Monday Chat Transcript

Monday's chat hits on Malik McDowell's recruitment, brief update on 2015 bball recruiting, Michigan quarterback competition heading into the spring, and more.

<KyleBogie> What's up people?

<Badge62> Hey Kyle

<kcpros> Hey Kyle so are we on the outside looking in with McDowell (setting aside the public statements)

<KyleBogie> kcpros. I don't believe that no. Remember, this is not just HIS decision, everyone needs to be on board with it and that's why I still believe and have for a while that Michigan is in it and strong until the end

<wolveron> hey Kyle; any chance with one of the running backs.

<kcpros> Just curious when you say it isn't his decision I know sam has been saying that as well, can you explain the difference with him and his dynamic?

<Badge62> How much influence does Lawrence have on his decision? It's seems like those two have formed a pretty tight bond

<McPoylesRule> When do you expect coaching changes to occur, if they occur at all? Are you pretty confident changes will occur?

<KyleBogie> wolveron. I think Jones is a definite possibility and I LOVE his game. The more enwer waits the less faith I have he'll switch

<KyleBogie> kcpros. His family has a strong say and strong opinions

<KyleBogie> bADGE62. I wouldn't read too much into that. They're cool but it's not like thye've been together their entire lives. Malik is going to try to do what he wants and find the right place for him and his family.

<KyleBogie> McPoylesRule. Based on the season and season alone how could there not be changes? Again, zzero speculation going to come from me on who but when / if they're made I'd expect it to be in the next couple weeks, just my opinion though

<kcpros> Have you had a chance to talk to Jeff Jones? Do you think he visits? what do you think of UM's chances? (never thought he would end up at Minn seems too good)

<Badge62> It may be too early to tell but any under the radar type guys we should keep a look out for to end the 2014 class or is it Malik/J. Jones or bust?

<KyleBogie> kcpros. Didn't get a chance to talk to him personally but Allen did. Sounds like there is definite interest there. I think they'll get a visit at the very least, kid is big time and can do better than Minny.

<kcpros> Coaching changes always tough to discuss because it means someone has lost a job but have you heard anything about what changes might take place?

<kn212003> Kyle - Can we get your opinion on the girl that Manziel took out of the club last night?

<KyleBogie> Bade62. Very limited number, those sund about right at this point but hey, can always change exspecially if caoching changes happen.

<kcpros> I agree Jones is big time and he has to like the fact that he would be it for this class

<Hollandblue> Kyle, why did it take us so long to find him (Jones)?

<bigcox7> Any update on Keisean Lucier South-KLS from 15?

<KyleBogie> kcpros. Will not be speculating on that . I do have my opinions too but i BELIEVE them to be very obvious ones

<KyleBogie> kcpros. Would definitely fit.

<BELLO> Who would be the best fit if Mallory moves on?

<KyleBogie> HollandBlue. Josh actually saw Jones at a game a while back and thought he was terific. Just one of those things, his name kept popping up during UA practices tso I'm sure Michigan thought 'well might as well check it out'

<bigcox7> Any chance Sean Kugler would come to coach OL and his son?

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. Do not have one at this time

<kcpros> SEan Kugler is a HC I doubt he leaves and takes a demotion

<rounds> Any word on some of the 15 bball recruits.

<Hollandblue> Kyle, glad we did and hopefully he will visit....what is his true size and speed?

<KyleBogie> BELLO. Just not going to get into that. When time comes fro any of that i WILL share my thoughts for sure.

<SonofJorEl> Here's my worry on the coaching changes


<Badge62> Has anyone put to bed the rumors about D. Harris? All over the site is saying he took all mention of Michigan off his twitter. Not a twitter guy but hadn't heard anything else addressed. I think it's over reaction on the fan base.

<SonofJorEl> We'll be happy that certain coaches are gone....(nothing personal)

<KyleBogie> rounds. That's my next priority, see what's going on with all those kids. Zimmerman continues to mention Michigan, Bragg as well, not out of it with Kennard, Coleman isn't saying much and taking his time.

<SonofJorEl> And then it will change because Michigan will be Michigan and hire "meh" type assistants because they have connections to Michigan..

<KyleBogie> kcpros?

<JFactor6> The Damien Harris stuff is just an obsession over twitter by fans. Sam put that stuff to bed weeks ago.

<SonofJorEl> lol kcpros..

<kcpros> The Damien Harris stuff is relatively new.  He put it to bed before he removed his twitter stuff it has resurfaced this week but it is unclear what his actual status is.  His coach and mom say he is still committed

<JFactor6> ...and his coach and mom are the only ones talking to the media. The kid can have w/e he wants on his twitter profile.

