Michigan offers No. 1 '15 OT Mitch Hyattt

GBW's Josh Newkirk caught up with North Gwinnett (Ga.)coach Bob Sphire, who gave his insight on the recruitment of Mitch Hyatt and more.

North Gwinnett (Ga.) High offensive lineman Mitch Hyatt is No. 1 rated offensive tackle in the 2015 Scout.com player rankings. He has notable offers from Clemson, Georgia and Texas to name a few. And recently was offered by Michigan. Standing at 6-foot-6, 275-pounds, it's easy to see why he is generating all this attention. GBW's Josh Newkirk caught up with North Gwinnett coach Bob Sphire, who gave his insight on what his star lineman brings to the table.

Newkirk: Have you had a chance to talk with him about his Michigan offer yet?

Sphire: "No, not really."

Newkirk: Being that he is Georgia kid, is he looking at all schools across the board?

Sphire: "I think he is pretty wide open."

Newkirk: Have you two discussed if he has a top-five or favoring a particular school?

Sphire: "I have been real up front with everyone who has come in here. His uncle played at Clemson on that national championship team in the early 80s. That's a big influence on him. His family is all from Ohio. So that's an influence on him. Other than that, he grew up (in Georgia). I don't try to get carried away with trying to get into their head. It's their decision, I'm never going to tell a kid where he needs to go to school. Yeah, that's really a family decision."

Newkirk: As far as decision timeline, have you had discussion with him about when he would like to make that public?

Sphire: "No, he gets that question a lot from reporters. Everything he communicates to everybody is right now He is taking it all in. He doesn't have a timeline."

Newkirk: How did he do this past season?

Sphire: "He's been a two year starter. He has line up against some of the best in the country and done well."

Newkirk: What kind of player is he out there on the field?

Sphire: "For whatever reason he is considered one of the best in the country. Some people say the best. I don't know how you really determine that. There is kids across the country in different places playing against different people. He's big, athletic, obviously he's got a good football temperament. He's got the size and stature to go with it. There is no real weaknesses. He's playing against some of the best guys in the country, Lorenzo Carter, Robert Nkemdiche – all those guys."

Newkirk: What does he need to do to get better?

Sphire: "He's probably right now going to hover around 275-pounds as long as he continues to play basketball. Which just enhances his athleticism. A year into college he will be 305-pounds and his belt size won't be any different. That will be probably the biggest transition from here. With what we do offensively, he is really getting a little bit of everything to be prepared for the college game. He is super football intelligent. The everyday, he is working across form a couple defensive ends that are BCS level guys in practice. And he is playing against big time guys every Friday night."

Newkirk: In your opinion, do you think he can start as true freshman?

Sphire: "There is no question about it. … Yeah, there is no question about it."

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