Hoke Issues State on U-M Disciplinary Policy

Football Coach Brady Hoke has issued a statement regarding the athletic department's (and the football team's) relationship with the University's student disciplinary policy.

Coach Hoke:

"Michigan Athletics has no influence over any part of a review of a potential violation of the University student code of conduct - not the process, the investigation nor the timing of the resolution.

"In general, while we may be aware of an ongoing proceeding, we always strive to balance transparency with privacy.

"Our usual approach is not to issue discipline related to a student's standing on the team before the University's process has run its course and the outcome has been determined. We always respect the rights and confidentiality of the process and the parties involved. One way we do that is by not discussing the details of student disciplinary matters.

"We talk every day with our kid about the importance of character and integrity. It's something we take very seriously, how we're going to do things the right way. We talk daily about your name and what it means. That's why you get into this as a coach, to help young men grow and learn and mature. We're held to those standards, and we hold them to that. I think we've made clear our expectations, and our actions and discipline involving incidents in the past have reflected that. And those standards will not be compromised."

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