<rounds> These alleged coaching changes sure will get a lot of play on here.

<rounds> Do we still have a legitimate shot with Campbell?

<kcpros> JFactor I agree and the twitter stuff is always going to be random.  Just curious where the kid stands in his mind that's all

<Badge62> Thanks for the info. I tend to think he is still committed, but 2015 is a long way away.

<Hollandblue> Did we miss something "alleged coaching changes"?

<snic2u> why dont you ask him if you follow him on twitter? lol

<kcpros> LOL I follow but I never tweet and particularly not to recruits.

<rounds> Just hearing there is one for sure with three to five a possibility.

<JFactor6> If he decommits I'm sure they'll let Sam and co. know

<bigcox7> In 15 losing both Wile and Hagerup and only having freshman David on campus do we have Allen on schollie, offer another P or put Mcgrath only schollie?

<KyleBogie> I'm not optimistic on George Campbell recommitting to Michigan (so that means it could happen LOL.)

<snic2u> and then the end of the world will come to the board again eh jfactor?

<snic2u> that seems to happen every time there is a commit changing status

<rounds> Kyle, what about Brian Cole?

<kcpros> Campbell is a heckj of an athlete but if were are going for a WR I think I would prefer Kirk seems more of a natural

<BELLO> Tom is not that high on Campbell...

<JFactor6> lol...yeah...I highly doubt he decommits.

<kn212003> How does Michigan stand with Osa Masina?

<JFactor6> Campbell is an outstanding athlete but just still very, very raw as a WR.

<snic2u> we still havent gotten over rojo lol

<kcpros> Rojo, Parker, hand, etc

<snic2u> hell malik who never actually committed kc

<bigcox7> Is Nick Perry going Blue?

<kcpros> I wasn't sure about Malik was concerned about the Campbell effect but after this weekend it is clear the kid is a great athlete for his size

<KyleBogie> rounds. Cole will take his time. Everyone is trying to get out front on that one but he's maintating it's all even. Personally I don't like Michigan's chances unless they make him NO. 1 priority at WR

<kcpros> Kyle do you think Arnett'

<kcpros> Arnett's situation at MSU affects Cole

<Badge62> Any status update on current injured Wolverines? How are Pip and Amarah progressing? Will be a big part of next years team IMO

<bigcox7> They should make Cole #1 priority at WR We have plenty of depth, we just need top talent there

<JFactor6> I hope Funchess is watching tonights game and realize there is no reason he can't play like Kelvin Benjamin next year.

<Badge62> At WR need top talent and someone to stretch the field

<bigcox7> To me Funchess is the most important player next year, he would be the injury that would kill us

<BELLO> Speed speed speed

<JFactor6> I think Drake Harris can stretch the field. I LOVE this crop of WR's we are bringing in. Like Saban said on GameDay, it's a good idea to have a group that compliments one another. This group does.

<kcpros> Drake Harris= speed Freddy Canteen = speed

<KyleBogie> kcpros. Personally I don't believe so no. If he could block as well as other wide receives I think he'd be on the field

<KyleBogie> Badge62. Porgessing well from what we're told but with a DT that is a lot of weight on a knee, we'll know more by fall how he's reacting to it all

<Badge62> Personally, I think we got a steal in Mo Ways. Think he will be a good one

<JFactor6> I agree 100% Badger

<kcpros> I like Ways a lot but I don't think he is a speed guy

<kcpros> Ways will be very physical and tough to defend

<bigcox7> Any feedback on if J.J. McGrath is a good kicker?

<JFactor6> I still think Canteen a lot but Ways' size can really create mismatches. He's also a hard work. Will be a good leader/locker room guy.

<BELLO> Really nice film WRT Mo

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. If we were allowed in practice I'd be able to tell you lOL.

<JFactor6> Harris - deep threat - Ways - Physical Possession/jump ball guy - Canteen - mismatch nightmare in the slot. Throw in Bunting at TE...we shouldn't have much to worry about in terms of play makers

<JFactor6> Just gotta' get the OL developed

<snic2u> i'm sure they'll allow you in practice kyle, but then they'll have to kill you

<KyleBogie> snic2u. Literally haha

<dave76> We need to see talent getting developed.  Period.  That has been an issue.  The excuse of youth can only go so far.

<snic2u> in addition to funchess and butt jfactor

<KyleBogie> i JUST don't like the idea that Michigan will have to count on freshmen WR's next year

<KyleBogie> dave76. I cna agree with that.

