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A parade of coaches have made their way to Saginaw (Mi.) Heritage in recent weeks to check in on four-star 2015 athlete Brian Cole. Various Michigan staff members have been among the visitors, including headman Brady Hoke. All the attention is definitely finding its mark.

If Brian Cole had any question about what kind priority he was for his assortment of suitors, he doesn’t any longer.  An impressive roster of coaches have made their way to his school, headlined Brady Hoke and Mark Dantonio respectively.

“It has been very exciting to see the head coaches come in and lay it on,” Brian Cole Sr. stated.  “That is always nice to see.  We hadn’t seen those guys other than when we go on their sites.  It means a lot to us when the head coach from a program comes out and visits, especially for us in our first experience. Everything is pretty exciting you know.” 

The elder Cole has counseled his son to be very thorough in his assessment of all of the schools on his list.  Part of that process entails corresponding with coaches as often as he possibly can.

“We want to participate in this process fully and try and get to know people as best we can before it’s Brian’s time to make a decision,” Mr. Cole explained.  “It is going to be very difficult.  It is going to require a lot of thought and a lot of different facets of the game in terms of him possibly graduating early.  We’re not absolutely certain about that.  If he does he’ll get an opportunity to transition a little early into his classes and maybe even get the opportunity to hit that field early.  I think that is a possibility.  There is just a lot of stuff that we’ve got to continue to learn about all the programs and the coaches that are there.  Then when it actually comes down to making a decision it’s going to require a lot of prayer. It is kind of surreal at times and we are just so thankful for all of it.  We just want to make the right decision when it is time.” 

Another key factor in Cole Jr.’s decision making process is what position he’ll ultimately play.  The high school running back that is being recruiting by many as a wideout has expressed an interest in possibly playing defensive back at the next level.  His primary recruiter for the Wolverines is running backs coach Fred Jackson.  Receivers coach Jeff Hecklinski made it to Heritage high with Hoke.  The Maize & Blue finished covering all of the bases by sending defensive backs coach Curt Mallory out a few weeks back.

“I think they are still interested in him as a wide out, but in terms of us, we’ve still got to think about that,” Mr. Cole stated.  “That is going to depend upon the program.  I think that we’ll end up selecting what position he will play depending on what they do at that particular school.  It kind of goals back and forth, what we think about offense and defense.  We are just really thankful that Brian can truly play either side of the ball and play it at a high level.  We are very fortunate with that.  I got to think about so many different things in terms of shelf life when it comes to offensive player versus defensive player.  We still run all of those type of things through our minds.  Ultimately we also realized that once you do sign and decide which school that you go to, that ultimately you belong to that program and those coaches are going to do what they want to do. We know that too.”

With so any stones left unturned both Cole Sr. and Jr. continue to insist that the talented youngster isn’t close to making a decision and doesn’t have a favorite.  That still hasn’t stopped the speculation about his leaderboard and the possibility of an early decision. 

“I guess Brian’s mind is right where I want it to be and I was quite proud of his response (to such talk),” Mr. Cole stated.  “I’ll say, ‘Brian how are you doing man? How do you feel about that?’  He says to me, ‘you know dad, I’m excited and I know I’m truly blessed, but I’ve got a lot of work to do. With my school work and also physically getting prepared and working on my body to make it better.’  He doesn’t get really caught up and wrapped up in the whole process in what’s going on.  I was happy when he gave me that response because I think he is focused on where he needs to be focused.  He realizes that when we really get ready to sit down as a family and we put up boards and look at depth charts and we look at coaches and… look at everything.”

The best way to get “a look at everything” is to make campus visits.  After another positive trip to Michigan State last weekend the Coles hope to make it to many more campuses in the coming weeks and months. 

“We are going to Wisconsin this upcoming weekend for their junior day,” Mr. Cole reported.  “We haven’t confirmed it but I know Michigan said they were going to get something to us (about a February 23rd visit).  We are definitely getting back over there because those coaches are great guys.  They are nice and are great guys.  It is nice that you get to know them from the assistants and now you get the opportunity to have another contact with Coach Hoke. 

“I have to say that we have had more contact with MSU.  We have.  There is no doubt, we have.  So we know them better than we know anybody else.  If we were to get back down to Ohio State, we’d like to spend some more time (with those coaches).  This is a knowledge type of situation where I want to get to know all the coaches.  I don’t want to make the decision without having an opportunity to get to know everybody if it’s possible.”

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