Monday Chat Transcript

Monday's chat hits on Mitch McGary's future, outlook for Michigan basketball team and program without him, basketball recruiting updates, new offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier, more.

<KyleBogie> Howdy howdy people

<BigJim55> hey

<Bigcat44> Hey Kyle, whats new?

<KyleBogie> Not much, not much. Gearing up to see if Michigan can improve to 4-0 in B1G play tomorrow

<TomBeaver> Hi Kyle. Hi guys

<TomBeaver> Very important game tomorrow alright ... the next 3 game stretch is gonna be tough

<Bigcat44> Hey Tom

<Bigcat44> Tom, IYO will there be any additional staff changes?

<TomBeaver> It's such deja vu for me watching Jordan Morgan out there

<TomBeaver> Bigcat - Sam says no, you gotta go with that

<KyleBogie> Bigcat44. MY opinion, don't hold your breath

<Bigcat44> I know he is plugged in...all the wheatley talk had be excited.

<TomBeaver> Yeah, it's kinda disappointing to us fans ... but Michigan does things differently fom most teams ... that's just how it is

<TomBeaver> the Wheatley talk was purely fan talk

<kn212003> By the way, it seemed the only running play that had marginal success this year was Inside Zone which is Nuss' base play

<KyleBogie> Did I just see the words success and running in the same sentence when referring to Michigan football? LOL.

<kn212003> "marginal success"

<TomBeaver> Just be glad the the new OC isn't Stan Parrish ... 'cause that coulda happened

<Bigcat44> It looks like Nuss is the real deal. Now lets see what happens with team 135 personnel.

<TomBeaver> his name was in the mix

<TomBeaver> It's certainly possible that Team 135 will turn a corner ... but the OL is also certainly unsettled

<KyleBogie> Nuss is a home run hire. No I don't think a bunch of celebrating should be done now or anything but darn, he's had success everywhere, he's young, can develop quarterbacks, energetic. I love it

<TomBeaver> Personally I'm not worried about RB ... but OL is a question mark

<TomBeaver> Kyle - me too, Absolutely.

<TomBeaver> Compare him to Borges ... hmmmmmm

<IaBlue> Had Stan Parrish been named OC, I would have chosen to not renew my tix.  Unbelievable that they would even consider that.

<KyleBogie> I'm with you Tom. If Green gets in great shape we know what his ability is

<tonyles> Are there some problems with strength and conditioning in your opinion?

<TomBeaver> sure ... and Deveon has high potential too ... so, to me, it's on the OL

<kn212003> Listened to MGo Podcast today and they said that at Sound Mind Sound Body Borges coaching Shane was just kind of telling Shane what to do when other coaches were showing the players what to do

<TomBeaver> tony -- that's  a hard one to tell ... I've heard both ways personally

<TomBeaver> kn212003 - can you picture Al dropping back? I can't

<KyleBogie> kn212003. I wouldn't read much of anything into that. I don't even remember them being there?

<TomBeaver> To me, I thought U-M desperately needed : (1) a QB tutor. (2) a step up in line play, particularly OL

<TomBeaver> dunno if line play meant new coaches ... or if kids are ready to turn the corner ... just dunno

<tonyles> How many years does it take to build a cohesive Offensive Line in college?  Why are UM's problems so unique in this department from schools like MSU and Wisconsin and OSU?

<TomBeaver> Borges never tutored kids at camp (that we saw) ... he's just not an athlete

<KyleBogie> Just so weird to think about how much regression there was for this OL last two seasons.

<TomBeaver> tonyles - good question. Let's hope it's not that the talent is overrated there ... that DOES worry me a little bit

<guissi> Hey Kyle.  Just for fun... How do you see the basketball team finishing this year?

<TomBeaver> I've never been a Borges fan ... so I bit my tongue alot lol

<tonyles> Well if the OL doesn't improve measurably this year, it's going to be more of the same thing.

