Special UA Game Monday Chat Transcript

Sam Webb, Kyle Bogenschutz & Tom Beaver talk Malik McDowell, UA Game, Jabrill Peppers, Wilton Speight compared to Shane Morris, more.

<KyleBogie> Good evening people

<gomaize13> Since where looking for a running back. Do you think we should send ty wheatley on a recruiting visit with Jeff Jones?

<princejeff37> Considering Michigan hasn't had a running game, who is to blame and how do they address the problem?

<TomBeaver> Hi guys

<TomBeaver> I'm here, but I really am more interested in what Kyle has to say, since hes in Orlando

<KyleBogie> gomaize13. LOL

<gomaize13> Just curious to why everyone thinks we lead for Mcdowell when he is not taking a offical visit and talks more about the other schools

<northerngent> any legs to Mallory looking for a head coaching gig?

<TomBeaver> U-M run game - it starts with the O-line. IMO having, what, 5 or 6 different OL combos ... that wasnt a good idea IMO

<KyleBogie> princejeff37. Blame must be shared all around but the run game seemed to at least have some holes "all of a sudden" when Smith and Green were actually left in the game for more than one carry.

<KyleBogie> gomaize13. Mcdowell's decision is not just hiw own

<KyleBogie> his*

<TomBeaver> northerngent ... that was me that posted that, yesterday morning ... lol

<gomaize13> How did Jeff Jones look today? and would he have intrest in michigan?

<northerngent> so what do you know?

<gomaize13> Did you notice Jabril chatting it up with any potential recruits?

<govictors> So Peppers is the real deal, right Kyle?

<TomBeaver> I haven't thought we lead (or don't lead) for McDowell in a long time ... but he's not said MSU leads either ... watch FSU and OSU, as Allen said, then a big competition in the end...IMO

<TomBeaver> losses hurt recruiting, and may well hurt with McDowell

<govictors> Who would we compare to Peppers as far as recent incomign frosh?

<gomaize13> BlueSam what is your take on jeff jones?

<govictors> *incoming*

<TomBeaver> the boss is here now tho - so Sam, what do you think re McDowell?

<northerngent> looks like Mcdowell will be a rojo or others we have led for and lost

<KyleBogie> To me Jeff Jones was the best RB on the Green team today. Catches the ball extremely well out of the backfield, also had a great day Sunday, better than expected speed too

<princejeff37> Do you think coach Funks job is in jeopardy?

<TomBeaver> Funk - not that I have heard

<KyleBogie> gomaize13. Other than talking crap? LOL. No, but you always hear Jabrill ptalking on the practice field

<BlueSam> I've always liked Jeff Jones' speed and quickness. Impressed me a great deal when I watched him this summer. Michigan has seen him and opted not to move on him

<BlueSam> My take is they want a bigger back

<KyleBogie> govictors. Peppers is making a believer out of everyone. Not that bpeople didn't believe in his ability, but at a new level now.

<BlueSam> Rojo and McDowell are totally different

<TomBeaver> Sam, Sam, Sam ... no use talking sense, lol.

<BlueSam> the allure of MSU is the same as it has always been... the kid has a crap ton of fun every time he goes up there

<govictors> That's what has been exciting to read Kyle. Can't await to get him to AA.

<BlueSam> the fact that they've had a good season certainly makes them more appealing... but it doesn't supercede what has always appealed to him as far as they're concerned

<gomaize13> Who is a recruit michigan might try to jump in with now it looks like mcdowell and hand have moved on?

<KyleBogie> govictors. I really couldn't put my finger on that one. He is a special and rare talent

<KyleBogie> gomaize13. To be clear, McDowell has not "moved on" from Michigan.

<BlueSam> So I think there's merit to talk that he likes them

<TomBeaver> Hand has of course moved on ... no one is implying that's the case for McDowell

<BlueSam> but they've made ZERO headway with his parents

<BlueSam> ZERO

<BlueSam> and of this i'm certain

<northerngent> we thought we had rojo and we thought we were leading for mc dowell but now only seem to be the parents fav

<BlueSam> that's a major hurdle they'll have to clear if they're really going to get him

<BlueSam> I'll have to see it to believe it

<gomaize13> Why wouldnt you give a back like jeff jones a shot? If he is impressive? plus you already have 2 big backs

<BlueSam> No, that take is wrong...

