Morris Likely to Start Bowl Game?

Upon arriving in Arizona Monday Michigan head coach Brady Hoke gave the latest on his team's preparation for its match up with Kansas State. With less than a week to go until the match0-up Devin Gardner still hasn't practices. Will Shane Morris be the man for Michigan Saturday?

Brady Hoke:  “Thank you very much and first off I want to thank the great reception our team got as they landed here in Phoenix.  We are very excited about being in the desert.  We made the announcement a couple of Sundays ago and I can tell you that our guys were fired up to be coming out here.  It was great to have some of the bowl committee and some of the Diablos out last weekend in Ann Arbor.  We tried to give them as much snow as we could while they were there.  But there is no question that we are just excited to be here.  The Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, the work is evident by a number of people here today that you all put into it – we are excited about.  We have a lot of alumni in the Phoenix-Scottsdale-Tempe area.  We have a lot of alumni in southern California so this is a great opportunity for them to come over and watch their Wolverines.  We are excited about that.  We have a deep respect for Coach Snyder and what he has done at Kansas State over a period of time.  They are a very sound, good football team.  They won the last five out of six football games so we know coming in that we have our work cut out for us.  A couple of things to note on our end, Brendan Gibbons, our kicker, won’t be with us.  He has a family matter in Florida that he has to attend to, so Matt Wile will handle all our kicking.  Devin Gardner met with doctors on Friday and he is still in a boot and does not know how he is going to be.  It was a setback a little bit.  He was coming along but we also have great faith in Shane Morris and how he has prepared, the steps he has taken.  With all that being said, we are very excited to be here and know it is going to be a great football game on the 28th.  Thank you all for everything that you have done.”

Question:  In Devin’s situation, did you hear from the doctor that there is any chance has in playing, will he have to practice if he has a chance to play? 

Brady Hoke:  “He would have to practice some.  It is kind of day-to-day.  We thought he was throwing some balls the last couple of practices but right now if we were playing tonight, he would not play.”

Question:    By when does he need to practice though for him to be potentially ….? 

Brady Hoke:  “We are going to practice today.  He won’t practice today.  If anything, Angelique, he it would be Wednesday at the latest.” 

Angelique Chengelis, Detroit News:  That’s enough time for him to get ready for Saturday night?   

 Brady Hoke:   “He has done a lot of alternate conditioning.  He has been in every meeting.  He has played a lot of snaps.  So that’s a possibility.  We are going into that Shane will be the guy.” 

Question:    “The doctor is still saying it is turf toe?”

Brady Hoke: “Yes.  I guess there are different degrees.” 

Question:  If Shane is the guy, how does that change your offense, he has only thrown nine passes all season long.” 

Brady Hoke: “I don’t how much it would change it, the throws don’t necessarily have to change, you know, because basically we think he is a pretty good quarterback.  His ability, both with his legs and arm is pretty good, I think they would have to respect that. 

Question:    I mean, is he having a lot of discomfort with the foot. 

Brady Hoke:  “He has some, yeah.” 

Question:    What would you put, I mean you are saying right now if he had to play today, no but what would you say the odds are?

Brady Hoke:  “I would think if anything, Shane would start the game and then we would go…” 

Question:   Russell will be backup?   

Brady Hoke:  “Russell Bellomy, yes, which has been great having him back.” 

Question:   You have talked a lot about Coach  Snyder, how far do you guys go, I mean you have a deep respect for him. 

Brady Hoke:  “Yeah, you known, from a personal standpoint, I have really only met Coach once.  But you just look at how his team has played fundamentally, the techniques they play with, how hard they play.  Their defense is a group that is not the biggest group in the world, but they play through the whistle and that is a good thing.  I think you judge teams and judge coaches a little bit on how they play.” 

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