UA Combine: Mollette one to watch

2015 Randleman (NC) WR Juval Mollette towered over his competition and used that size to his advantage at the Under Armour All American Combine in Tampa last week. Afterward the talented youngster reflected on his performance, discussed his favorites, his interest in Michigan, and much much more.

Sam Webb:  How do you think you did here today? 

Juval Mollette:  “I did pretty good today.  One-on-ones, I didn’t get that many reps but seven-on-seven, I caught some good fades.” 

Sam Webb:  Testing wise, before you got to do the one on ones, how did you measure, what was your 40?  Do you remember those things? 

Juval Mollette:  “I don’t remember my 40 but I know the second one was way better than the first one.  On my shuttle I got a 4.17 going towards the right and then 4.15 going left.” 

Sam Webb:  Take me through your season.  How did things go for you for your high school team this year? 

Juval Mollette:  “It wasn’t as good as my sophomore season.  More teams started bracketing me so I had to find other ways to score and get other teammates involved.” 

Sam Webb:  Clearly though, coming off your sophomore season, colleges that already knew about you, do you know how many scholarship offers you  have on the table right now? 

Juval Mollette:  “I have 11.” 

Sam Webb:  Can you recite some of them off the top of your head? 

Juval Mollette:  “Clemson, Ohio State, North Carolina, Duke, NC State, Wake Forest, ECU, Virginia, Virginia Tech, George Tech.” 

Sam Webb:  So of 11 schools, have any of those schools started to stick out for you yet? 

Juval Mollette:  “Not necessarily.  I have a couple but not necessarily.” 

Sam Webb:  Did you have a favorite growing up? 

Juval Mollette:  “Not really.  I kind of always liked Clemson, Carolina, and Ohio State because they were always big.” 

Sam Webb:  You mentioned Ohio State, obviously a Midwest school.  Is distance from home going to be a factor for you? 

Juval Mollette:  “No sir.” 

Sam Webb:  I hear Michigan has shown some interest.

Juval Mollette:  “Yeah, their coach came by and saw me after one of my practices.  Later he told me that they are interested in me.  They’re going to show a lot of interest in the spring.” 

Sam Webb:  Have you gotten out on any visits yet? 

Juval Mollette:  “Yes, I visited almost every school except for Georgia Tech, Clemson, ECU, and I think Wake Forest.” 

Sam Webb:  Do you anticipatevisiting any of those schools in the Midwest? 

Juval Mollette:  “Yes sir.” 

Sam Webb:  You think you are going to visit Michigan and Notre Dame

Juval Mollette:  “Possibly.” 

Sam Webb: Let’s talk timeline. When you think you will be ready to make a decision. 

Juval Mollette:  “Probably after my senior season, I am going to sit down and think a lot, me and my mom and see what she thinks, and my coach.” 

Sam Webb:  What are going to be the criteria for that decision? 

Juval Mollette:  “Basically somewhere that I feel like home, good coaching, good campus, and good academics.” 

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