Michigan Ranks High with McKinney

Michigan extended an offer to 2015 Dallas (Tex.) South Oak Cliff safety Prentice McKinney a few nights ago, and almost instantly the Wolverines shot up his list.

Sam Webb:  Before we talk about your recruiting, I’d like to get a little background first.  Just take me through your season.  How did it go for you on the football field last year? 

Prentice McKinney:  “It was good.  Every year I just set goals for myself to be better than I was last year.  We finished the season 14-2.  We lost in the playoffs in the third round. My stats were eight interceptions, 69 or 70 solo tackles, 15 pass breakups, four fumbles and two fumble recoveries.” 

Sam Webb:  How many offers do you have on the table right now? 

Prentice McKinney:  “Eleven. Colorado State, Arkansas, Arkansas State, Tulsa, SMU, Nebraska, Maryland, Boise State, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and Michigan.”

Sam Webb:  You mentioned a bunch of schools, but I didn’t hear Texas or Texas A&M in there… or TCU.  What are those schools saying right now? 

Prentice McKinney:  “I haven’t really talked to them.  I’ve been to Baylor and Texas, but we don’t really like communicate like that.” 

Sam Webb:  Is it a big deal to your family for you to stay close, or are you going to look around? 

Prentice McKinney:  “I stay with my mom right now and we talked about it and it was like if I do go to a school out of state and then it will be okay.  I hope I can get her at most of all my games.  Whenever she can (be at the games), she will be.  We talked about it and we were like it probably won’t be a big deal.” 

Sam Webb:  Before we talk more about the factors in your recruitment, kind of break down your game for me. 

Prentice McKinney:  “My game is just about getting better.  If this is a passing thing then this is all me because if the ball is in the air, I’m thinking like they are throwing the ball to me.  It is not going to get the receiver.  If I don’t get the ball then they are not going to get the ball.  And nowadays, you know kids like to talk a lot of stuff on the field.  Either I am going to hit you or I am going to get the ball.” 

Sam Webb:  What is your height, your weight, and your 40 time right now? 

Prentice McKinney:  “I’m 6’3”, 185, and my fastest 40 was 4.5.”

Sam Webb:  So you picked up the offer from Michigan tonight. Did you know it was coming or did it catch you by surprise? 

Prentice McKinney:  “It caught me by surprise because I was just hanging around and chilling with my mom and all of a sudden my high school football coach had called me and then I had talked to Coach Funk.  After that, then I had talked to Coach Mattison and he was talking to me and all of a sudden he said they were going to give me a full ride scholarship.” 

Sam Webb:  With it coming out of the blue I’m curious what if anything you know about Michigan at this point? 

Prentice McKinney:  “Michigan, that’s a really a good school.  They are really good academics there too.  I’m really big on academics… just in case, you know.  Football is not going to always be there.  No matter how long you play or how short you play; football is not going to always be there.  I look at the academics and the rankings (compared) with other schools, how they rank with the graduation of football players and all that.  I look at the alumni and see what the history is about.” 

Sam Webb:  What are some of the other factors that will play into your decision?

Prentice McKinney:  “Just staying in contact with my (recruiter), getting to know the other players, and hopefully we come down there and see if it’s like a brotherhood or family thing.  Either way it goes, you’re going to need family.” 

Sam Webb:  What about timeline, are you going to be waiting until like after your senior year to make a decision?  Are you going to try to get it done before that? 

Prentice McKinney:  “I’ll try to make a choice either this summer or if not, probably like after the season because during the season it is just all about business.  I don’t really think about all that stuff right now.  During the season it is just all about business and just about football and school.” 

Sam Webb:  When you talked to Coach Funk and Coach Mattison did they talk to you at all about a campus visit?

Prentice McKinney:  “Yes sir, we talked about it.  They said they were going try to get me there this spring or this summer.” 

Sam Webb:  Lastly, kind of give me an idea of what your list looks like.  Do you have a favorite or a top list of schools that you are considering at this point? 

Prentice McKinney:  “Yes sir, my favorite is Notre Dame, Oklahoma, or Michigan.  I really like Michigan or Notre Dame.  When they play each other that is a really good game, so either way it goes, them two schools, excellent academic schools and a good football program.  So, they are good on both sides of each thing.” 

Sam Webb:  Who are you going to lean on to help you with this process? 

Prentice McKinney:  “My coaches and I have a really good friend, he is an officer at our school, but he used to play for Notre Dame and Coach Mattison used to coach him when he was at Notre Dame.” 

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