<BlueSam> Michigan HAD rijo

<BlueSam> he actually committed

<govictors> So say we get McDowell, would next fall be the most talent we've had in AA since mid 2000's?

<TomBeaver> Sam,Sam, Sam .. you're talking sense again!

<princejeff37> Who do you see being the starting offensive line next year?

<BlueSam> Mom didn't want him to go to Michiganand nixed the whole thing

<TomBeaver> Stop it!

<TomBeaver> lol

<TomBeaver> Rojo had committed to U-M. On his visit

<KyleBogie> govictors. What does paper talent mean though?

<northerngent> ok could be same result thou

<gomaize13> Is taco thinking about lea ving?

<govictors> I know Kyle, but at some point this thing has to turn around...right?

<TomBeaver> taco - now that's a good question

<BlueSam> He wasn't the last time I checked on it

<kn212003> Sam - Does Michigan go to a more zone scheme to simplify/improve the running game next year?

<KyleBogie> prince jeff37. Magnuson, Bosch, Glasgow/Kugler, Glasgow/Kalis, Kalis/Dawson (not indicating position changes just from a :"find the best five" type of thing. Pure opinion/guess right now)

<TomBeaver> IMO every frosh who didn't play as much as they want have something, some thinking to do ... tht's true every year/ ... now, with twitter, kids put their feelings out there

<gomaize13> Is there a internal problem with leadership on this team from the players?

<northerngent> sam cant believe you would prefer fl weather over mi  lol

<KyleBogie> govictors. Y ou would think

<TomBeaver> gomaize - that's overstating it IMO ... some years leadership is better than others ... also, a season like this one takes its toll on the kids, tha't unavoidable

<TomBeaver> that's

<TomBeaver> I also think Clark and Biggs were just challenging themselves and the other guys ... then the press twists it a little. There was no video of their talking that I saw, was there?

<princejeff37> Do you see any of the early enrollee recievers seeing playing time next year?

<KyleBogie> The team as a whole wasn't ready to play the bowl game. Have to say there was a breakdown of leadership someway, somewhere.

<TomBeaver> Drake Harris, maybe Canteen ... IMO

<gomaize13> was the breakdown players or coaches?

<kn212003> This years team just seemed very fragile from a confidence standpoint ... Lost it when Devin threw the pick vs. ND and got worse vs. Akron

<KyleBogie> princejeff37. Drake Harris needs to be healthy and ea add weight but asbolutely. Fredd Canteen needs to get bigger too bnut I'm a believer and think he could step on the field too. Not GREAT talent ahead of them either...

<northerngent> only 2 games all yr we seemed ready to play in my mind were OSU and ND

<govictors> Do you guys think Lewan as a captain was respected both on and off teh field?

<govictors> the

<TomBeaver> Bogie - thats the thing, and I agree ... there's opportunity at WR

<Stryperfan> sam, sorry I got here late, do you see any staff changes?

<TomBeaver> kn212003 - I think you're right wrt confidence ... it certainly appeared that way

<BlueSam> yes, i think there will be

<BlueSam> not speculating on who though

<Stryperfan> thanks sam

<kn212003> Sam - Does Michigan go to a more zone running attack in order to simplify for the young OL next year?

<princejeff37> Do you think that by Mattison substituting alot of players that they are not getting a good feel for the game?

<TomBeaver> princejeff - it was the front 7 that got rotated some ... so I'd say no

<govictors> In re to staff, I'm hoping 2014 is great and this program returns to where we want it to be. If not, my hope is that whatever changes are made, are the best for the program.

<KyleBogie> BTW guys, my biggest take away so far down hwere in Orlando (and sam can attest to this): I'm a believer in Wilton Speight without a doubt now.

<kn212003> Who plays Safety next year is a big question mark?  Any Corners a candidate to move there?