<KyleBogie> Some has, some hasn't

<kcpros> All we need to do is give our QB time and get a run game and we will have huge mismatches

<dave76> And IMO, Mattison and that defense regressed nearly as bad as the Offense did

<bigcox7> any chance in a new QB offer for 15? Malzone? Or more interest from Stills?

<JFactor6> Bogie - I'm talking future. I actually think Drake Harris RS's next year.

<snic2u> i hope so jfactor.  I'd love every frosh to rs

<dave76> I think Canteen has a better shot to play than Drake

<JFactor6> Youth wil be an issue next year...I know it's a crappy excuse, but we'll still only have 4 SR/JR starters on offense.

<kn212003> I wonder how Da'Mario Jones will be next year

<JFactor6> Not as much of an excuse for defense, but for offense, especially the'll be an issue. 2015 all 11 starters I project will be JR's or SR's.

<dave76> But we need to see improvement in the sophs and jrs

<kn212003> seems that they took the Darboh route w/ him playing ST as a Fr

<dave76> And I'm not sold this staff is great at development

<kcpros> We are so young it is a major concern but it seems that we aren't developing inspite of the youth.

<JFactor6> No doubt Dave, 2014 will really tell us if we are indeed heading in the right direction. If we see improvement, 2015 could be special. Otherwise.......

<dave76> The LB and DB's were terrible at the end of the year

<Hollandblue> How about the potential staff changes - anything new?

<kn212003> Player development, I'd usually wait until the players 3rd season in the program to determine how they are being developed

<snic2u> they are still potentially in play holland  lol

<JFactor6> kcpros - because most of our youth is at the OL...that is the position that if you're not elite at you get exposed. Our youth got exposed.

<JFactor6> You can get away with young skill players, but not young linemen.

<kn212003> Even Players like Woodley, Branch and Graham didn't become consistent playmakers until their Jr seasons

<kcpros> Our LB's are too small to shed blocks, our DL was too small to help the LB's, and we were incapable of playing press coverage

<kn212003> Our DL is bigger than MSU

<dave76> To some extent, but the way college football is now, you need s handful of young guys to be solid to good contributors

<KyleBogie> JFactor6. Gotcha gotcha. I agree then LOL.

<KyleBogie> Personally I think Malzone should be offered.

<Hollandblue> Kyle, if no staff changes and no development, would DB actually do something?

<dave76> I just never thought we'd see a day when the UM staff (in large part) is inferior to the State staff.  And that's where we are

<KyleBogie> Seeing Sills live once I really did like his skill set and versatility, how that cwould translate I'm not sure.

<JFactor6> The youth excuse does suck and does get old, but when your program is being completely rebuilt from the inside out due to coaching and system change, it will be an issue. Especially with our our recruiting classes 2009-2011 turned out.

<snic2u> and while peeps dont like to hear youth as an excuse, the frosh/sophs are small and still growing in the weight and conditioning program.  only time and work can take care of that with lineman

<kcpros> No question JFactor but as Spielman pointed out there were a ton of basic things that we were not doing and that concerns me.  The youth is everwhere and it showed but I felt game in and game out were were out coached and I hate that

<KyleBogie> HollandBlue. What does this question mean>?

<snic2u> i think it means holland wants something done NOW

<JFactor6> kcpros - yeah, certainly issues in regards to coaching. I'm going to hold judgement on Hoke until I see what he does w/the staff after signing day.

<dave76> I hate to say it, but this staff seems to be in over their heads.  I see no in-game adjustments and game prep seems to be mediocre at best

<snic2u> dont think it's happening that fast but it could

<kcpros> Jfactor I am with you

<bigcox7> totally agree Dave!

<BlueVeins> Just so I'm clear, what was the difference in philosophy beteween Mattison and Mallory?  Mallory wanted to play more press and Mattison wanted to sit back in zone more?

<JFactor6> dave - I think Borges is the one in over his head. Hoke simply doesn't know enough about offense to make adjustments. He relies on Borges too much IMO.

<Hollandblue> Kyle, is Brandon aware of the level of disatisfaction or will he just go down with the ship when it is too late?

<Badge62> I think the youth excuse directly correlates to lack of execution and poor play. The college game is not forgiving and unless you are a far superior athlete than most, you will make mistakes. It's just the way it is

<JFactor6> Which is why, no matter what anyone says, I still think Borges' job is on the line.

<dave76> So why is it that the youth excuse is a plausible one for UM, which is now in year 7 of a rebuilding project?  I get it that we had a lot of attrition, but c'mon.