<IaBlue> Tom, they would have had to have missed on tons of guys for it just to be a talent thing

<TomBeaver> IaBlue - well, we know the kids involved, we've watched them at events ... it is possible they're overrated ... only one I haven't seen in action is Kugler

<KyleBogie> guissi. If they get the 4-0 start tomorrow with two of those on the road I think they can definitely get to the 10-8 mark in conference, 12-6 is whee I think they fall and add in a win or two in B1G tourney

<tonyles> UW has the best lines year in and year out in the Big 10 with 3 star guys.  It has to be coaching.

<TomBeaver> Bogie - bingo ... 10-8

<KyleBogie> I don't believe they'll have enough to win conference title though. Wisconsin is rally impressive, MSU if healthy is the best team i nthe country

<TomBeaver> oh, you said 12-6 ... sorry ... that seems optimistic to me. Tho I hope you're right!

<KyleBogie> Iowa is way better than a year ago, never easy playing on the road anywhere

<KyleBogie> LOL. 10-8 would be a 6-8 finish if they win tomorrow, I think they might be able to flip that with an improved Walton, Stauskas and Robinson III need to continue dominating the ball and again, a combined double double out of Jordan/Jon is necessary

<TomBeaver> OL- I'm not sure they have the tackles now ... Mags and Braden HAVE to come through IMO ... Dawson is small for a tackle, IMO (tho I haven't seen him onfield for a year, maybe he's grown)

<TomBeaver> Kyle - you could well be right ... I picture Jordan and Jon betting beat up inside, is all

<jsmirman> I don't see how they're going to compete with the top teams in the conference. If Beilein steals any of those games, he's even better than I thought.

<KyleBogie> Oh definitely, there will be games that'll drive fans nuts because of poor inside play LOL.

<tonyles> well, we can be pretty much assured of having Mitch McGary back next year.

<jsmirman> Imo, as I pm'd to umbob, I think Glenn has been playing really hard, which I appreciate.

<TomBeaver> tonyles - to me, nothing is assured in hoops

<jsmirman> Now, we will see if he can keep up that effort when the team is having real tough nights - will he shut down or keep playing his rear end off?

<shane12345670> Tom or Kyle do you think Michigan will get a look from Bo Scarbough considering coach Nuss was his main recruiter at Alabama? I am shocked no one has asked this question yet.

<TomBeaver> just generally I mean ... heck if it was me and I were him, the injury would scare me and if anyone told me they'd take me in the first round, I'd go ... but that is just me

<IaBlue> Agree on McGary Tom

<tonyles> I hope we are bringing in another top center in the 2014 recruiting class.  We lose Morgan and perhaps McGary after this season.

<KyleBogie> tonyles. No

<jsmirman> And you can bet gm's will be watching that ,

<KyleBogie> lLatest mock draft out today for the NBA still has Mitch as a first round pick , No. 29 overall

<jsmirman> too

<TomBeaver> Bogie - ouch ... well if I'm him, I'd go ... heck the Signing Bonus is more money than I'm gonna retire on lol

<KyleBogie> They'll be short on bigs next season. 2015 class is the one they need to hit big on at the position

<TomBeaver> top center ... that's not a B trademark ... so I hope you're right

<KyleBogie> I really do think Donnal is going to be a good one though. Under the radar gem

<kn212003> I wonder if this coaching change puts Jack Miller back in the mix at C, Bama's C this year was the same size as Miller, Glasgow at 6'6 could be OT in a pinch?

<blueinc> Kyle, anything new at all in hoops recruiting?  who are going to recieve next offers for 2015 IYO.  thanks

<bonesnjnts> hey all

<TomBeaver> kn - I've wondered about Glasgow as an OT too

<KyleBogie> I think the coaching change puts everyone back in the mix initially

<tonyles> Is Jeff Jones our last realistic target for 2014?  I know McDowell is out there as well.

<shane12345670> Tom or Kyle anything on the Bo Scarbough front?

<Bigcat44> Tom, Kye, whats the likelyhood we get Jeff Jones?

