Monday Chat Transcript

Monday's chat was littered with several questions on the latest in the recruitment of 2014 Southfield (Mich.) DL Malik McDowell, John Beilein's work with the Michigan basketball team, upcoming NBA decisions, a new 2015 football offer, and more.

<KyleBogie> Good afternoon all!

<bigcox7> Hello Kyle

<KyleBogie> a busy week for basketball, and football recruiting too that's for sure.

<bigcox7> Any chance the change in RB is that we have 10 WR only counting 1 of Norfleet and Hayes as a WR therefore 1 need to be a RB for numbers? If we add 1 WR next year we would have 11 or 12 depending on whos at WR

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. Very well could be part of it but my opinion is that the depth/talent at the position is still solid. Other opinion is that part of Michigan's selling point to keep Damien Harris on board is to kind of put all their eggs in his basket so to speak.

<KyleBogie> That second part is just my opinion though, no legs to it.

<bigcox7> seems like when we puts eggs in one basket it kills us. Example we didn't take a SDE last year and banked on getting at least 1 this year and we lost Hand and likely McDowell as well.

<bigcox7> Any chance to go get a late Safety?

<hockey4> kyle - thoughts on the Barnett offer? what should we read into that regarding type of QB that Michigan might be targeting in the future?

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. Just my own little speculation, that they feel set with them and dit helps smooth things over for 2015.

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. As I've learned in this , anything is possible especially as signing day nears LOL. No immediate candidates I would see though.

<bigcox7> any more info on the speculation that Rawls or Ash or Furman are leaving?

<KyleBogie> hockey4. Interesting. 1. He'scommitted to Notre Dame. 2. Has Great size which is clearly something the whole staff wants. 3. California is loaded with QB's. 4. Hassome nice early offers.

<bigcox7> I'm hoping if it is not Towns or Rosen we get Kearns

<hockey4> just seems like an odd offer being that he is already committed. I, for one, never cared for the way Borges recruited QB's but this offer just seemed kind of odd

<bigcox7> did Barnett commit to the other OC and now they have a new one so maybe he would look around?

<KyleBogie> boigcox7. There are legs to attrition rumors and the Rawls one has been addressed specifically. No official word though. To me, I wouldn't be surprised though. Only one would be Ash, me thinks he'd have a chance to play next year based on little depth.

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. Kearns is a tremendous leader. He had me wanting to play for him when I spoke to him on the phone last year.

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. I think that definitely plays a part.

<hockey4> for better or worse, this might be the most uneventful signing day of all time

<bigcox7> Ash would have to be better than Pipkins (assuming healthy), Henry, Hurst, Poggi, Wormley, Mone, and Glasgow, to get in 2 deep I think it would be difficult to do that

<hockey4> at least where michigan is concerned

<MollyFolly> Kyle, is Beilein showing how Michigan Teams will be successful in the years to come.......with 6'-6"+ guys using highball screens to either shoot the lights out, dribble drive or dish?

<dtree12> i just wish the bball team could play some good defense....they'd be so tough to be at

<KyleBogie> hockey4. See, you say that now and that's when crazy things happen LOL.

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. He, Pipkins, Henry, Mone are only ones in that size category

<MollyFolly> Makes me think Stauskas and Levert will eventually turn into Irvin, Chapman, Wilson and many more long wingers that can shoot.

<KyleBogie> Opportunity is slim, but still attainable

<KyleBogie> MllyFolly. I think Beilein is just adjusting to what he has and catering to the ateltn....talent*....the likes of which is the best he's had than at any other school.

<KyleBogie> The sets they're running are very simple but still similar in philosophy. Four out, one in, high ball screen, if the kick is there on the collapse pass it, if the don't collapse attack, if big man steps up dish it.

<KyleBogie> Wisconsin is a very good offensive team. Huge to get that win

<bigcox7> What is the latest thought on Mitch going pro or coming back?

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. Guys, I just believe Mitch is gone and there isn't much debate about it. Barring a major setback that puts him in the second round or something, he's out.

<KyleBogie> The thing that people need to start pereparing for now is Nik Stauskas as a first round pick and doing so after this season.

<MollyFolly> The reason I make note of it is that they've missed on their top 2-3 recruits the past 2 years so his fallback seems to be a tall, lanky shooter that he can develop into a pretty legit player using the philosophy you mentioned.

<bigcox7> sucks for Mitch because he was likely top 15 and this is a deep draft he loses quite a bit by going IMO

<clarkw267> Java 7 is not a fan of this chat application

<bigcox7> Why does MSU have guys that want to stay when they could leave and we get guys who want to leave even if they should stay?

<dtree12> if Nik,GR3 and Mitch all leave, the recent recruting missess are pretty tough

<KyleBogie> MollyFolly. It's a great point. I think it just hits on that buzz word known as versatility. He's also adapting to the game. For years they had an elite point guard, class fatrer class, and while they still do and will look for it, the game dictates the length and size of wings creates huge issues on both ends.

