Borges: Gardner day-to-day, Morris Improving

Al Borges addressed the media on Tuesday as Michigan prepares for Kansas State this Saturday.

Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges

Update on QB situation?

Borges: "Devin (Gardner) is still day-to-day, but if we played yesterday, it would definitely be Shane (Morris)."

What is (Morris') comfort level?

Borges: "We've had a lot of time to get him ready and take the No. 1 reps, which he's never done before. He's come along nicely. He's studied hard. He's really worked at it. It's showed up because he's improved a lot from the first day we started bowl practices to today, which is natural because he has had the reps."

Not having practiced since November, how much could Devin Gardner play?

Borges: "Who knows? He knows the offense. That's what's good. If we could get him a few practices, I think he would become very functional because Devin's smart and he stays on top of things pretty good."

Do any young players stand out in practice?

Borges: "Not really. The biggest thing is that we don't have any disappointments. In recruiting, when you start playing them a bunch, you realize if they're any good or not. All our kids that I've seen so far, I think the coaching staff would agree, could play here. When, we're not sure. But I think they're all Michigan-worthy."

Are you scaling back the playbook for Shane Morris?

Borges: "Yes. As it becomes more apparent that he could be starting, we have to be very judicious about how we go about repping him in terms of what plays to run, the ones he knows the best and understands the best. So we're at that point now."

Do you become more conservative with a freshman?

Borges: "The biggest thing - I don't care if a freshman's playing or a senior's playing, our goal is to be balanced. That's always been our goal, and we've lost that a little bit occasionally when we've turned the ball over more than we wanted. We went back and became more conservative, but lately we haven't been that way. So as long as we can keep the ball out of their hands, we're going to play the game the way we want to play the game, and that's with balance."

How are you approaching Devin's situation?

Borges: "He just assumes he's going to play, and that's the way we go about it. If for someone reason he doesn't, he doesn't. But we don't think any other way."

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