<TomBeaver> nice to hear on Speight. Good

<govictors> can you explain in more detail Kyle?

<BlueSam> Can't say. At this point... not without knowing what changes Brady is going make on the staff

<MichiganNumber1> Kyle, what do you like about Wilton>

<MichiganNumber1> ?

<gomaize13> it seems to me the dbs were awful before Mallory got there..but he seemed to fix them. but this year the safties looked lost all year?

<KyleBogie> I from the beginning thought Michigan'fs QB offer should've gone elsewhere, I did. Seeing him live, I know just two practices, but Speight moves extremely well for his size, not a statue at all.

<KyleBogie> Speight can make every throw within an offense with good timing and zip.

<Stryperfan> I want Brady to win bad, been a season ticket holder since 89, but I didn't think they would win Sat, but not being competive is another thing

<TomBeaver> Safety -- Peppers is willing

<goblue3906> Sam you coming to St Pete for the game thursday?

<govictors> How would you compare his arm to Shane's Kyle?

<KyleBogie> One thing that stands out to me about Speight as well is that , and we saw it this morning on a back shoulder throw against Peppers, he throws the ball where it needs to be for the WR and based on where the DB is playing. Not easy to do.

<gomaize13> do you guys see speight starting the ua game?

<BlueSam> yes I'll be there

<KyleBogie> Speight still has a little hiccup with his release at times, something he naturally has, but it's not as noticeable as I thought it would be. He's very intelligent, isn't going to wow you with arm strength but can deliver the ball.


<MichiganNumber1> Looks like we will finally have some good depth at QB moving forward. That is great news. Thanks Kyle.

<Stryperfan> Sam, again sorry if you have answered this but your feelings on Malik McDowell are

<gomaize13> is there any buzz about michigan from other recruits at the UA game?

<kn212003> I think Safety is hard to play in Michigan's scheme because of the mixed coverage that they play based on strength of formations

<KyleBogie> govitors. Shane has a much better arm. No comparing that.

<KyleBogie> gomaize13. He seemed to be in the best command of the offense, I wouldn't be surprised if he did but don't know for sure.

<JFactor6> Sam, how long have you been covering recruiting?

<BlueSam> I think the safeties will Jarrod Wilson and Dymonte will be the safeties

<govictors> Thanks Kyle. Arm strength is great, but as a Lions fan, we know that if you can't throw it to the right spots it doesn't matter anyways LOL.

<BlueSam> I've long said I see Jabrill start at the nickel, but I think he'll be given every opportunity to win a starting corner spot

<gomaize13> sam who will the starting db's be?

<govictors> I could live iwht a secondary of Countess, Taylor, Peppers at Nickel, Wilson, and Thomas.

<govictors> with

<TomBeaver> govictors -- that'd be my guess, as you lay out

<BlueSam> started interning in 2000... so 14 years now

<kn212003> I think it's possible that Taylor gets beat out by Jourdan Lewis or Stribling

<BlueSam> or Jabrill

<govictors> That is a talented group Tom...if it all clicks and comes together

<BlueSam> he will be given every opportunity to win a starting corner spot

<JFactor6> Lewis and Stribs need to gain some weight. Lewis probably has the best skill set

<TomBeaver> as kn212003 points out, Stribling and Lewis aren't slouches

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<KyleBogie> govictors. See I say screw that. Peppers is good enough right now to just flat out start at RCB or LCB. Niether Taylor Nor Countess have locked in a spot out there. Countess has proben to be a better nickel IMO actually.

<KyleBogie> JFactor6. Lewis is a tremdous talent, but pure cover at this point

<kn212003> I think Countess could play Safety, experience and he'll hit, needs to add 10-15 though

<JFactor6> I'm interested to see just how good Watson is. I have a feeling about both he and Canteen.

<Stryperfan> so Sam, what is your opinon on Mcdowell

<KyleBogie> JFactor6. You'll love Brandon Wastson.

<KyleBogie> Watson is as physical as Peppers just not as athletically gifted.

<BlueSam> I think there is merit to the talk of him liking Michigan State a lot...

