Speight Ready for Next Chapter (Part 2)

In part two of our feature with Richmond (Va.) Collegiate QB Wilton Speight, the future Wolverine signal caller discusses his official visit, Jabrill Peppers, Vic Enwere, and more.

  • For those that missed part one of this feature, click here.

Sam Webb:  Let us turn our attention to the visit.  Take me through it.  What did they have you guys doing?  What was it like to get with many of your future teammates? 

Wilton Speight:  “It was a great weekend.  I told the coaches this, just a thank you.  You know, they are obviously very strict on the no visit policy while committed to Michigan.  Some people kind of question that but you know what we saw this weekend was the Michigan football program, the coaches, every one that works there just went all out on this weekend to make it special for us.  Although it was our only official visit, it was well worth it because it seemed like every room that we walked in, there was just a feast for us to eat and the host that we were put with were all awesome.  Fortunately, we have been able to all kind of develop relationships with that freshman and sophomore class, so when we get there we will hit the road running.  The coaches could take time since it was not week 12 or week 13 of the season and talk to us and really spend time with us.  It was a great time for the players, the parents of the recruits, and I think the coaches as well.  So, I don’t think it could have gone any better.” 

Sam Webb:  Was there any aspect of what was a great visit that stood out most to you… a part that when you look back on it you say, “Wow… a lot was great, but this was the best.’” 

Wilton Speight:  “Yeah I think one of the coolest parts is just being able to sit at a table in a big room with my recruiting class and some of the freshmen and sophomores as well, just all of us being able to sit in there and talk like we have know each other for years.  Not one part of the weekend was awkward or a little weird.  It was like we were all just brothers and sitting there and talking.  I think it is just pretty neat how we all have the same goals and the same desires to be successful in our futures at Michigan.  I thought that was pretty cool.” 

Sam Webb:  Who wound up being your host for the weekend? 

Wilton Speight:  “Chris Fox.  Chris Fox is the man.  He is a great guy.  I cannot wait to play on the field with him.” 

Sam Webb:  Obviously, one of the big things about you guys’ class is Jabrill and what the experience was going to be like for him and whether or not he is going to take other visits.  Did you a chance as one of the guys kind of spearheading this thing, did you get a chance to talk to him and kind of see where he is with everything?  (edt note: this interview was conducted prior to Peppers publicly reaffirming his commitment.)

Wilton Speight:  “Yeah, there was one point on Saturday where he and I were kind of aside and at one point I went up to him and was like, ‘dude just be honest with me, where do you stand with this whole process?’  He was just like, ‘I had just a little thought to just maybe want to have go have fun at some other officials and see parts of the country, but I have been sold since the day I committed that I am coming to play football here and that has not changed.’  I am 100% certain that Jabrill will be playing college football in Ann Arbor.” 

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to talk to Vic Enwere at all and what do you think he thought of things? 

Wilton Speight:  “Yeah, he is huge on education and academics.  Both of his parents are doctors and his brother goes to MIT.  So, he committed to Cal without even seeing it.  He is yet to go to Cal Berkley and see that campus and what that place has to offer.  I think he just committed there because that was the best academic place he could have gone to play football until Michigan came in and offered him.  I think we made a great impact on Vic.  He and I have been texting a little bit since he left and he is back in Houston now.  But loved the weekend, loved the guys that he will be playing with and I am quite positive that he will be playing with us this summer, going into the season.  It was a pretty cool thing to see someone new kind of come in and see what we have to offer and really get excited about it.” 

Sam Webb:  Last one for you Wilton, just kind of give me what your schedule entails now.  Obviously you are out west now working with Coach Clarkson and you have Under Armour coming up.  Just kind of lay out for me now that your high school football career/season is over, what your athletic schedule kind of entails from her on out. 

Wilton Speight:  “I am going to be here through the end of the week and then I am going to get back in town for a week just for Christmas, just work out and throw and train as hard as I can, and then head down to Orlando.  I get back from that and I’ve got 24 hours in Richmond.  Then I am up to Ann Arbor January 5th and that kind of gets the ball rolling and all the talk about what is going to happen next year and all the predictions and stuff as far as me playing or not playing, that is all over with and it is just time to crack down and get in the film room and get with my receivers and work as hard as I can.” 

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