BWW Q&A with Jeremy Gallon

Michigan wide receiver Jeremy Gallon addresses the media about his squad's upcoming Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl match-up with Kansas State. The senior pass catcher discussed Shane Morris's growth, potential changes in the offense, and more.

QUESTION:  Has your offense changed much?
Jeremy Gallon:  I don't think so.  Everything has been the same.  Just because he's a younger quarterback doesn't mean he doesn't know his material.  I feel like he's on point with his material.  He knows what he has to do. He's good at reading the defense, checking out of things if he have to.  He's a smart kid.  So I don't feel like anything has changed.

QUESTION:  What might be successful of his strengths as opposed to Devin?  I assume they're not identical in what they do best.
JEREMY GALLON:  I really haven't focused on it.  I mean, just during this week I haven't focused on anything but my craft, just doing whatever I can for the team, helping this team to win this game.  So I really haven't focused on his strengths or weaknesses. I can tell you he's been on point with everything so far.

QUESTION:  Do you expect him to be a little nervous?  Would that be natural?
JEREMY GALLON:  Of course he will.  But it's our job as a team, as seniors, to calm him down, to let him know that we got his back. I know everything is going to be all right.  It's a football game.  He's been doing it since he was young.  It's nothing new.  Faster tempo.

QUESTION:  You worked with him with the ones the last couple weeks.
JEREMY GALLON:  Yeah.  He's been good.  Everything has been great with him.  He's been connecting with the receivers, the runningbacks, building a stronger chemistry with the O-line.  There's nothing new about him.  I feel like he's been here forever.  He's built that kind of chemistry with us, so...

QUESTION:  Has it been helpful that you had a little extra time with the bowl prep to get him ready?
JEREMY GALLON:  As a backup quarterback, your only chance is working with the twos.  I never got a chance to work with him, like, with the team.  The only time you'd get to work with him was outside football, your own time, putting in extra work. Now that I've had him working with the ones, the whole offense, he's been amazing.  He's been great with everything.  He's showing us that he's ready for this game.  So I feel comfortable with him.

QUESTION:  Have you seen much film of Lockett?
JEREMY GALLON:  I haven't watched that much film, but I've studied him.  He's an explosive player.  To me, he's a lot like Sproles when he was there.  He's quick.  He's something our defense have to contain.

QUESTION:  Do you study other receivers a lot, try to keep up with what other guys are doing?  You mentioned you watched Lockett.
JEREMY GALLON:  I watched him a little bit.  I don't keep up with everybody.  I don't study receivers as much as I do DBs.  From what I do know, I know he's an explosive player, really quick, something our defense have to contain, like I said. You can expect him to give everything for his team.  He's real quick and knows his routine.  He's an offensive weapon for them, too.

QUESTION:  What are your impressions of Kansas State's secondary?
JEREMY GALLON:  They're tough.  Ty Zimmerman is a guy that keeps them in line.  He calls all the calls.  He's their go-to guy to bring the energy.  They're tough, always moving to the ball, not letting anything get past them.

QUESTION:  What about the corners?
JEREMY GALLON:  Like I said, making the tackles, moving to the ball.  They're tough and smart, so...
Like I said, they're not going to get beat deep.  They don't want to get beat team.  Trying to keep everything in front of them.  Just trying to contain everything.

QUESTION:  Weather a little bit different here?
JEREMY GALLON:  Yeah, it is, man.  I love the snow, but I'd rather be here.

QUESTION:  K State is under a lot of snow right now.  Have you found some solidarity in cold-weather climates.
JEREMY GALLON:  Yeah.  To me, I don't mind the snow at all.  I'm pretty sure K State is kind of versed in that.

QUESTION:  Speaking of K State, defensively, do they remind you of anybody in the Big Ten?  They said they remind you of a Big 12 team.  Do you see any similarities with them?
JEREMY GALLON:  As far as the defense, they remind me of Nebraska, trying to keep everything in front of them, very physical, expecting 11 hands on the ball.  Very smart, well-coached.

QUESTION:  Sounds like K State could compete in the Big Ten.
JEREMY GALLON:  I feel like they can.  Very tough team.

QUESTION:  What about their defense jumps out to you, from the little take you have seen?  What have you been surprised by, that you have to pay attention to?
JEREMY GALLON:  Like I said, everybody is going to get to the ball.  Their secondary, including Ty Zimmerman, he's the guy, sets the secondary.  He's a tough kid.  Expect everybody to get to the ball.

QUESTION:  Talk a little bit about you guys right here.  7-5, you came in with huge expectations for the season, ended not the way you want.  A good bowl game.  What has been the motivation for you this week?
JEREMY GALLON:  Winning.  It's our last game together as seniors.  Winning to us is our motivation, is what drives us every day to come out and work hard and practice the way we do, give everything we got for each other. So I would say winning.

QUESTION:  A lot of seniors on your Michigan team, NFL talent.  Have you used that as motivation?  This could be a great audition for you?
JEREMY GALLON:  As of right now, we've just been focusing on this game.  When that time comes, we'll put up a show for that, too.  Just us focusing on Saturday, not worrying about afterwards.

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