<BlueSam> I don't buy that they're now the favorite to land him

<govictors> Whoever starts, I just don't  want to see soft coverage next fall...had enough of that in the bowl game

<JFactor6> I already do! But I want to see more film. Exactly Kyle. I like his build and physical play. I think that can really allow this defense to play more aggressive with success.

<kn212003> Everytime Mattison tried to bring heat/press, the DB's got beat over the top, it was bad

<BlueSam> If the kid were making the decision on his own, it'd be more of a battle because I think thekid is really taken with all the fun he has everytime he has up there...

<gomaize13> do you think the run defense struggles from assignment football or strength?

<BlueSam> but his criteria will be more detailed than that

<princejeff37> I think Thomas and Peppers in the defensive backfield will be a big boost!!

<KyleBogie> princejeff37. I think the same. Both are high level talents

<JFactor6> As ugly as this season was, I do think the roster is taking shape nicely.

<Stryperfan> Basketball Question, will Mitch be back before the Tourney?

<BlueSam> mom and dad will make sure of that

<Jro34> Any chance peppers showing out helps us late with another super thats not on the radar at this point?

<gomaize13> Is Lawrence Marshall and Mcdowell good friends?

<BlueSam> they're friends, but they just became teammates this year

<KyleBogie> Strypefan. You can close the blook on Mitch returning this season.

<Stryperfan> thanks kyle

<KyleBogie> Plan is to be even more cautious than they already were when they gave Mitch three months fall this fall.

<govictors> I think we can all agree that adding more pyhsical DB's will be a welcome sight to our secondar y

<BlueSam> I agree. I doubt we see Mitch again this season

<govictors> physical

<BlueSam> Absolute KILLER

<northerngent> has mitch had surgery yet

<BlueFan31> ugh on Mitch. Feel terrible for him

<kn212003> Sam - Can you compare Jabrill to Vernon Hargreaves?

<BlueSam> don't know. Will check into tomorrow

<TomBeaver> weird seeing the team without him, and remember what the bigs game used to be like for us ... deja vu

<govictors> especially with the way GRIII has been coming on Sam

<BlueSam> I think Jabrill is more physical than Hargreaves

<BlueSam> and Vernon is really really good

<BlueSam> was dominant last year

<BlueSam> Jabrill covers as well and is more physical

<gomaize13> I know Mcdowell has been to michigan a bunch, but if he was seriously interested why wouldn't he take a offical?

<BlueFan31> Sam, can you comment on the rumored rift between Mattison and Mallory? Have you heard this as well?

<BlueSam> he doesn't plan to take officials to Michigan or Michigan State because they're so close

<KyleBogie> gomaize13. It's so close to home I understand why he feels it's not necssary

<kn212003> any chance Peppers comes out of this week as the #1 prospect ?

<govictors> I know this is twisted BlueFan, but in some ways I hope that rifts exist between some coaches as that would help to explain some of the frustrations from this year

<KyleBogie> kn212003. No. BUT Scott Kennedy had tremendous compliments for Peppers and where he's at along with a couple other prospects that are some of the best Scout.com has ranked in years.

<TomBeaver> Mallorys name has been connected with 2 mid-level head-coaching jubs in the past few weeks

<gomaize13> Do you think Hoke and company feel good about there chances with mcdowell?

<princejeff37> Kyle, is Peppers a better cover man than Adoree?

<BlueSam> I don't think the lack of an offial is indicative of a lack of interest on his part

<JFactor6> Kennedy fell in love w/Tony Brown over the summer, it's gonna' take a lot for Peppers to jump him and Fournette (for scout.com). Other services...I think he can jump to 1

<TomBeaver> I'm surprised more kids don't do what McDowell is doing ... kids tend to talk that way, then don't follow through. Use your officials for schools you haven't seen, further away.

<BlueSam> I don't think they feel like they have him locked up or anything, but they probably feel like their still in good shape

<govictors> Damn Sam and Kyle...the more I read about Peppers the more I want next fall to get here!!

<kn212003> Any word on how Pipkins rehab is going?