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. Droop off money wise isn't as bad like say the nFL. A guaranteed contract is the biggest thing to get when you're outside the lottery

<KyleBogie> Honestly, Beilein doesn't shy away from helping players reach their dream and is as honest as possible when they have to make a decision like this. From what I've gathered there's some major recruiting going on to keep kids at other programs longer than they should. Hasn't helped their draft stock

<brend> With regards to football recruiting how will this class end in your opinion

<bigcox7> Manny Harris, D. Morris, I thought Hardaway but I was obviously wrong, Maybe Nick? Glenn is good but I wouldnt say his level of production is worth going pro

<KyleBogie> Brandon Dawson is what he is, overrated five star , tremenous athlete.

<dtree12> GR3's game isn't there yet but we all know the potential is there.  Mitch Has had health issues and hasn't played a full season...

<KyleBogie> I can agree with points on Harris/Morris cause they weren't first round picks. I will NEVER EVER think a kid should stay in school if he can be a fist round pick. Not fiar for me to say cause I couldn't turn down millions either.

<KyleBogie> brend. Too early to tell which souds crazy. If McDowell goes elsewhere I'll beliebve it when I see it. Beyond that, evaluations are still on going and final position spots being decided.

<KyleBogie> Gary Harris made the right decsiio to comeback. Payne is the only one that really should've gone.

<bigcox7> NBA is stupid anyways. One and done is a dumb rule. Needs to be go pro out of High School or 3 years at college min.. like football for college at least

<bigcox7> Kyle, you think Mcdowell is going Blue?

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. I don't think he's going anywhereelse and haven't for over a year now. This isn't based on new information. Have always felt this way.

<MollyFolly> Thanks Kyle for the philosophy info...I was skeptical until seeing him turn Stauskas into D. Morris 2.0 (meaning better version as well).  Coach B just does wonders when he has a guy that can pass over defenders

<clarkw267> Kyle, do you know as of now if Jeff Jones is still planning on visiting on the 31st? Sounds like Mack was made aware of the shift in philosophy, but haven't heard anything on Jones.

<KyleBogie> MollyFolly. It certainly a dangerous compeonent to add to the offense.

<bigcox7> Kyle how good is Jeremy Clark? Could he start next year at safety/

<KyleBogie> clarkw267. As Sam addressed the RB situation in the webblog, I would not expect Jones to visit still if this is the direction they're headed.

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. Long, athletic safety with ok speed but where is he at from an awareness standpoint? Hard to tell the way they rotated guys in and out. I think there's a chance but ultimately I believe it's Wilson and Dymonte Thomas

<GoBlue1613> The thing Beilen has been able to do so well this year and it's what people get so caught up on, is that he hasn't tried to replace guys like Burke with 1 guy.  He is one of the best coaches I've ever witnessed at utilizing all of a player's skill set.

<bigcox7> It will be interesting to see how the CB positions work themselves out Taylor, Countess, Peppers, Stribling, and Lewis make this good competition

<bigcox7> Kyle, would Clark be a good SAM?

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. Similar build to Cam Gordon. If he could add that much weight maybe but that's a stretch I think

<GoBlue1613> Isn't clark 6

<GoBlue1613> '6'4*

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. It'll be rtremendous competiiton at CB. Right now I'd go Peppers, Taylor on the outside, Countess at nickel

<KyleBogie> About 6-3 but yeah.

<MollyFolly> You've got to be tired of this repeating question.....but Kyle, you're still in the McDowell going Blue camp as well?

<GoBlue1613> Almost to big at safety.  Seems like the problem we've had the past 5 or so years with tweener guys on D

<TheVictors5> Kyle, in your open will Nuss's blocking scheme make it easier for the young OL to adapt to the Offense and be much more productive than last year? Sorry if its been talked about before

<KyleBogie> MollyFolly. I will go down with that one until I hear him utter a differennt school LOL.

<MollyFolly> Since Sam isn't on here I can admit I thought he was just too close to this situation for too long!!

<KyleBogie> The Victors5. I without adbout ...a doubt*... think his approach will be more simplistic in nature, allowing kids to play instead of think

<TheVictors5> Thats what I thought Borges' problem was the whole year wrt interior OL play

<bigcox7> Any news on M. Fitzpatrick? Rumors he wants to commit somewhere pretty soon, have you heard anything?

<KyleBogie> MollyFolly. He's VERY close to it LOL. I have reason to believe it as well.

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. I think things with Minkah are a long shot. I think he's all SEC after spreaking with him at the opening in July.

<KyleBogie> If Michigan were to secure Fitzpatrick I think it would be a major flip from his plans and a hell of a recruiting job.

<TheVictors5> The FSU 247 people think they swayed McDowell to their side. Some are calling him the best/favorite recruit in 2014

<bigcox7> Which OT more likely to get an offer Moorman or Burrell?

