UA Game: Speight's Confidence @ All-Time High

Wilton Speight has been one of the most impressive players this week during practice for the Under Armour All American game. The recently named "Team Nitro" starting quarterback went one-on-one with GoBlueWolverine's Sam Webb about his performance, the turning point in his growth, his willingness to challenge Jabrill Peppers, and more.

Sam Webb:  I think everyone that I’ve talked to, Coach Walsh, other players, analysts, they’ve all said that you’ve had an outstanding week.  How do you feel about it?

Wilton Speight:  “I feel good about it.  Today was not as good as yesterday, but I still made some pretty good throws.  It is easy when you’re throwing to the best receivers in the country, but it also makes it tough when you’re throwing against Jabrill (Peppers) and other guys on the defensive side of the ball that love to blanket and swarm the offense.  It has been a good week so far.  I learned the playbook really quickly, like in one sit down.  So I’ve been able to make my reads and get the ball out to where I need to for the most part.”

Sam Webb:  One of the things I’ve noticed about you, you said it is tough to throw against Jabrill, but you haven’t been sacred to do that.  You continue to go at him.  Talk to me a little bit about that.

Wilton Speight:  “Yeah I’m trying to make a little bit of a statement.  Every time I see him in and I see a good matchup with a certain route that we have and the play call and I see Jabrill on the receiver, I’m going to go to his side and show you guys that he’s good, but there are other guys that can make plays too.  I want to be able to talk a little bit of trash back to Jabrill too, so it has been good.”

Sam Webb:  Are you typically a trash talker or is that something that Jabrill has brought out of you this week?

Wilton Speight:  “No…sometimes, not like Phillip Rivers or anything like that.  If somebody gets in my face I’m not going to sit there and take it.  It is fun trash talking with Jabrill and know that we’re brothers now and we’re going to have each others back for four and five years.  It is all in good fun.  There are some other guys that I don’t know as well that I’m not going to go trash talk to, but when Jabrill seeks me out every other second, I’m going to get back in his face and let him know what’s up.”

Sam Webb:  A lot of people are talking about the interception that he had on you.  Few recognize before that interception, you actually got him on a play.  You hit him with a back shoulder right?

Wilton Speight:  “Yeah.  Ermon Lane was on a stutter & go and it was a good matchup and I saw it and I wanted to go to Jabrill’s side.  Jabrill didn’t jump on the slant and he was over top of the deep ball so I just threw it as hard as I could on back shoulder about 30 yards down the field.  Jabrill tried to reach out and it just went past his fingertips.  He came over and said I’ll give credit where credit is due and told me it was a good throw.  I looked at my phone and Twitter was blowing up.  Jabrill Peppers picked off Wilton Speight.  Where is the credit for the back shoulder?  It is Jabrill and that’s kind of how things work.  It is whatever, I’m not too worried about it.”

Sam Webb:  Again what continues to come out as that you kept going back at him after that.  The next day you went back at him.  The confidence that we see in your game and in talking to your dad, talking to Steve Clarkson, talking to the analyst, they say that as much as you are better with your footwork and your mechanics, your confidence is on a different level now.  Do you feel the same way?

Wilton Speight:  “Yeah.  I’ve always been like that in high school, maybe not so much my early years.  In my opinion, I can make every single throw on the field.  Once I get the chemistry down and I have confidence in all the receivers that are out here too.  So if I see a little window, I’m going to try to fit in as best as possible.  I’m going to try not to make a stupid mistake and be smart with the ball, not just try and use my hose to get it in there and throw it as hard as I can.  Just make the best decisions that I can and like you said be confident.”

Sam Webb:  If there was a turning point or a switch in your career, your dad said that it was when you hurt your shoulder.  He remembers coming on the field and you saying, ‘it’s over’ and him saying, ‘no it’s not’ and from that point on, he sensed a different perspective that you kind of realized that it could be taken away at any moment.  You were a different guy from that point forward.

Wilton Speight:  “Seeing Russell Wilson and Jake McGee kind of go through.  They had trials and tough times, but I thought it would be easy.  I guess my junior year, I was getting recruited heavily, I made a decision to go for the end zone and kind of got flipped up in the air and when I came down I broke my collarbone.  I honestly told my dad, I was like ‘it is over this college dream is done’.  Like you said, ‘he told me it is not’.  That night, I really kind of woke me up.  If I’m going to do this I’ve got to get really serious about it and since that day, it has been 100% effort and no looking back and trying to achieve my goals.”

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