<dave76> JFactor, then that's on Hoke

<JFactor6> dave - it is the difference in philosophies that killed us. Pro style to spread to pro style..

<KyleBogie> oBVIOUSLY a move at head coach isn't happening this year. The best thing I can say is we have to see how things go this fall. I personally don't believe the eschedule is difficult despite road games, if it's a disaster you would think a change might have to happen right? But if there's a enough to justify moving forward with it then he would

<snic2u> first dave going from RRs small fast guys to big bruisers doesnt happen over night

<KyleBogie> I feel bad for you guys though. It's been a horrid stretch

<dave76> If he can't manage his assistants (that he counts on to do the job) then get them out of here.  Period.

<JFactor6> dave - agree again, but I'm waiting to see what Hoke does about it in regards to coaching.

<dave76> I agree JFactor.

<JFactor6> He may get him out of here. We'll wait and see.\

<BlueFan31> If this staff can't pick a philosophy on offense in 2014 and stick with it, they need to broomed

<dave76> I'm not trying to pick you apart

<snic2u> the pro style to spread to pro style was my second point jfactor

<JFactor6> BlueFan - great point! We have no identity. That was Texas' problem! No identity.

<dave76> It's just mind-blowing to me that this offense, at UM, could not be counted on to rush the football for a single yard in any given situation.

<Hollandblue> Kyle, I think all we want is just average Michigan football....a well coached and developed team and a Big Ten title every three years. Not asking too much

<dave76> Texas might be heading down the same road that UM had been on since '08

<bigcox7> I think next year we need to be 9-3 at least in regualr season with at least a win again MSU or Ohio St to keep Hoke. I think Brandon will be okay though with 8-4 and give him the following year.

<dave76> 9-3 and a win vs. State or OSU at a minimum

<JFactor6> Gotta' go 8-4 next year. Must show improvemnt. Must beat 2 of ND/OSU/MSU

<kcpros> Kyle, I don't think anyone is advocating for Hoke to be fired (or at least I am not) but if your head man can't see the problems and what is causing them it is concerning.  Makes you wonder if he is in over his head.  I think we are all holding out hope he gets it and fixes it but seeing is believing and we haven't seen it yet.  I want Hoke to succeed because if he does UM does but we have seen nothing but regression in 3 year

4 [msg continues in 22 secs]


<snic2u> i think he has all 5 years if he wants them bigcox.  just the way i read the tea leaves

<kcpros> s that is a concern

<BlueFan31> The confusion and blown assignments along the o-line is a direct result of trying to use multiple blocking schemes. You can't do that with young plyers

<BlueVeins> Eh, I think the whole identity thing is overrated. Bill O'Brien just got asked at his opening presser at Houston what his offense was and he said it’s a game plan offense.  I realize its NFL vs. college but whatever it is, just execute whatever the hell you want to do.  If the too many plays is the cause of the poor execution, then reign it back

<kn212003> I agree snic - I think he gets 5 based on getting that Sugar Bowl in year 1, bought him time

<dave76> BlueFan, then that's on the coaches.  That's a piss poor excuse

<JFactor6> BlueFan - again, great point. That also goes for the passing game. That is one reason Denard didn't pass the ball well under Hoke. Too complex.

<bluemoonrising> How about some D changes. Very few sacks, bad angles, poor tackling, Dbs lost, 4th qtr let downs

<KyleBogie> I agree with a lot of your points, guys, I really do. I think saspects of it are unaccpetable and that there will be certain changes made

<dave76> Mattison was terrible this yr

<bigcox7> Jfactor if they win 2 of the big three, whay losses would they have to get to 4 losses? Penn State? Utah? NW? Minn?

<BlueFan31> Dave, of cours eit is, which is why I said if they can't develop an identity, then they need to be broomed. All of them

<snic2u> that wasnot the only reason Denard doesnt pass the ball well jfactor lol

<dave76> Sure, I agree

<JFactor6> BlueVein - when you are struggling you have to know what you are good at to get your offense going...we don't know that yet.

<dave76> Just saying, the coaches should know better

<bigcox7> Snic. If they only go 7-5 next year again, I cant see how they can keep him

<BELLO> We have some of the worst CB play in the Big

<snic2u> denard made horrible decisions with the ball also passing and otherwise

<dave76> JFactor.....exactly

<JFactor6> snic - I'd disagree. He was fairly accurate under RR. Very simple throws. Only had to make 1 or 2 reads.