<TomBeaver> tonyles - looks like it ... but often there is a last second surprise, so we'll see

<jsmirman> Kyle, I could be very wrong, but if Mitch doesn't come back this season, I don't know how you go for him in the 1st round

<TomBeaver> Scarbough ... ask Kyle to check up on that, lol

<KyleBogie> blueinc. New offers? Mmmm the one I'm keeping my eye on is Eric Davis. Beilein has been paying extra attention to him and if he proves he's getting closer to Jalen Coleman's level they might pull the trigger

<shane12345670> I recently watched Jeff Jones' highlight tape as well as his highlights from the UA game and I have to say I am quiet impressed. I think he would be a real steal.

<jsmirman> that's one toruna - this chat software is killing me

<TomBeaver> Jones - I would think U-M has a decent shot, maybe better than decent

<shane12345670> Kyle any word on the street about BO?

<GRWolverineFan> I would really be bummed if we lost out on McDowell

<TomBeaver> Jones was really, really good in the UA game

<KyleBogie> Scarbough. We'll need to look into that. I would imagine Nuss might leave the Bama/Saban kids alone as much as possible, something coaches will agree to behind closed doors.

<blueinc> thanks Kyle.....what do u see the makeup of that class?  two wings and a big?

<jsmirman> that's one tourney run, not a lot else, two injury riddled seasons, one season of those two lost to injury, I think people are off their rockers thinking that's enough

<TomBeaver> GRWolverineFan ... better buy your St. Johns Wart then, just in case

<umbob1> Did Jerry Montgomery do that

<shane12345670> He can not only make you miss in the open field but he has really good balance and strength. There were multiple times in the UA game alone where Jeff Jones laid the lumber on opposing tacklers.

<Bigcat44> McDowell is an enigma

<umbob1> Maybe it was just recruits he went after..not commits

<knblue> Kyle, do you think they can pull Eric Davis away from MSU if they offer him?

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. Mitch's rehab and recovery is solely based on getting him back under a timeline that will have him ready for pre draftworkouts. They haven't made any mention of him coming back for Michigan this season.

<jsmirman> I think those projections have got to be based on the idea he might still play in the tourney and show something - otherwise, I don't see how he doesn't have to prove his heallth over a season

<GRWolverineFan> I know Tom, just sucks to lead for that long and lose out on a good player from in-state

<shane12345670> I had a feeling they might not bother with him. Just know that he is looking around so was hopefully something would spark seeing that him and coach Nuss were close.

<Dizzo> So last season when we constantly changed scheme, shuffled the OL, changed the playbook, etc, was that Al trying to find something that worked to save his job?  Or did the other coaches have serious input?  I'm worried if Funk thought it was OK to have 6 OL combinations used in basically the first 10 games.

<Bigcat44> Would love to have him but not sure with all the rumors that he still is interested in UofM

<KyleBogie> The surgery was babout the NBA , IMO. He has the rest of january, freb, march, april, may before the june draft. Plenty of time to get healthy, in great shape, get back playing again

<TomBeaver> GR - if U-M loses him, you can chalk it up to the bad season, IMO

<TomBeaver> simple as that

<jsmirman> I'll say this, I cannot FATHOM how people are not devastated if that's the last we ever see him in a uniform

<IaBlue> I call the the SFHC effect Tom

<umbob1> I think MM might be making a bad economic decision if he isn't a 1st rounder

<TomBeaver> Dizzo - I doubt that that was Al's call, or Funk's either ... just my guess

<KyleBogie> blueinc. I think Michigan goes two wings and a big, yes. I think they can wait on a PG until 2016

<jsmirman> how that isn't one of the worst stories since Bass, I don't get it. <umbob1> Who is the 2016 PG that we are supposedly leading or possibly leading for?

<KyleBogie> knblue. That's another thing Michigan will need to figure out. Did they hurt their chances by offering another/slow playing it? Coaches have a way of getting around that though so I think they'd still be considered.

<TomBeaver> jsmirman  - a 5 game career, lol

<KyleBogie> Robinson III tom?>

<jsmirman> Regardless, I don't know - two seasons where he hasn't shown he can stay healthy, I don't know. Tom, it's freaking heartbreaking.

<GRWolverineFan> yeah, this year turned a lot of diehard fans off.  Can't even imagine how bad it was for a kid with lots of options

<TomBeaver> IaBlue - specially since MSU was SUCH a contrast ... if you were him what would YOU want to do?

