4-star Tex. DT Hopes to Visit Michigan

Michigan has dropped in on 2015 4-star Dallas Bishop Dunne DT Darrion Daniels twice in the last two weeks, and the interest is definitely mutual. GBW caught up with the Lone Star State standout to get the latest on his recruitment, his interest in Michigan, and much much more.

Sam Webb:  Before we start talking about recruiting, kind of break down your game for me. Give me a scouting report. 

Darrion Daniels:  “Very fast with the ball, excellent motor, first person to the ball.  A few things that I am lacking – I have decent hands but they can be a lot better than what they are now.  I am excellent one on one.  If I am 100% and I’m going up against somebody one on one, it’s guaranteed I’m going to win that battle.” 

Sam Webb:  At this point, what is your height, your weight, and forty time? 

Darrion Daniels:  “I know for a fact I’m 6’4”, 280 to 290, I’m around in that area.  This past year I was running a 4.9 consistently but for my first trials I ran, I think, a 4.85.” 

Sam Webb:  At this point, do you know off the top of your head though how many scholarship offers you have? 

Darrion Daniels:  “Yes sir, 16 OU, Notre Dame, ASU, Baylor, Texas Tech, Louisville, Arkansas, OSU, Ole Miss, Ohio State, ASU, Iowa, Cal, Tulsa, TCU and my most recent offer was UT.” 

Sam Webb:  Go back up to Old Miss, and read me every one after Ole Miss. 

Darrion Daniels:  “Ohio State, ASU, Iowa, Cal, Tulsa, and TCU.”

Sam Webb: Of the 16 offers that you have picked up thus far, have any of those schools started to stick out for you? 

Darrion Daniels:  “All of the Big 12 schools have really been pounding me hard.  The people from Texas have been coming down, stopping by, saying hi, giving me cards, trying to get me in contact with the defensive coordinator.  Also, Notre Dame, they have been contacting me a lot too.  With Nick (Watkins) up there at the school, they have been coming up every once in awhile and talking to Nick and they will stop by and say hi to me.” 

Sam Webb:  So Michigan just came in the school that I have been hearing since they came in that you were a guy that they were really high on.  Give me an idea of what Michigan had to say to you and what they are talking about right now. 

Darrion Daniels:  “I just got a tweet from Coach Funk.  He said that they are sending up the defensive coordinator up tomorrow to talk to me.  I can’t wait for that because Michigan is a huge school.  They have been a pretty good school to me for awhile.” 

Sam Webb:  Give me your impressions, it sounds like you talked to Coach Funk at least a little bit, what do you think of Coach Funk right now? 

Darrion Daniels:  “To me he seems like one of those old school coaches… one of those that says I am going yell but when I get done yelling at you, I will pat  you on the back and make sure you know what you are doing.  That is the kind of coach he seems like to me.” 

Sam Webb:  What do you know about Michigan at this point, a school that is just getting in on you? Kind of give me your take on them at this point. 

Darrion Daniels:  “When I think of Michigan the first thing that comes to mind is the Fab Five and how five freshman going in and doing their thing on the basketball court.  Anytime anybody thinks about Michigan that is the first thing that comes to my mind. The second thing that comes to mind is the brotherhood because earlier this year when (Michigan) had that run I with Dontre Wilson at Ohio and I see how they all stood together like they were all brothers and how they backed each other up in their own stadium.” 

Sam Webb:  So you’re looking at Baylor… BCS game. You’ve got Notre Dame who was in the national championship game last year.  You mentioned Ohio State…  BCS game.  Michigan went 7-6.  Is that something that makes you look down on them right now? 

Darrion Daniels:  “Not really, because this past year there have been a lot of schools that they’ve had bad records but somehow they popped up and had that amazing year and they’ve been doing that and increasing ever since.  So a 7-6 record doesn’t mean nothing to me because I am pretty sure if I do decide to go there, me and other recruits and other commitments can make it better.” 

Sam Webb:  We just talked about a couple of your teammates that decided to go outside the Big 12, Nick decided to go way outside the Big 12. With you, how big a factor is distance from home going to be? 

Darrion Daniels:  “I think I am mature enough to be far away from my parents.  I think I can live far away from my parents, but also I don’t have a problem living close to them.  Distance to me isn’t really a big factor.  It may be a big factor to my mom and to my dad but it’s not really a big factor to me.  As long as my parents are able to come out to every home game and see me play, I think I will be alright.” 

Sam Webb:  Give me an idea of what the factors will be in your decision.  When you get ready to sit down and pick your school, what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice? 

Darrion Daniels:  “Most importantly is my position.  What technique will they have me playing on the D-line, how fast can I get on the field, is going to be a factor.  How hard the coaches will work for me, not just a better football player but as a better man.  Also, academic wise, I want to be in a school where there are enough students where I can learn a lot of people on campus but also small enough where me and the professors can know each other’s name on a first name basis.  Also, I want to be somewhere where it is like home, a home environment for me for the next four years of my life.” 

Sam Webb:  You’re a down home Texas guy.  How do you think you would deal with snow? 

Darrion Daniels:  “I love cold weather (laughter).  We keep it 60 and below in my house all the time.”   

Sam Webb:  What about this, timeline for making a decision.  Are you going to be a guy that makes your decision after your senior season? 

Darrion Daniels:  “I will do it after my senior season.  I want to be able to take my team to state, celebrate with them for awhile, and then afterwards focus on committing.” 

Sam Webb:  Visit wise, have you been out and been to any schools yet? 

Darrion Daniels:  “Baylor’s junior day was today and that was it.” 

Sam Webb:  As far as your unofficial visits go, are your unofficial visits going to be close schools or might you take some of your unofficial visits a little further away from home too? 

Darrion Daniels:  “I’m taking them all over. Before spring break I am going to take a lot of unofficial visits to ones closer to home and when we have spring break that is when I’m going to go out further and check out other schools.” 

Sam Webb:  Odds of you taking a Michigan visit.  Is that a school that if they come hard at you, is that a school you think you are going to visit or are you going to wait and see? 

Darrion Daniels:  “Yes sir I’ll make it up to Michigan to check them out.” 

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