Monday Chat Transcript

Discussing Jabrill Peppers, a little basketball recruiting, Michigan's win over Stanford, the Wolverines quarterback situation, the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, and more.

<KyleBogie> Hello! And happy holidays

<brandonb232003> hey Kyle.  Same to you!

<KyleBogie> What's going on??

<KyleBogie> Just got off the phone with Freddy Cnateen fyi, said he blieves Jabrill is 100-percent with Michigan. Also said he's recruiting his teammate David Sills for the Wolverines.

<KyleBogie> Great young man, moves in January 5th

<brandonb232003> Not a whole lot.  Liked the way we played Saturday, even though we didn't play real well...we did what we had to do to win...FINALLY

<brandonb232003> you think there is still a chance Peppers is considering others even after he has come out and said he is Blue all the way?

<rounds> Why is MSU being confident about Malik McDowell?

<KyleBogie> brandonb232003. Just needed to get a WIN. The kids were so focused wehn we spoke to them Friday, could tell they wanted it. They executed very well offensively and played stout defense

<KyleBogie> brandonb232003. I still think, after the bowl game, there will need to be one more public declaration to be certain but I still maintain he ends up signing with Michigan.

<KyleBogie> rounds. Blackwell.

<brandonb232003> Yeah.  I saw a team Saturday that didn't shoot as well as they can...didn't get as many fastbreak opps as they normally do and they still prevailed..even without Mitch and a lot of touch calls

<KyleBogie> I don't think Malik ends up in Eat Lansing though

<KyleBogie> brandonb232003. The fast break opportunities were just kind of different. They might not have gotten that breakway lay up or dunk but they caught Stanford's halfcourt D off guard by pushing the ball, screwing up their rotations and getting good looks

<brandonb232003> yep.. I noticed that.  Coach B is allowing almost anybody to bring the ball up after a rebound if they have numbers.  I love that and when we do that we play very well.

<brandonb232003> at first it was just Mitch but there seems to be a more openess to pushing it immediately

<KyleBogie> If this team could just get a healthy Mitch McGary...they are one of the ten best in the country and withut a doubt a national title contender

<KyleBogie> Crazy thing is, they'll be a lower seed in the tourney and probably the most talented 6 or 7 seed we'll have seen in a long long time

<KyleBogie> Teams will not want to play them

<KyleBogie> The halfourt offense is just a struggle right now, part is Walton still finding his way but also other guys looking to carve out theire role, not to mention morgan/horford being liabilities on that end

<brandonb232003> I couldnt agree more.  The losses this year weren't really bothersome to me.  Loved seeing GRIII finally pushing towards the basket to make his own shot. Seems that teams are figuring out how to guard Stauskus a little better on his drive.  He really needs a pull up jumper in his arsenal

<brandonb232003> in halfcourt we move the ball and move around but dont really set hard screens.... other than the high screen and roll.  I have yet to see a really good off ball screen to get somebody open.  they are mostly just rubs

<rounds> So, is it safe to say Gardner won't be playing Saturday?

<brandonb232003> How common is it for a school to give back half of their bowl tickets???

<KyleBogie> brandonb232003. Little things need to be corected and worked on Iagree. Coach B has drawn up some nice playts to get guys open though, shots just need to fall.

<brandonb232003> poorly does that reflect on UM and the UM fanbase?

<KyleBogie> barndonb232003. It happens, I can't remember a time Michigan had to do it though right?

<KyleBogie> rounds. I think it's Shane Morris' time Saturday.

<BlueFan31> Every B10 team but Sparty gave back a significant portion of their allotted bowl tickets this year.

<BlueFan31> OSU had to return over half of theirs and they're in a BCS game

<brandonb232003> yeah.  this is a first for me.  Can't remember it happening in the past... though people can def use the excuse that they go to FL for the bowl and then a little R and R at the beach afterwards when we go to the FL bowls

<brandonb232003> Oh wow blue.... that makes me feel a lot better about giving some of ours back.  BCS and half went back..thats nuts

<BlueFan31> I think most fans are just over the whole bowl system. Time for aan 8 or 16 team playoff

<brandonb232003> if shane plays well.... let the controversy begin... That is not what Devin's psyche needs

<brandonb232003> at least thats what I'm assuming..hope I'm wrong on that

<KyleBogie> The appeal of a mid winter vacation is ncie  that's for sure lol

<KyleBogie> brandonb232003. I think that behidn the scenes they would've made it an open competition regardless. Publically they'll maintain that dEVIN is the guy so as not to embraass him.

<KyleBogie> My opinion.

<rounds> Kyle, any rumblings on who is looking good at the bowl practices?

<rounds> Kyle, any word on bball recruiting?  Kennard now seems like a long shot.  What about Brunson and Coleman?

<brandonb232003> I hope for all our sanity...he squashes any competition this spring and summer and comes out with his game face on next year.

<KyleBogie> rounds. RE: Bowl practice. The young DL have all been mentioned prominently. Poggi, Hurst, Wormley, Henry, Strobel. Like that whole crew moving forward

<BlueFan31> Fwiw, '14 Country Day QB Tyler Wiegers (teammate of Moe Ways) has just committed to Iowa. Congrats to him.

<KyleBogie> rounds. Catching up with Kennard either today or right after holiday, I still won't say Michigan is out of it until his father indicates that, which he hasn't. Coleman is going to take his time now as is Burnson...

<KyleBogie> BlueFan31. What a GREAT landing spot for him. Couldn't think of a better situation.

<BlueFan31> Agreed, Kyle. He should do well there.

<brandonb232003> anybody else watch the final '13 video that Peppers put out the other day and think "this kid is awesome on offense but he is meant to be an unstoppable force on D"

<brandonb232003> I know expectations are that he will play some on D...maybe and on Special Teams..but I can help but thinking that after watching our back end this year...that he couldn't  make a run at starting safety

<BlueFan31> Yeah, I agree Brandon. Peppers seems to have the "attitude" and makeup of a defensive player.

<KyleBogie> I would imagine by the end of his career he's getting consistent touches offensively. Just tht type of player in my mind. But yes, he can bring something to the defense that they don't have right now.

<BlueFan31> Our defense plays with little or no confidence. We need some kids with an edge

<oz619> Kyle, if Obrien leaves for the nfl, any chance we try n steal some psu recruits??

<brandonb232003> Yeah he is good on O and a diff maker on that side of the ball for sure, but I dont know if I've ever seen a player like him on D in HS....granted it is HS...but even with the increase in talent level he will be facing at UM he just seems to have that IT factor

<BlueFan31> Deadspin is reporting that Calvin Johnson has been playing with a partially torn PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) in his knee.

<KyleBogie> oz619. Troy Vincent would really be the only guy but I don't think Michigan will have room to entertain that.

<KyleBogie> Bluefan31. Incredible that Deadspin is reporting that

<BlueFan31> Really hope we get Vic Enwere but I think he'll end up sticking with Cal

<KyleBogie> BlueFan31. When I talked with Canteen he said he seemed to enjoy himself but wouldn't go as far as to guess where he was leaning. I get the feeling maybe he sticks with Cal too. Who knows though, opportunity here might be too much to turn down

<BlueFan31> Kyle, it'll be interesting to see how Enwere fits into that offense. Dykes and Franklin are Hal Mumme "Air raid" disciples. Imho, Enwere fits much better in our style of O

<KyleBogie> BlueFan31. I would imagine that's a major selling point. Gotta be able to find him carries though, he wouldn't wnat to come all this way to sit the bench

<KyleBogie> Thanks for dropping by despite the time change everyone.

<KyleBogie> Hope you all have a fantastic holiday!

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