<umbob1> jsmirman...nothing heartbreaking about last year

<umbob1> except the final

<blueinc> kyle I disagree on Mitch.  He is going to have a hard time in getting back in game shape and sharpen his game up for workouts enought to impress scouts in a very deep darft.  If he wants to be sure of getting first round he needs to come back.  it's not as tho he can come off the rehab table and get sharp in a few weeks.  Plus, he's a big dude!  they take longer to get in shape

<TomBeaver> blueinc - I hope you're right!

<jsmirman> bob, I knew - on that night- how insanely hard it is to get back. That was the hardest part about losing. And not having the chance to see this team be any more than a maybe win a game in the tourney team with all the hope - very sad

<tonyles> GRIII needs to come back for another year as well in my opinion.  Nobody should be entering the draft after this year.

<KyleBogie> umbob1. If Michigan passes up on a PG in2015, Derryck Thronton Jr. would be the guy in 2016. Cassius Winston is the other. ELITE players.

<jsmirman> to me, GRIII, in what I saw recenntly (can't type in this dang software) has shown just what he's needed to

<blueinc> tony....don't hold breath on robinson.  He keeps playing like this then he is guaranteed first round and gonwe

<blueinc> gone

<umbob1> That's right.

<TomBeaver> GRIII - huge relief ... had he not stepped it up there'da been some losses ... and a long season ahead

<umbob1> I am convinced you will see Mich go to a zone def more and more

<umbob1> They will adapt to their players

<jsmirman> agree. I thought his play in the game e before the knee injury - that half was an NBA reel - great rejections, hustle, looked great

<TomBeaver> umbob -- head scratcher that they haven't already, to me I mean

<KyleBogie> blueinc. Mitch has plenty of time, IMO. Workouts aren't everything either , they'll do five on five and different drill work, IF Mitch is going to be a first round pick he's gone

<umbob1> Trust is coming

<KyleBogie> GR3 is still solidly in mock drafts as a first round pick.

<blueinc> umbob, i expect more zones against the top teams.  man to man for rest of time and against the non-elite teams and hope to skate by.

<jsmirman> I don't see how we compete ahgainst the top teams - dang it, seriously, is a fix to chat ever coming?

<umbob1> I believe JB is going to deploy it in this 3 game gauntlet more and more

<KyleBogie> pLAN was for Mitch and Glenn to give it one more try, get better and go to the NBA togther as first round picks. If that opportunity is still there they'll both bolt

<blueinc> gm's are going to try to steal Mitch as a 2nd rounder IMO

<TomBeaver> Mitch - to me, when you looked at the press conference, the looks on his and B's faces ... they both knew it was over (that's a pure guess, but that was my clear impression)

<umbob1> jsmirman...if we fix our defense, we can compete against anyone

<KyleBogie> Tom, I got the same impression.

<TomBeaver> Kyle - you and I ALWAYS think alike! Great minds and all ..

<jsmirman> umbob, I don't really see that these kids can defend. Caris, how's that gong to change (I can't type, dan it this is ridiculous)

<blueinc> if thats true then that would be the most unsatisfying career ever, in terms of the hopes we had with him.  And next season will be another season on the bubble.  crap

<jsmirman> Nik, as much as I love him, is guilty of the worst defensive lapses - conssistently

<umbob1> Caris is actually much better in a zone because of his length

<TomBeaver> Caris - there's a guy who should have a great 2014-15

<KyleBogie> blueinc. Even if that happens he still has an NBA skill set and would gbe getting the oportunity he wanted, would just have to earn a guaranteed contract

<jsmirman> Spike, who I also love, is also a defensive liablity

<kn212003> Tom - If Glasgow can play OT than that makes Michigan OL potential less daunting IMO, they have plenty of OC/OG candidates that actually played this year

<umbob1> blueinc...not even close to a bubble team if Nik comes back

<jsmirman> the bigs get puinned under the basket and also have troubele defending

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. Nik has been so much better this year though, significant improvement. just has to make sure he' stays engaged defensively especially as things pick up now

<blueinc> im like you jsmir......i cant take it if that is it for Mitch at michigan.  unreal

<TomBeaver> kn - the only fly in that ointment is that OCs are rare, so if you find one you usually stay with it

<jsmirman> ok, chat wins, this is ridiculous, I can't type - can we please ever get a fix to this chat software?

