U-M Fits the Mold for 5-star QB Rosen

Michigan will be at Bellflower (Calif.) Don Bosco this week checking in on 2015 five-star quarterback Josh Rosen. If all goes according to plan the talented signal caller says he will return the favor.

For much of the fall Michigan seemed to be a non-factor in Josh Rosen’s recruitment. The buzz Wolverines got when they extended an offer to the Bellflower (Calif.) Don Bosco quarterback last spring seemed to dissipate as quickly as it had formed. According to Rosen, though, there was a good reason for that.”

“I couldn’t really do too much on it, like visit or anything with my season coming up,” he explained.  “I just couldn’t really focus too much on recruiting.  But it was kind of cool.” 

Despite the appearance that he only had interest in schools in his home-state, the five-star signal caller maintains that his interest in the Wolverines remained constant.

“I wasn’t shutting myself off location wise at all because my parents went to school on the east coast,” stated Rosen.  “My mom went to Princeton and my dad went to Penn. I’ve got family at Penn and that went to the naval academy, so (location) is not really an issue.  It is just the fact that the schools I was looking at and really liked happened to be on the west coast.  There aren’t many schools that blend academics and athletics as well as USC, UCLA, Cal and Stanford.  But I wasn't just looking for a school out in California.  That is just why I started considering Michigan because they fit the mold.” 

Fortunately for the Wolverines Rosen’s view of their fit wasn’t adversely impacted by their 7-6 finish last season.

“(My opinion) doesn’t really change… Michigan is still the same school,” he said matter-of-factly.  “I haven’t really looked too much into it.  Of course it probably persuades (some prospects) going 13-0 and probably going to dissuade (some prospects) going 0-13.  But doesn’t really bother me too much or excite me too much.” 

One factor that could excite him is the arrival of Doug Nussmeier.  Rosen doesn’t know Michigan’s new offensive coordinator personally, but he is familiar with some of noted quarterback guru’s work.

A.J. McCarron… obviously (Nussmeier) has done great with him the last few years,” said Rosen.  “According to what Alabama has done lately I would have to say that he probably had a huge part in it.  That (added to) the pedigree on the staff at Michigan.”

Getting a better feel for the staff and program in Ann Arbor is obviously a function of his ability to get to the Great Lake State for a visit.  Even though his trip itinerary is still in its formative stages the talented youngster believes the Maize & Blue will be on it once it’s complete.

“I have to sit down with my coaches and plan the visits,” Rosen explained.  “(The schedule) depends on the timeline and how everything things shake out.  I’m taking an unofficial to UCLA on the 26th, and that’s one of the top schools.  (After that) I’ll just see how everything plays out and try to take visits to what schools I can.” 

“I definitely would love to visit (Michigan),” he later added.  “I just need to organize everything. We didn’t really talk too much about.  There is definitely a serious interest level.  I just want to sort of see and view the campus, and see if it’s still that cold (laughter).” 

For the time being his view of Michigan will have to be shaped by his phone and social media interaction with its coaches.  It can also be influenced by their persistence in courting him.  That’s why it should come as no surprise that they are slated to be back in Rosen’s school this week.  That said, so too will a lot of other schools.  At the moment they’re all chasing the program sitting in his #1 spot.

 “Probably UCLA at the top for now,” he said as he rattled of his list of favorites.  “Cal didn’t have a great season.  Texas would be another out of state school that I would love to visit.  USC is a school (high on the list) and Stanford is here.  Other than that I don’t really know.”

 “I just need to sort of get that intangible feel that I enjoy the school,” added Rosen describing his decision criteria.  “(A school) that I’ll have a happy four years of college there, maybe five.  Just the feeling that I am going to look forward to coming to school every day and on top of that the football team plays a huge part in it and the academic reputation does too, but I just want to enjoy where I go college.”

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