U-M Could be "Good Fit" for Frasier (Part 2)

Princeton (N.C.) RB Johnny Frasier on his growing connection with Michigan assistant Roy Manning, his opinion on the addition of Doug Nussmeier, his favorites, his decision criteria, and more.

Sam Webb:  As far as the coaches, you mentioned you talked to the offensive coordinator.  Is that the only Michigan coach you have talked to so far? 

Johnny Frasier:  “I believe the running back coach, Coach Manning.” 

Sam Webb:  Give me your impressions of Coach Manning.  I know you just started talking to him but your initial impressions of him, what do you think of Coach Manning? 

Johnny Frasier:  “He seems like a great person and I have seen some of his coaching.  I did a little research and I think he is a great coach.  He is confident and I like that he is confident.” 

Sam Webb:  The offensive coordinator came over from Alabama, Nussmeier, sounds like you had a pretty lengthy conversation with him.  What were your impressions of him? 

Johnny Frasier:  “I knew him a little before time.  He was at Alabama.  I think he is a great offensive coordinator.  I was wow look! Imagine what Michigan can do with him.” 

Sam Webb:  So you have these eight schools that have offered you scholarships already.  I know it is very early for you and you are still learning about these schools.  But at this early point in your recruitment, have any of them started to stick out with you? 

Johnny Frasier:  “A couple of them.  Florida State is coming around this week or next week to offer me and they have showed a lot of support and Duke, and Georgia, now Michigan is starting to put it on, so yeah.” 

Sam Webb:  Give me an idea of your decision criteria.  Pretend for a second that you are getting ready to sit down and make a decision whenever that is.  What are going to be the most significant factors in your choice? 

Johnny Frasier:  “Where I can get the best education, the feel for the coaches because you know I’m going to have to spend four years under then so I want to be comfortable around them and just hope they are great people and just how I fit in their program.” 

Sam Webb:  What about distance from home?  You’re a Carolina guy.  You’ve got some schools that are a little further away from home, Michigan, Penn State, all the way down to the state of Florida.  Is how far away from home the school is, is that going to make a difference for you? 

Johnny Frasier:  “You know, not really.  My parents want me to stay close, but I really want to go see the world, see new places.  I have been in Johnston County North Carolina and Florida all my life.” 

Sam Webb:  In your conversations with them, did they talk about getting you up to Ann Arbor on a visit? 

Johnny Frasier:  “Yes, they wanted me to come to junior days and just get around and hang out on campus.” 

Sam Webb:  Do you have it in your mind when you might be able to do that? 

Johnny Frasier:  “We have been making plans but we don’t have specific dates.” 

Sam Webb:  So tell me this, when you look at your recruitment, what about your timeline for making a decision.  Do you think you are going to be waiting until the end of your season?  Do you think you are going to a signing day next year?  How do you think that is going to go? 

Johnny Frasier:  “In a perfect world, I’d rather commit before my senior year of football so that I don’t have worry about it, so I can focus on my senior year of football but that is in a perfect world.” 

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