Webblog: Is Fruhmorgen next 2015 OL offer?

Michigan was busy casting a wider net into the 2015 OL pool during the recent contact period. One OL on the receiving end of a great deal more attention was Tampa (Fla.) Plant standout Jake Fruhmorgen. The son of former Alabama and Miami Dolphins OL John Fruhmorgen already has offers from a who's who of college football. U-M seems poised to join the party. Is it too late?

Below is an excerpt from an interview for a feature I’m writing on 2015 offensive line recruiting.  Be on the lookout for that later this week.

Sam Webb: Did Jake grow up a fan of Alabama

John Fruhmorgen: “It’s a funny story, he has never even been to a game. I was laughing because the recruiting guy came by, I think he was a receiver coach (Jeff Hecklinski), and he didn’t offer. The funny part about all that is they may have been in his top five if they offered him because I had coached a guy named Jay Feely.” 

Sam Webb: I know Jay. 

John Fruhmorgen: “I coached at Jesuit for about 10 years after I got done playing, so I coached Jay Feely and also the other guy is the kicker. (Sam Webb: Garrett Rivas) I didn’t coach Garrett but Garrett coaches now with Jake’s godfather, his name is Dominique Ciao. He is the head coach at Berkeley Prep in Tampa, where they coached Nelson Agholor, who plays for the Trojans. They coached him last year. So, Jake, as a young kid, grew up with one of his players and it is kind of funny because he is always intrigued by Michigan.” 

Sam Webb: I know Jay. I have had Jay on my radio show a number of times. I actually covered Garrett coming out of high school when he was an Army All American. So I know both of those guys. 

John Fruhmorgen: “Yep, yep, I went to Jesuit High School where Jay went in Tampa. Jake goes to Plant obviously. It is just a small world, you know. We have had a little line over to Michigan a couple of times. A couple of years ago, this guy didn’t pan out. His name was Tony Posada. He did not pan out but he came from Plant as well.” 

Sam Webb: You mentioned that they did not offer, it sounds like though they have really turned up the interest, do you think? 

John Fruhmorgen: “They are all going to end up offering without talking to him. He is a good player. Jake, he can bend, he has good hand placement, great feet. We got a Michigan commit down here about 50 miles from us, Mason Cole. George Campbell retracted the other day, but he was going there as well. Jake is going to be something special. I am not just saying that because he is my son but he is a good player.” 

Sam Webb: All of these other schools have already offered, you mentioned 30. Michigan, even if they do offer in January is it too late for them? 

John Fruhmorgen: “Jake is pretty open minded you know. Right now, as we speak, he likes Notre Dame, Alabama, Florida, but he is open minded. He is a young kid. Nobody knows what they want when they are 16 or 17 years old, you know. I would say no because he still has time. It is just a matter of how it goes down, you know.” 

Sam Webb: When he gets ready to make his decision, whenever that is, what are going to be the most significant factors in this choice? 

John Fruhmorgen: “Well, from his standpoint, he feels like he has to be comfortable. A side note, my best friend is the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, Doug Marrone. I am the godfather of his boy and he is the godfather of my daughter. We have been friends, we played pro ball together, alright? On his coaching staff, which I met and became good friends with, is Tyrone Wheatley. Tyrone’s son is friends with Jake. We went to a Syracuse game a couple of years ago and they were just two young kids who were laughing. That was like two years ago. Anyway, so Tyrone was telling us about the Michigan experience and this and that. What I forgot to tell you is that he is actually, and I don’t know where TJ is going to end up, but he is going to be heavily recruited as well.”

For much more on Fruhmorgen besure to check out our 2015 OL recruiting feature later this week.

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