<TomBeaver> I'd take an official to Cal, one to UCLA, one to Hawaii ... definitely

<KyleBogie> princejeff37. That one is close based on the fact that Adoree Jackson is an incredible athlete where as Peppers has the total package. I'd take Peppers but Jackson is a tough corner i coverage.

<BlueSam> Make no mistake... their season compared to MSU's certainly doesn't help matters... but the bigger issue is the perceived difference in "fun" at the two schools

<BlueSam> but I'm not conviced that that turns the tide enough for Michigan not to get him

<northerngent> well cant get an answer about mitch having surgery yet can anyone tell me if its a disc problem?

<TomBeaver> Wasn't it Hoke who mentioned Peewee might not be in spring ball?

<MBlue> McDowell has only stayed the night once in Ann Arbor correct?

<Mdjohnny5> Hey Sam, any new 2014 names we need to watch out for? Besides Enwere/McDowell?

<gomaize13> Why does Michigan have there spring game so early? seems like if they moved it back a week or 2 it would be better for the fans and the southern recruits??

<TomBeaver> gomaize - IMO it's so kids don't have to be in school for the spring half-term to be in spring ball

<MBlue> Sounds like the key to a Campbell recommitment is the Uncle.  I have read from other places mom is good with Michigan

<BlueSam> It would biggest recruiting victory MSU has experienced since Brady took over. I'll tip my cap if they pull it off. At this point I think they'll make it more interesting than I once thought, but I'm not on the bandwagon saying they'll get him

<BlueSam> that's right... only stayed once overnight at Michigan

<BlueSam> not sure 13

<BlueSam> George's uncle has a ton of juice

<TomBeaver> Winter semester ends the first week in April ... if spring ball ws April-May then IMo kids would HAVE to be in school for spring half-semester

<BlueSam> what he says/thinks is going to be key IMO

<bopnoh10> IMO, UM goes 8-5 tops next season and we'll see what happens with Hoke

<MBlue> Sounds like Hoke needs to work on Campbell's uncle hard then

<bopnoh10> What Deace said makes a lot of sense

<TomBeaver> that said, it seems like most are anyways these days, and summer half too ... that's why you see kids graduating in 3 years like Devin

<giantsbklyn> Sam - who do you think rounds of this class if signing day were this week?

<giantsbklyn> Scratch that, let's have some fun

<bopnoh10> UM losing out on Hand was a killer

<giantsbklyn> Tom, Sam, Kyle - predictions for how UM closes out class

<bopnoh10> a BIG loss

<bopnoh10> make no mistake about that

<blinder31> Did Henry Poggi get a redshirt this year?

<MBlue> Is it more his uncle doesn't like Michigan or that he simply wants George to take more visits?

<blinder31> Poggi

<gomaize13> Just seems to me like a later spring game would benefit the fans and the recruits?

<bopnoh10> McDowell... will be dagger if he goes elsewhere

<BlueSam> well, getting his family on campus is a HUGE deal. to this point George's trips to Michigan have been with the Cole family

<bopnoh10> can't blame the kid either... don't see the DL progress

<bopnoh10> Q Wash ended last year well... this year... he didn't do anything. DBs need a new coach.

<bopnoh10> I've never seen DBs that play tight man and don't press

<BlueSam> I think it's about taking more visits

<raiderswolverines> Is Campbell's uncle ome of those advisors that take the trips with the kids? "The Influential Uncle" never makes me confident

<TomBeaver> closing the class ... mcDowell or bust?

<bopnoh10> Taylor got RIPPED and I have no idea why Lewis wasn't in the game

<MBlue> BBQ at the Big House would be a great time for the uncle and family to visit.  Not sure if they can afford to wait that long however

<bopnoh10> Anyone else curious on where that 2pt conversion was against Ohio?

<trueblue69> Sam will UM allow MM to see a Chiropractor

<gomaize13> what about the Glenville kids? is that over?

<trueblue69> ESPNU had a nice piece on Peppers tonihght.

<giantsbklyn> Now that Peppers has reaffirmed, any other '14 commits that we should be concerned about waffling?

