Opponent's View: KSU RB John Hubert

Kansas State running back John Hubert previews his squad's upcoming Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl match-up with Michigan.

QUESTION:  Will you be keeping track of the rushing yards?
John Hubert:  I won't keep track of it.  If I can't get 32 yards, something is wrong to me (laughter).
I'm looking forward to it, looking forward to this game, going over a thousand yards this game.  Just can't wait till Saturday, just to come out and show great leadership and try to have one of the best games I ever played.

QUESTION:  Being a senior, are you starting to feel that now, that this is your last game?
JOHN HUBERT:  Yeah, man, two more days.  Reality came through.  It's going to hurt.
But time to go.  You get older, you got to move on, so...
It is what it is, so...

QUESTION:  Since you've been to a lot of bowl games but haven't won one yet, how would it be to win?
JOHN HUBERT:  It would be a big accomplishment.  Being here five years, this is my fourth bowl game.  Been 0-3.  Will be great to my teammates and the whole K State fan base.

QUESTION:  Does Coach Snyder talk about not winning a bowl since 2002?
JOHN HUBERT:  Not only he talks about it, we talk about it.  We don't know what it feels like to win a bowl game.
The first thing he said when we even made it to a bowl game was, Raise your hand if you ever won a bowl game.  Nobody ever raised their hand. We don't want that feeling no more.  That's our goal, is to come out and win this bowl game.  This is my last year and I want to go out with a victory, with a bang.  That's what I want to do, is win this bowl game.

QUESTION:  From what you've seen of Michigan's defense, what jumps out at you?
JOHN HUBERT:  They're big, physical.  They do a lot of movement.  Our lineup is going to be very big in this game.  Stop their D-linemen, get a lot of penetration, stay on blocks.  If we can do that, we can stay out front.

QUESTION:  Is this a game where you feel like you'll run the ball quite a bit?
JOHN HUBERT:  I think we'll do both, run the ball and pass.  Just depends whatever the defensive personnel they give us, what plays we going to run. We’re going to take it one play at a time, throw the ball, run the ball, and hopefully we come out with a victory.

QUESTION:  John, this is your senior year.  How do you feel about this bowl game?
JOHN HUBERT:  I feel great.  This is a big game for me, my last game of my college career at K State.  Just going to try to go out and get this victory, go out with a bang, try to get this last victory for my teammates and for K State.

QUESTION:  How do you feel you've progressed over the years at K State?
JOHN HUBERT:  I feel like I got better.  My first year starting, wasn't a great blocker.  I was just worried about running the ball, getting yards.  Second year I kind of focused on my blocking more. Now, my senior year, I feel like I got more better blocking, being a senior, that leadership role for my teammates, for the younger guys.

QUESTION:  With your two-quarterback system, it's a little different when you play with different people.  How have you adjusted to that?
JOHN HUBERT:  It's not that difficult being a runningback because you got Jake that can come in.  He's going to throw the ball.  You got Daniel.  He can come out and throw the ball and run the ball as well. I was kind of doing both our last year, so I'm kind of used to it.  The only difficult part is you got two different people doing it.  That's where the difficulty comes into it.  Other than that, it's not that bad, I guess.

QUESTION:  Do you have any plans right now to keep training, maybe look at the NFL?
JOHN HUBERT:  Yes, most definitely.  After the season, I'm going to go train, go to Pro Day.  Hopefully I get picked up somewhere and God will bless me to make it to the next level. If I'm meant to be there, He'll bless me to be there.  If not, I'll pick up with my career.

QUESTION:  You've been successful at K State.  You've had Christmas in different places.  How is Christmas in Arizona?
JOHN HUBERT:  It's pretty good.  It was a hot Christmas.  I'm not mad about it.  I'm a Texas guy, so I'm used to it not being cold. But, yeah, Christmas was great being with all my teammates for the last time.  Just wish my family and daughter could be here.  Other than that, it was pretty awesome.

QUESTION:  What did you do to celebrate as a team?
JOHN HUBERT:  We had a big dinner yesterday.  We had a magician come.  He did some tricks for us.  Pretty laid back.  Everybody just relaxed and ate.  There was some great food.  Just enjoyed ourselves.

QUESTION:  Any favorite memory being at K State?
JOHN HUBERT:  Big 12 champs when we beat Texas to come to the Fiesta Bowl last year.  My greatest memory.

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