<kn212003> Yeah, but obviously by the end of the year you could tell that Miller wasn't the only issue there.  Some glaring scheme issues as well

<umbob1> MSU has a red shirt freshman walkon LTackle...I am sure one of our top guys can learn to play the position

<umbob1> time to coach

<TomBeaver> The funny thing about Mitch from U-M's perspective (IMO) - is that they took a chance on him and now he's maybe-gone. Still, you can argue they got their money's worth

<jsmirman> bob, Nik leaves his man all the time - he has really bad lapses

<dave76> aris....meh

<umbob1> I think Michigan needs to do something a little different to really compete against top teams in BBall

<TomBeaver> Caris is The Man ... next season

<dave76> caris

<umbob1> It is why I think they will do something with a zone

<dave76> i know that, i'm just convinced he is the man

<blueinc> bigs without Mitch next year: jon , Donnal and Max.  Oy vey!!!!!!!!  and no apparent chance at an elite big in 2015 at this point.  Ugh

<umbob1> Tom, if Caris can get a better back to the basket game, no guard will be able to stop him

<jsmirman> I don't disbelieve it with Caris, but I have yet to see it

<TomBeaver> umbob - agree

<jsmirman> personally, I think he's still all over the place

<TomBeaver> I thnk Caris has a high ceiling and will develop whatever he needs to

<blueinc> i agree bob....more zones from here.  mix it up and keep em off balance.  we can't guard on the perimeter

<dave76> There's a lot of that with this team

<umbob1> Our offense is good enough to play with almost anyone....especially if Walton continues to improve

<dave76> disagree

<KyleBogie> blueinc. Doyle will need to play. They have shots at bigs in 2015

<TomBeaver> Walton IS slowing but steadily improving, you're right. Another relief

<blueinc> forgot about Doyle....still not attractive situation

<dave76> I think this is a decent team come tourney time

<jsmirman> We are going to get *hammered* at MSU and at OSU

<dave76> But they'll take some beatings in the BIG

<umbob1> jsmirman..Nope

<TomBeaver> dave - they have to get 'hot' ... and that means shooting-wise

<batting500> Mitch is one kid I wouldn't blame at all if he left for the NBA. It's tough to think he could get really injured back at Michigan and risk not even having a shot. He has a lot to think about. Then again Dwight Howard is doing pretty well after the surgery

<umbob1> lose...maybe

<umbob1> hammered...nope

<dave76> Have we seen that vs. a good team yet?

<jsmirman> I say hammered

<jsmirman> I think without Mitch we are depressingly athletically limited

<KyleBogie> Michigan actually matches up pretty well with OSU

<KyleBogie> If MSU still isn't healthy they have a chance

<TomBeaver> THAT'd be a shockingly good upset, @OSU

<dave76> Kyle, the OSU athleticism will kill this team

<dave76> They can't defend the ball

<batting500> Yeah. The surgery likely only buys him time until it bothers him again. He'll be working on his core for a long time

<dave76> Or figure out to switch

<umbob1> MSU might not have Payne in 2 weeks.  Izzo said they are going to sacrifice short term to get him healthy

<jsmirman> Do we really know Mitch's timeline then? I hadn't really heard it. I refuse to give up hope that he can't come back for the tourney

<jsmirman> Unless you're telling me I have to give up

<blueinc> kyle who is the top big  kid that we have legit shot in 2015?  Ellsenson?  and then who after that?  it could be ellenson or bust.  Fowler doesn't seen legit at this point

<umbob1> We won the bigten with Stu, Zach, JMo.  I think Beilien is in his element with MM out

<dave76> If Matta would let those kids use their athleticism for 40 min, they'd be tough

<umbob1> Stone and Zimmerman

<shane12345670> Kyle if signing day were tomorrow who do you think Michigan would end up with in the 2015 basketball recruiting class?