<princejeff37> It makes perfect sense to me that is McDowell is not a sure thing then go after someone like Jones?

<trueblue69> What was the 2 point conv, I didn't see it

<bopnoh10> I hope UM locks up a WR like Kirk for 2015.  Also, would be interesting to see if UM offers Fruhmorgen and KLS (I mean... TX offers and they don't offer many outside the state)

<TomBeaver> Me, I think U-M will do good just to keep the '14 commits in place, regardless of how things turn out wrt McDowell ... remember, the reason, season was a dummber, and ended on a bad note. So losing McDowell, say, should be not-surprising of it happens.

<bopnoh10> UM should definitely look into that NY DT PSU commitment

<BlueSam> I don't know Campbell's uncle from adam on the street, but no reason to suspect that he is doing anything more than being George's uncle

<TomBeaver> then they have to go and do better next year ...

<goblue3906> Sam any movement with jake Fruhmorgan?

<BlueSam> I think Fruhmorgen is next in line to receive an offer

<BlueSam> I think he gets it next month

<bopnoh10> Unfortunately, I'm really nervous on where UM is headed... doesn't look good

<goblue3906> About time, he already has over 30 offwers.

<Mdjohnny5> Hey Sam, any PSU kids that the staff liked?  Sounds like O'Brien is gone

<TomBeaver> bop - we're all newvous

<govictors> I think that for me more than anything next season I want to see this team play with a physical edge game in and game out. That's what excites me about this group of kids coming in next year.  d

<bopnoh10> SAM: any truth to the rumor that UM first offered Bedford the DC job?

<TomBeaver> new, nervous ... and I'm tired to boot!

<kn212003> Any movement on 2015 QB recruiting?

<BlueSam> I'll post a Fruhmorgen pice tomorrow

<goblue3906> I know he likes Florida, N Lame and Alabama.....

<govictors> agree bop

<goblue3906> Cool...did you talk to him?

<govictors> I'm not as concerned about record next year, but want to see us not get physically manhandled

<Jro34> BlueSam I dont like his last name, can you change it to Frodo in the article, k thanks

<BlueSam> haven't heard that one bop.  I know that Brady really likes and has a lot of respect for Vance from their days together... I also know that Greg Mattison is in zero danger of losing his job

<bopnoh10> Well... the DL has been atrocious... can only blame Hoke and Mattison unfortunately

<trueblue69> Sam would he come here as a DB/asst D cord?

<TomBeaver> bop -- I don't recall that at all, re Bedford

<BlueSam> 3906, I taked to Jake's dad. He said he may bring him by an Under armour practice this week as ell

<bopnoh10> Bedford is a phenomenal DB coach

<stefanb> why is Texas playing Oregon, this matchup is silly

<gomaize13> Do you think we could recruit a headset for next year?? I heard it could start as a freshmen..LOL

<TomBeaver> Bedford - now THERE"s an old-school guy, lol. He'd fit right in, IMO

<BlueSam> would he have taken a demotion from DB coach working with his good friend Charlie Strong to come back to Michigan as a DB coach?

<BlueSam> No

<princejeff37> gomaize....funny!!!!

<bopnoh10> SAM and TJB: Going to ask you guys a tough one, what record would doom Hoke next season?

<TomBeaver> bop - 0-12, definitely

<BlueSam> meant demotion from DC and working with his good friend Charlie Strong to come back to Michigan as a DB coach?

<BlueSam> no he wouldn't

<BlueSam> I think he likes/loves Michigan, but not that much

<kn212003> bet Vance ends up as Co-DC at Ohio St w/ Urb

<BlueSam> same thing for Soup

<BlueSam> he wouldn't give up a WR coaching job at Iowa to coach DBs here

<MBlue> If there are staff changes, do you think they announce them soon or after NSD?

<BlueSam> I bet you you're wrong kn

<gomaize13> Could you see Michigan going after another big time recruiter in the Trooper Taylor mold?

<BlueSam> I bet you the house you're wrong

<kn212003> Thanks for biting on that Sam, that's good news

<BlueSam> No way he goes back to working for Urban Meyer

<MBlue> sounds like that wasnt a pleasent experience for vance

<princejeff37> Any internal coaching turmoil?

