Ways enjoys being with his "M" family

Last weekend was a big one for Michigan's class of 2014 commits. It was, as Mo Ways told GBW, a chance to spend time together. Ways talks about Jabrill Peppers, how he and his classmates are ready to come and help Michigan turn things around, and his first Wolverine basketball game.

Maurice Ways looks forward to seeing his crew in the class of 2014 every chance he gets. They keep in touch with each other often through social media and phone calls. So when everyone is together again it's an opportunity to get closer.

"We have a very close knit group. It is a lot of fun being around each other. There are no cliques in our group -- we are from different backgrounds and you wouldn't even know it the way we are when we are together. All of us are brothers just hanging out, chilling and having a good time as family."

In the past few weeks there were worries about Jabrill Peppers and the uncertainty of him staying committed to Michigan. Everyone was concerned -- except for the class of 2014 commits. Maurice never allowed the talk to even enter any of his conversations because of what Peppers did last weekend.

"I didn't feel a need to talk to Jabrill about his commitment or where his head was at. The fact that he was here on his visit told me all I need to know, and that is actions speak louder than words. He didn't have to come, but he did and that was enough for me."

It is still interesting for Maurice, who is close with Peppers, not to even think to ask about what he was going to do. Maurice goes a little farther as to why he was not going to be put in that position to ask about it.

"I am sure Jabrill gets questions all the time about if he is going to Michigan or not; that is for other people to ask those questions, not me. I will not look at him any other way than as my friend and teammate; there are other things we talk about then just football. Last weekend was a time for us to just chill and enjoy together and that's what we did."

The class of 2014 is anxious to stop talk about Michigan being down. It is something Maurice says they have discussed, and they can't wait to quiet those conversations.

"I know people are sleeping on us (U of M) but they will wake up when we are coming at them. The guys that are coming in next year (c/o 2014), we all have a chip on our shoulders to help turn things around by coming in and working hard. It is something we will have fun doing -- we accept the challenge and are ready to go. We had some young guys play this year and get experience under their belt: Derrick Green, DeVeon Smith and Jake Butt. Those same guys are going to be leading us, showing us, and we all will be doing it together."

There was a practice that Maurice and the crew had the opportunity to go and see, and that had him really amped about his future teammates.

"Watching Jeremy Gallon running routes is unbelievable, how he makes it look so easy. Devin Funchess is a big man who tries to dominate every time he plays. He loves to play football and you can tell with the passion that he has out there. Blake Countess and Jourdan Lewis were going back and forth talking trash with Gallon and Funchess, having fun trying to make each other better. Jourdan Lewis -- man that dude can really play."  

Ways had a chance to attend his first basketball game at the Crisler Center; his crew wanted the Wolverines basketball team to win for more than just that reason alone.

"That game was so hyped. We really wanted them to win, but we also were hoping if they did we could all rush the floor. Everyone was so mad they lost because rushing the floor was what all of us was thinking about doing. I was so pumped all week long for this game -- it was a really good game."

Maurice Ways and his new family are looking forward to getting their careers started and helping get the negative talk about Michigan put to rest.


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