Clearing the Air re Malik McDowell

There have been a number of stories on Malik McDowell in the past week, many of which have included a great deal of false information. The family has come together to debunk many of those falsehoods.

Last week was a challenging one for Malik McDowell.  The Southfield (Mich.) star and his parents saw their disagreement about his commitment to Michigan State suddenly become fodder for public ridicule.  It was an unforeseen consequence of their understandable inexperience when dealing with the media. 

“We were deluged with requests for information,” McDowell’s mother Joya Crowe explained.  “We accept responsibility for our part in the debacle.  We have used this as an opportunity for growth and feel our ties have been strengthened because of it.”  

“I would really like to thank my supporters for their words of wisdom and positive thoughts.  Malik’s transition to adulthood weighs heavy on my mind.  I just want the best for my son.  Now we will continue to evaluate his options with an open mind.”   

In the days since pledging to Michigan State things have calmed considerably in McDowell’s circle.  The close relationship he has always enjoyed with his mother is intact.  With their tears of joy and reconciliation now behind them, the attention of the family is now focused squarely on what the talented youngster will do next.  The possibility of revisiting his other finalists has been discussed, but thus far no firm plans have been made.  Determining what path he will eventually take could days, weeks, or maybe a month.  Whatever the case, the family thought it prudent to clear up a number of erroneous rumors immediately to stop them from spreading any further.

  • On the report that Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio was thrown out of Ms. Crowe’s home after a disagreement: “That is totally false,” said Ms. Crowe. “Never happened. Coach Dantonio has never been to my house.  We met at a Starbucks and that went fine.”

  • On the report that Malik was thrown out of his house: “That is not true. I never put him out. We were both upset about things, but that is in the past.  My son told me he loves me and we are moving past last week’s events.”

  • On the rumor that Michigan players bad-mouthed the program to Malik: “That never happened. Malik said they’ve had nothing but positive things to say about Michigan.”

Stay tuned for more on this developing story, including news on possible visit dates in the coming days. In the meantime for opinions on what this all could mean, check out today’s Webblog.

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