<BlueSam> He could have stayed at Florida and taken a MAJOR raise to be the DC when Strong left

<BlueSam> he opted to go with Strong for LESS money

<BlueSam> no way he goes and works with Urban now

<BlueSam> not when they have it rolling at Louisville

<BlueSam> I'd be beyond shocked

<blinder31> Would Strong be a candidate for michigan if hoke got fired

<blinder31> ?

<gomaize13> Why odnt Michigan go hard after Larry Johnson from penn st and try to get Holley in the process? big time coach recruiter and coach?

<mercury743> According to ESPN Strong is a TX candiddate.

<TomBeaver> bop - honestly, the goal posts have moved from what we all figured would be the norm here ... so dunno what Brandon is thinking wrt what 2014 has to be

<BlueSam> Don't know. non-starter though

<Stryperfan> so sam do you think AL Borgess is back

<princejeff37> Why dont Michigan get Wheatley to coach running backs?

<BlueSam> I think we'll see some changes.

<kn212003> I think Brady could go 7-5 next year and be safe, I don't think we'll be as bad next year though

<KyleBogie> 7-5 but not as bad? Next year's schedule is not daunting. If they wanna turn this thing around they better make significant improvement in the record column.

<MBlue> how many changes hoke makes will be interesting

<MollyFolly> Sam or Tom, any feeling from the players or Hoke on what needs to be fixed for next year?

<Stryperfan> FWIW, Sam, Andy Moeller always told me changes usually come after the Super Bowl and LOI Day

<gomaize13> Larry Johnson is a Great coach, Great recruiter, Knows Penn and the B1G area?

<KyleBogie> The Big Ten is NOT GOOD. At some point Michigan needs to get it going and win a game they shouldn't on the road or blow out opponents at home. Not like they're playing in the SEC.

<BlueSam> Now that the season is over I think that's what Brady is focused on

<Mdjohnny5> Any more bowl practice rumblings about young guys playing well?  We heard about Hurst/Poggi.

<BlueSam> evaluating his program... and specifically his staff, just as he said he would

<MBlue> would any changes be announced before or after nsd?

<TomBeaver> I do think Brandon wants to have a good legacy, and footbal defines the legacy ... this has certainly not gone like he figured it would. So we'll see how patient he is, and how many changes get made.

<tdogtheskidog8> history shows if you cant turn a progarm around by year 3 then you arent turning it around, we shall see with hoke

<Stryperfan> any chance sam, you could be the fly on the wall when Brandon and Brady have that State of the Program talk?

<Mdjohnny5> D'antonio was 6-7 in year 3, worse overall record than Hoke.  Since then has had 3/4 seasons with 10+ wins

<gomaize13> Give me Larry Johnson as DL coach, Ty Wheatley as RB coach, and Chris Speilman as LB coach

<tdogtheskidog8> dantanio inherited a mess in comparison to hoke

<MBlue> dantonio is also at msu and doesn't have the built in advantages michigan has

<TomBeaver> well guys, I'm gonna call it a night

<TomBeaver> THANKS

<princejeff37> gomaize13....Could you imagine what that would do for recruiting!!!

<BlueSam> I don't what the timeline looks like.

<MollyFolly> Dantonio inherted a mess but Michigan (good or bad), has a different set of rules and expectations.

<bopnoh10> If Hoke loses to MSU and OSU, goes 7-5, is he is still the coach in 2015?

<princejeff37> How is Darbohs recovery doing?

<BlueSam> that's funny stryperfan! Lol

<KyleBogie> I'm out of here as well, folks!

<BlueSam> I'm out too guys. Have some more stories to crank out before practice in the morning

<gomaize13> Did the young O lineman look better in bowl practice?

<KyleBogie> Look for tons of great stuff from Greg Biggins and Scott Kennedy on Michigan commits

<KyleBogie> Also more practice coverage tomorrow

<KyleBogie> Thanks for droppiing by!

<KyleBogie> AND Happy New Year!

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