Newsome will "Definitely" Visit Michigan

Lawrenceville (N.J.) Prep OT Grant Newsome's one of a handful of Michigan offers extended in the past week. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the four-star prospect to discuss his interest in Michigan, his thoughts on Doug Nussmeier, his decision timeline, and much much more.

Sam Webb:  So did your Michigan offer come as a surprise or was it something that you were expecting? 

Grant Newsome:  “I wasn’t expecting anything by any means, but I had been talking to thee coaches there for some time.  I was hoping that this would the eventual result of the whole process.” 

Sam Webb:  Have you had an opportunity really to speak to any of the Michigan coaches since your coach told you that they extended you the offer? 

Grant Newsome:  “Yes, I spoke to Coach Ferrigno the day I received the news.  I spoke to Coach Funk (last Sunday).” 

Sam Webb:  Give me an idea about where they see you or how they see you fitting in and what was it they said made them go ahead and pull the trigger now? 

Grant Newsome:  “They see me as more of a left tackle and more athletic pass blocking left tackle.  I think they just kind of had a chance to kind of go through their 2015 recruits and obviously, I guess they liked what they saw.  They felt comfortable enough to pull the trigger.” 

Sam Webb:  Have you had an opportunity to speak with the new offensive coordinator over there, Coach Nussmeier? 

Grant Newsome:  “I have not had a chance to speak with Coach Nussmeier yet.” 

Sam Webb:  Were you aware of him at all at Alabama and did you take notice when he moved to Michigan? 

Grant Newsome:  “I did.  I was aware that he switched schools.” 

Sam Webb:  What did you think of that, was it impactful at all as far your perception of Michigan, or did not have any effect? 

Grant Newsome:  “I think it had a huge effect.  I think he is a very good offensive player and a very good coach, so I think if anything, it just made Michigan more appealing to know that they have just as strong an offensive coordinator than they had before, if not stronger.” 

Sam Webb: With 18 offers now have you started to establish a hierarchy?  Have any schools started to stick out with you yet? 

Grant Newsome:  “I’m still pretty wide open so far.  I am still just kind of taking everything in right now and then I will hopefully be able to narrow down the list a little bit later on in the spring when I take some visits.” 

Sam Webb:  How likely is that Michigan is a school that you get out to see and take a look at? 

Grant Newsome:  “I definitely will visit Michigan.  I think Michigan is definitely one of the schools that I will take a serious look at and eventually take a visit out to.” 

Sam Webb:  Did it hurt them at all that it’s now that they offer, where some of the other schools offered you a little earlier? 

Grant Newsome:  “No, I don’t think so.  I would have rather had them take their time and do their due diligence on their part than to offer too early in their opinion and then have them come back and say that they are going to rescind the offer or something like that. I don’t think it’s a bad thing really.  I am just happy that they feel comfortable enough with me to give the offer when they did.” 

Sam Webb:  Aside from Michigan, do you know off the top of your head some of the other schools that you for sure are going to visit? 

Grant Newsome:  “I haven’t really set the list yet.  I will probably be taking a visit to Penn State and Northwestern, maybe South Carolina.  I think those are four I will probably take visits to but I really haven’t set the list.” 

Sam Webb:  Have you sort of thought long term about when you would like to make a final decision.  Do you think that is going to be something that waits until after your senior year or before… how is that going to go? 

Grant Newsome:  “I would like to know before my senior year so that I can actually have a decision, if not by the end of my school year this year, sometime during the summer.” 

Sam Webb:  Now that you had a little more time to kind of soak all this in have you got a better idea of what the factors are going to be in your final decision? 

Grant Newsome:  “I still think it is pretty similar to what it was when I first started out this process, which was finding a good mix of football and then obviously a pretty good academic school, which Michigan is.  Then I am still finding a place that most importantly that feels like home and a place I feel comfortable with the coaches and with the program and just with the whole atmosphere.  I think that is probably the most important thing, just feeling comfortable for me.” 

Sam Webb:  Who is your circle, who are the people that you are going to rely upon to help you make this decision? 

Grant Newsome:  “My parents are going are probably going to be the biggest two people involved in this decision and then just my coaching staff here.  The head coach, Coach O’Dea, he has helped so far with the whole recruiting process. I think he is pretty instrumental in this whole process as well.”    

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