<TheVictors5> His family is too big a part of it all. Education will win out and Michigan has that on MSU

<MollyFolly> Wow.....on McDowell, amazing how the internet trend feels like it is going the other way.  Makes me start to question the accuracy of info on the internet.

<bigcox7> Any news on 15 DE KLS? I remember hearing that Michigan was supposed to visit him in January sometime and that we may offer? Any news on him?

<TheVictors5> I think they visit him Jan 22

<KyleBogie> b igcox7. See, that decision needs to be made but more positionally. Does this staff feel Moorman is big enough to play RT? I love Moorman but think he's an interior guy. Offer worthy to me though,

<TheVictors5> I saw visit was this week, maybe weekend

<MollyFolly> Another question Kyle.......why do appear to be coming in really late with prospects that you/others scouts really talk up early on.  Fitzpatrick is the most recent that comes to mind.  Also, isn't that quite different than Hoke's first few years, when he beat many to some top guys?

<TheVictors5> It changes when you're limited scholarships available

<KyleBogie> MollyFolly. No one is closer to this thing with McDowell than Sam. And McDowell doesn't open up about his recruitment to anyone. i KNOw there's a bunch of intormation out there but that one should be taken with grain of salt

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. KLS? Is this Rojo already? Which kid are you referring to LOL about 1,000 names out there.

<TheVictors5> Kasein Lucier-Something

<TheVictors5> DE out of Cali

<bigcox7> Any change to the thoughts that RB M. Weber is likely OSU or MSU, Alabi likely Tenn or MSU or Cole leaning slightly to MSU? I hope we can get some in state talent most importantly Cole.

<KyleBogie> MollyFolly. Ahhh good question. I personally didn't think they had a great shot at Fitzpatrick from get go. There's just a lot of evaluation that has to go on, with the number crucnh things have slowed down significantly.

<MollyFolly> Settle, Burrel (assuming an offer comes), Thompson are a few more.

<KyleBogie> TheVictors5. Michigan will definitely drop in his school. A full year away from a decision. Anything could happen if he makes the trip out to Michigan.

<MollyFolly> I get the numbers thing but feels like they made a bet on having a good year in 13 and now the net needs to be widened.  Hoping you had a different idea from inside info.

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. I still think Weber goes to OSU or MSU yes, Alabi it's too early to tell for me but I think more evaluation neesd to be done on him Cole, NO ONE really knows where Cole is giong or what he is thinking. Anyone actuing likethey do is putting out speculation.

<TheVictors5> I think Cole sees the opportunities at Michigan and the Ohio game showed him a lot. What's the user on here that's close with him. I think he's an assistant on Cole's team. Anyone remember

<KyleBogie> TheVictors5. That recruitment is just very odd to me. Difficult to get a feel for where he's leaning BUT no doubting his athleticism, build and size. I think he's great.

<TheVictors5> Cole seemed to love the idea of being a Gallon type weapon

<bigcox7> During season a lot of people thought Trich would transfer. Any news on TRICH?

<TheVictors5> He's so tiny, hasnt gained any weight since starting at UM

<bigcox7> Victora5 I agree, I just dont see how he will be able to compete for playing time here, even GMATT ripped on him and told him to gain weight leaving me to think he's gone. Am I wrong?

<TheVictors5> With Rawls seemingly leaving and the offers to Mack and Jones and then the sudden dropping of them it has to be Damien Harris reaffirming his committment

<TheVictors5> I hope so at least

<TheVictors5> BigCox, you'd think he'd leave but he may want a Michigan degree or think he has a chance since he's only a RS So

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. Have heard nthing of Terry.

<bigcox7> I thought TRICH played as a freshman and is a JR next year if I am not mistaken. Therefore he could redshirt a year somewhere else and start for 2 years

<TheVictors5> he RS this year

<TheVictors5> He's just too small

<kinmedic> Hey Kyle, do you think that we have a good chance at keeping Damien Harris?  He's my fav recruit next to peppers this year.  huge to get him next year

<kinmedic> I like that we're showing him everything possible about only wanting to take him and no one this year

<KyleBogie> kinmedic. Right now, I think he sticks. Who knows who will be able to get in his ear and begin to change his mind though. I think him loving Mike Hart and growing up a Michigan fan is big.

<KyleBogie> kinmedic. That's just my speculation, no real info on that fyi.

<TheVictors5> Him keeping it hush hush is bc of all the trolls out there...I remember seeing a tweet to him that was just brutal calling him "a phuckin punk" blah blah

<kinmedic> I agree.  I have to admit that I was one that was kinda sorta hoping that Fred would retire and we'd bring wheatley home to coach

<KyleBogie> But hey, thanks for droppping by amiidst the altered time especially!

<kinmedic> thanks Kyle - always appreciated

<KyleBogie> Let's wsee what this basketball team is made of this week!

<KyleBogie> Thanks again, have a great night.

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