BWW Q&A with Shane Morris

Michigan quarterback Shane Morris addresses the media about his squad's upcoming Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl match-up with Kansas State. The freshman signal caller discussed his preparation, differences in the offense, and more.

QUESTION:  What is the challenge not just preparing to start this weekend, but going from high school to college?
Shane Morris:  Biggest difference from high school to college is you got bigger guys, the game is faster.  It's, how do you say, a lot different. Coach Hoke, all the coaches, the team has helped me prepare for this opportunity.  I feel like I'm ready for it.

QUESTION:  What has been the thing this week that lightened you up a little bit, maybe had you relax?  Has the team been extra humorous, taking it easy?
SHANE MORRIS:  I don't think anything has lightened it up.  I'm the starting quarterback so I have to prepare like I'm the starting quarterback.

QUESTION:  In the practices, are you running the same plays that Devin ran or will you do different things?
SHANE MORRIS:  No, I mean, I'm getting the full game plan that Coach Borges gives.  Coach Borges is preparing me for that.  I prepared all year to be the starting quarterback this year, so...

QUESTION:  How much would you say you've grown with your teammates through these last couple weeks of bowl practice?
SHANE MORRIS:  Last couple weeks of bowl practice I've grown because of my teammates and they've helped me a lot with this situation.  They've helped me with everything, from film work to just playing with the ones.  It's a lot different.  They've done a great job helping me prepare for that.

QUESTION:  You mentioned you didn't play much as a senior.  Why didn't you play?
SHANE MORRIS:  I got mono.  I was out for pretty much the whole season except for four games.

QUESTION:  Four games as a high school senior, a few games here.  What is that layoff like?
SHANE MORRIS:  It's not really a big difference for me.  I don't feel it's going to hurt my playing at all.  I got a great team around me that's going to help me a lot.  I have to get the ball in the play-makers' hands.

QUESTION:  When was the last time you started a game?
SHANE MORRIS:  My senior year, beginning of my senior year.

QUESTION:  That's one of the more harsh cases of mono.
SHANE MORRIS:  I was in the hospital for about a week.  It was a rough time.

QUESTION:  You missed how many games?
SHANE MORRIS:  Six or seven.

QUESTION:  When did you find out?
SHANE MORRIS:  Late last week Coach Hoke let me know I might be playing.  I've been playing with the ones since about a week ago.

QUESTION:  Do you remember the last start in high school?  How did that go?
SHANE MORRIS:  Yeah.  It was against Chandler Park.  I came back for the last of the season.  Unfortunately we didn't make the playoffs.

QUESTION:  Is this surreal almost that you're going to start the football game here?
SHANE MORRIS:  It's been my dream since I was a little kid to start as quarterback for the University of Michigan.  It's a huge bowl game.  I'm excited. I grew up in Michigan.  My family surrounded me in Michigan.  I have baby pictures of me in Michigan jerseys.  It's really cool.

QUESTION:  How different is it running with the ones?
SHANE MORRIS:  I've been with the twos most of the season.  Obviously we have a great two line, great skill players. It's the stars.  It's a lot more serious, a lot more reps.  That's the biggest difference, yeah.  Graham and I work well together, the whole line.

QUESTION:  What kind of things have the coaches talked to you about the last couple days from a mental aspect?  Any words of encouragement or advice for the game?
SHANE MORRIS:  Not really.  Just to be myself, be a leader.  Don't put a lot of pressure on myself because I have a great team surrounding me.

QUESTION:  Taylor made a joke about how you've been committed basically since he's been playing here.  At the same time, though, have you been preparing for this maybe longer than some of the media wants to believe or think?
SHANE MORRIS:  Definitely.  Since the day I came in, I've been preparing to be a starting quarterback at the University of Michigan.  That's been my goal.
Having the opportunity now, it's surreal.  But I've prepared for that.

QUESTION:  What do you feel like you bring to the position that's different or similar that Devin brings to the position?
SHANE MORRIS:  We both play quarterback.  With the team I have surrounding me, receivers, running backs, it's not going to be difficult for me.  It's getting the ball in their hands.

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