<BELLO> Yr after yr

<kcpros> I think UM's defense was handcuffed this year.  The DL was young and small and overmatched.  The LB's were young small and overmatched which limits what you can do.  We have recruited 210lb LB's Ohio recruits 240lb LB's (they will be scary the next few years) and it shows on the field

<dave76> I know Kyle doesn't want to speculate, but Funk has to be on the chopping block

<BlueFan31> One thing to keep in mind in regards to Denard. His completion percentage in 2012 was excellent in the first 5 games. The last 8 he was actually a hair under 60%

<JFactor6> I do think if the team leadership is better this year, we'll be able to win the close games. Or be able to put it to some of our inferior opponents.

<BlueFan31> 2010 I meant

<BlueVeins> JF - that's fair.  I think we do know what we're good at, we just never have a counter when its taken away.  Can't get the execution to work beyond opening punch

<bluemoonrising> Tempo-we don't have it offensively or defensively, and the few times we do have it, our coaches go back and play it safe. And then we lose

<dave76> JFactor...sad as it is to say, I won't miss Lewan a single bit.  Terrible leader.  Period.

<bigcox7> If they lose to all 3 rivals plus a couple more like Penn St and Minn he needs to go. I hope though that we go no worse than 9-3 because then I would feel like in 15 we could make the playoffs

<JFactor6> I'm willing to bet Gardner is excited for his SR year and will be ready to put this team on his back.

<JFactor6> dave - Lewans - fanastic player, but he won't missed at all IMO.

<dave76> He talked a huge game that's for sure

<Hollandblue> What is Appy State is close? The fan base will go nuts - I see absolutely NO VALUE in scheduling that game

<KyleBogie> I think there is reason to be optimistic about the program moving forward. TONS of young talent, just time for all of them to step up and we'll see if they do. Spring and fall camp will be huge.

<bigcox7> Why did Mattion accept going so small? I mean Beyer at 250 as a SDE when he told Mario he had to be 250 to sniff WDE? Black at NT sometimes? Wheres the beef?

<KyleBogie> At the same time, plenty of gripes are necessary and I think changes will be made because of them

<JFactor6> Kyle - yeah, the roster is certainly taking shape. 2015 is our year IMO.

<snic2u> jfactor denard had one year of good stats passing.  09 45.2% 10 62.5% 11 55.0% 12 53.2%

<kcpros> Honestly I don't think Mattison accepted small he had no choice. The only caveat was why he played Qwash so little befuddling to me

<BlueFan31> Beyer only moved to SDE after Ryan came back. It was just a way to keep him on the field. Neither Heitzman nor Wormley were distinguishing themselves there

<bluemoonrising> I'd love to see a DL coach that can get our guys to the Qb

<bigcox7> I think Garnder will be much improved next year and I am excited for him but man I wish Morris was a no brainer, could you imagine Gardner & Funchess at WR and Norfleet or Hayes in slot

<Badge62> bigcox7 - I agree. We are one if not the smallest defense in the Big Ten. Need those guys to get big and physical in a hurry

<KyleBogie> it's all kind of been off too. One year this position group is weak but the following year you graduate guys that were strong, so now you're experienced at this position when the other isn't. Chemistry is huge

<snic2u> Kyle do you see a competition at qb this spring?  I hope so if for no other reason than to MAKE devin make better decisions

<KyleBogie> Things will start to sink sync up more now that talent and psotions and depth is starting to be accounted for in coming years.

<JFactor6> Nice convo guys...watching the champ game. Take it easy. Go Blue!

<KyleBogie> I think behind closed doors competition will be on. Publically, they'll maintain it's Devin. My opinion.

<BlueFan31> I can forgive Matttison's issues on defense much more than I can forgive Borges and Funk. Defense is primarily personnel related. We essnetgilaly didn't recruit defense properly for 3 straight recruitng classes.

<KyleBogie> I believe in Devin Gardner's ability though. Do not get him wrong at all

<dave76> I think this team has a lot of potential for '14.  But I also think if things take a bad turn, we could see 7-6 again

<KyleBogie> I'm going to run as wellguys.

<snic2u> kinda like lovie and the rex is our quarterback stuff? lol

<KyleBogie> Have a drink and watch what will hopefuly be an entertaing game tonight! lOL.

<Hollandblue> Kyle I hope you are right....we have not seen it but want so badly to see a well coached and developed team

<kcpros> thanks Kyle

<snic2u> thanks kyle

<KyleBogie> Appreciate everyone's interest, questions, insight.

<KyleBogie> Thank you, look orjunior combine interviews / stories tomorrow!

<dave76> With a good OL, Gardner will be good.  Not great, becasue he turns it over too much.

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