rd and shorts and red zone inefficiencies speak for themself

<TomBeaver> Devin got the starch taken out of him, like I said ... I think he was surprised that that could happen, but it did

<BlueFan31> Too bad he wouldn't be welcomed back in Ann Arbor because we could sure use him right now.

<umjaker> lefty or harbaugh for qb coach back in 1998, way to go Lloyd

<bigcox7> do we think we have 2 spots left in 2014 recruiting?

<TomBeaver> Anyhoo -- I don't think we have to worry about Peppers as long as U-M plays well in the Buffalo Wild Wings

<jsmirman> Like I've said, it pains me that I would have bet all the money on Earth that this *was* going to happen to Devin. And no one wouldn't have been shellshocked by that madness.

<bigcox7> tom that worries me if Morris has to start

<TomBeaver> umjaker - politics? ...

<umjaker> howling in the wind, UM coaches are headbanging stubborn

<jsmirman> Tom, even if they don't play well, Hoke and Mattison are safer than safe, so will the BWW bowl really matter?

<jsmirman> Btw, I'm rooting my a** off for the Lions tonight

<TomBeaver> no .. but to Peppers it still could ... I was referring to Peppers. That said, you never say anything is 100%

<jsmirman> So you're all screwed

<Jmizzy24> Get beat by an average K-state team and this could be an ugly situation.

<goblue94> any word on how the freshman OL who redshirted are progressing?  Kugler or others in the mix next year?

<TomBeaver> Jmizzy - we're pretty much an average team too

<umjaker> yeap politics has killed thid program the last decade

<Jmizzy24> No arguments there Tom. Average coaching staff with average players so far.

<goblue94> Fox, dawson, Tuley, etc?

<TomBeaver> Kugler - IMO yes

<TomBeaver> Dawson - IMO yes

<TomBeaver> Fox and LTT ... not holding breath, just hoping

<Jmizzy24> Hopefully Kugler gets in. Not sold on Glasgow at all.

<KyleBogie> Off season will do wonders for Kugler. No doubt the talent is there, smarts etc. Walking by him on sideline he defnitely needs to add some strength

<clarkw267> Glasgow was the best interior lineman this year

<KyleBogie> Dawson and Fox were singled out with Kugler today for what it's worth

<Jmizzy24> not saying much clark. it was atrocious.

<TomBeaver> having a shoulder thing is a killer for a LM, as far as gaining strength and heft

<clarkw267> If he doesn't start at Center, there's a very good chance he'll start at Guard

<KyleBogie> Absolutely, Tom

<jsmirman> Yeah, I though things sounded promising for Fox, so I hope that's still true

<TomBeaver> Glasgow will IMO be all league someday ... I've wondered how he's,he'd like to play tackle ...

<KyleBogie> Again, they'll put the best five out there regardless of position

<Jmizzy24> Fox is enormous. I hope he works out.

<umjaker> glasgow bad snaps killed drives multiple times this year

<goblue94> Tom,  Gallon had a great season but how does he end up mvp?

<OzBLUE> Tom, who will kick field goals next

<KyleBogie> Jmizzy24. Definitely needs some reshaping

<TomBeaver> 84 - 94 - because who else had a great season?

<jsmirman> Okay, here's one: blame for the offensive line play - assign percentages - Youth, Borges, Funk, God

<Jmizzy24> Glasgow all league? I hope you are right. Don't see that at all.

<jsmirman> I thought Gallon deserved that going away

<Jmizzy24> kyle- thanks for the update on Fox

<KyleBogie> Combination of everything in my opinion

<TomBeaver> jsmirman - that's a darn good question

<jsmirman> I just don't get how anyone doesn't think Gallon deserved the award all of our sincere thanks

<goblue94> well, devin did not have a great year but still best player who was asked to do way too much

<TomBeaver> all the changes - those were weird to me

<jsmirman> Will you take a stab at it, Tom?

<jsmirman> Because, I know this is jsmirman gonna jsmirman, but by God, *someone* has to be to blame!

<KyleBogie> Jmizzy245. Only seen him in passing

<TomBeaver> K, I'm gonna say none of the interior OLers are very good ... as freshmen

<TomBeaver> so is it youth?or talent? hopefully it's youth

<jsmirman> Kyle, you do understand how the idea that "combination of things" leaves no one to blame and how frustrating that is that no one ends u  accountable for that mess, right?

<Jmizzy24> I sure hope we can chalk it to youth.  If not recruting is going terribly wrong.  These kids were wanted by every school as well.

<bigcox7> Kinda wish we hadnt offered Samuelson last year so we could have another LT in this class

<jsmirman> So Tom, right now, you would say either nearly 100% youth or just lack of talent

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. I get it but how can I throw around a number like that when in reality I'm not in practice? Not right for me to call into question the jobs of men with families when I don't know.

<OzBLUE> Freshman play successfully at MSU and other schools all the time, at UM they are always weak?

<clarkw267> I'd go as far to say the only 2 guys I'm condifent will be starting on the OL next year are Magnuson and Glasgow. I think Bosch/Kalis/Kugler and Braden/Dawson are gonna be battles

<TomBeaver> no, it's also weird to me that they kept changing kids .. that was a head-scratcher (for me)

<jsmirman> Dammit, though, they are grown ass men getting paid solid salaries and that was shameful crap! I'm just saying, lol!

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. I hear ya, I have to be a little bit responsibile and accountable with that though, can't say when I don't know for sure. All we all know is that it was awful and not acceptable.

<snic2u> i'd love to follow you around watching your every move, judging your work etc jsmirman lol

<TomBeaver> OzBLUE - no answer for that

<jsmirman> Snic, I will tell you this, when my performance is sh**, I am pretty damn honest about it

<umjaker> solid salaries, Michigan has one of the highest paid staffs

<snic2u> just thinkin of the peyton commercials.....cut that beef!

<TomBeaver> okay you guys ... we've solved all the problems for tonight ... gonna go cook dinner

<TomBeaver> THANKS

<jsmirman> Thanks, Tom

<umjaker> enjoy tom

<snic2u> thanks tom

<goblue94> thanks tom

<TomBeaver> I'll leave you to the brains of the outfit

<Jmizzy24> Thanks TBeav

<KyleBogie> I'm gonna take off as well guys, spiriteddiscussion tonight!

<jsmirman> trust me, if you don't think I berate myself in that fashion

<KyleBogie> Thank you.

<KyleBogie> Have a good night!

<jsmirman> thanks, Kyle

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