<KyleBogie> blueinc. Zimmerman continues to mention Michigan. If they can get him out for a visit...Diamond Stone has already been on campus, still in contact

<jsmirman> bob, I think that's pipedreaming.

<blueinc> bob.....i said rea;listic  lol

<tonyles> Tom or Kyle - Can we assume that G Glasgow and Kerridge are on 4 year scholarships now given their significant roles with the team as starters? Realize they were walk ons at one time.

<KyleBogie> shane12345670. Let's not play this game again...LOL

<batting500> More than likely it'll be longer than the last one. You have to let that completly heal. Most reherniate it within the first few weaks. He'll just have to not rush it and leave it alone. There is a great article on Dwight Howards timeline from his surgeon. SHould give you a general idea

<umbob1> jsmirman...I was just answering who are some of the bigs we are after

<TomBeaver> tonyles - I'd think so. Certainly Glasgow.

<jsmirman> I think we're too far from the top teams to have a chance at the top of the league

<shane12345670>   Maybe we shouldn't do the Bogie kiss of death just yet

<batting500> Not that I exactly know what the surgery was but the writing is on the wall what it is.

<dave76> Why Kyle?  Is it that bad?

<TomBeaver> Kyle - sposedly Zimmermans' family really likes Michigan ... I was told that a year+ ago

<tonyles> I am proud of the fact we didn't have much football attrition in the past year.  Only 4 guys.  Not bad.

<TomBeaver> that'd be the difference maker

<jsmirman> Btw, Dekker, yikes, he's as good as I knew he'd be the first time I saw him play

<KyleBogie> Yup, spoken with his mother on the phone and in person several times, that interest is not fake.

<umbob1> I think the bigten is down this year in bball vs last year

<blueinc> the way the last class went, eric davis will be one of them.  lol   i don't think u can predict that now except to say the 3 offerees prob won't be a part of it.  lol

<jsmirman> not the top, bob

<dave76> Problem for the bigs we are recruiting, we don't have Mitch to show what a talented big man can do in this offense.

<KyleBogie> dave76. Just still too early to tell. I still believe Michigan is really in it for Jalen Coleman, but he's taking his time

<shane12345670> One thing I would have to comment on is that Basketball recruiting is ridiculously slow. I feel like we have known about Zimmerman and Diamond for well over two years now

<umbob1> Wisc and Iowa

<dave76> Just the tourney last year

<TomBeaver> Okay guys, gonna call it a night. THANKS as always!

<umbob1> MSU almost lost at home to Minny.  a Bad minny team

<dave76> thx tom

<KyleBogie> blueinc. Honstly it could be guys we've never even mentioned at this point lol

<jsmirman> night

<dave76> Minny has talent

<dave76> just don't play as team

<umbob1> I watched that Minny team twice and they have a lot less talent than we do.

<jsmirman> honestly, us beating Minny, lol. I watched that game on dvr knowing the outcome

<blueinc> yep Kyle.  at this point last year, we sort of knew about Chatman.  nothing on wilson. and none of the B boys picked us.

<KyleBogie> dave76. They've seen some. Zimmerman and Mitch know one another and he watched the NCAA tournament last year when Mictch was having sets run through him. Mot foreign

<dave76> So do we all think the final kick in the nuts from this season will be Malik to MSU...

<jsmirman> there were so few points where I could fathom how we were going to win

<shane12345670> Kyle who do you think has more potential out of the two big men we are recruiting for 2015? Stone or Zimmerman?

<KyleBogie> blueinc. I thought Chatman was the one possibnility, kept hearing that Arizona was his school from "sources," should've kept believing the kid lol

<tonyles> Well, MSU is the dominant team in the state now  UM will need to get better coaching next year to start turning that ship around

<dave76> Sure.  But that's not what I asked

<jsmirman> I'm very disappointed that Narduzzi didn't get a HC gig and that PSU landed such a good coach

<KyleBogie> shane. I need to see more of Stone. Zimmerman is so incredibly skilled for his size, I'd say him right at this point

<KyleBogie> Ok ya'll, I'm off.

<KyleBogie> Thanks for dropping in andputting up with the chat software, we're all waiting for it to change, frustrating.

<KyleBogie> Thanks again!

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