Moyer 'Fell in Love' at U-M, Awaiting Offer

2016 Gahanna (Ohio) Lincoln forward Matthew Moyer visited Michigan for the Wolverines' loss to Wisconsin Sunday. Despite the defeat, Moyer enjoyed the visit, detailing his timeline, the trip, thoughts on Michigan and Ohio State, and more.

Currently holding offers from Dayton, Detroit, Virginia Tech, Ohio and Wisconsin, 2016 Gahanna (Ohio) Lincoln forward Matthew Moyer is seeing his stock increase daily.

Still playing second fiddle on his high school team in favor of 2014 shooting guard Javon Bess, Moyer is finding his way and role as just a sophomore.

“It’s going pretty well,” Moyer said. “I have a senior on the team that’s a Michigan State commit right now and he gets a lot of the shots but overall this is really a learning experience for me and teaching me what to do off the ball, teaching me to hit the glass more.

“But I know next year my role will be different and I’ll take more of the scoring role.”

And according to Moyer, he’ll be ready to be that number one option for Lincoln. Standing 6-foot-7, 190-pounds, Moyer is a do it all combo forward that can battle in the paint or step out and stretch the floor from the perimeter.

“I’m both really,” he said. “I’m a very versatile guy that likes to run the floor, catch oops, get out in transition and I’ll do whatever I need to do to help the team win.

“If that means I need to play the four and bang down low, I’ll do that or if it means I have to step out and play the guard position, I can do that.”

Moyer made his way up to Ann Arbor once again for an unofficial visit, this time it was Sunday as Michigan hosted the Wisconsin Badgers.

“It was great,” Moyer said. “The atmosphere, I mean, last year actually I went down for the Michigan State game when Trey Burke got that winning steal and went back and dunked it so I knew the atmosphere was great and it was wonderful.

“I knew Michigan came off a great win at Ohio State, Michigan made a great run at the end of the game with Caris LeVert, out of here in Pickerington so it was great. Michigan didn’t come out with the win but it was a great game overall.”

Following Michigan’s loss to Wisconsin, Moyer was treated to some one on one time interacting with the coaching staff, not nearly as somber an atmosphere as most would expect after a defeat.

“I’ve always had a great vibe with Bacari, Coach Bacari Alexander,” Moyer said. “He’s the one recruiting me and he’s just a great guy. I love Bacari. He has a great personality and he just keeps it real. He tells me what I need to work on and what I’m great at.

“After the game I got to talk to Coach Beilein and even after a loss it really showed their true colors just to move onto the next game, stay focused, and the Big Ten is a great league. Think about it, Michigan beats Ohio State, Ohio State beat Wisconsin, Wisconsin beats Michigan; it’s just crazy.

“I love their positive attitude and Beilein’s positive attitude just to move onto the next game. Their team camaraderie, even after a loss the guys did their chant. It was great, a great experience.”

Given his size, length, versatility and skill set, Moyer believes he’d fit right into what Michigan wants to do on both ends of the floor.

“I could see myself playing similar to a Caris LeVert or a possible Nik Stauskas and filling that role perfectly,” he said. “I feel like with the coaching staff Michigan has they can develop me into the player that they tell me I can be and that my AAU coaches and my high school coaches tell me I can be.”

For Moyer, good news could be on the way between he and Michigan. Scholarship offers will begin to be extended by John Beilein and the Wolverines in the class of 2016 starting on June 15.

“Of course they’re not just going to flat out say we’re going to offer you June 15 but in other words they pretty much have said that,” Moyer said. “As long as I stay on the path that I’m on and continue with my grades and continue with my basketball progress I believe that they will offer me June 15 for sure.”

Moyer plans to attend Michigan’s one day basketball camp in early June leading up to the possible date of a scholarship offer.

While some student-athletes could be excited by the prospect of any and all big time college coaches calling or texting your phone daily, Moyer is concerned it could be overwhelming. Although a definite timeline isn’t in place for a commitment, Moyer wants to avoid as much of the hoopla as possible.

“My plan is to get it out of the way,” he said. “I’m serious. When June 15 hits or whenever the date is, those coaches get the privilege to call me now. I don’t want to deal with it. I want to know where I’m going, wake up in the morning, wear my gear and call it a night.

“When my junior year hits and that date comes where I’m allowed to take officials I’m going to knock it out quick, that’s the plan, to make the decision and be done.

“The only way I’m not going to be committed before the summer going into my senior year is if two or three schools are just great schools and it’s just hard to decide and have to keep visiting. That’s the only way.”

Visiting Ohio State several times already and being from the Columbus area, Moyer is quick to point out that doesn’t mean he’ll for sure be donning the scarlet and grey in college despite the ongoing recruiting efforts from Coach Thad Matta and his staff.

“At first I was like I’m a straight Buckeye, Ohio State, growing up watching the Buckeyes and stuff,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong, I love the Buckeyes, but it’s just not like that at all.

“When you start taking visits and seeing how other places roll and how it works; Like Michigan, the first visit I took I was like I’m going to hate this place, I don’t want to go here, let’s not even take the visit. I came down here and just fell in love -- I mean; it’s just a great place, great staff, great facilities. I just feel like I could spend four years here.

“That’s why I don’t want to limit my options and my thing is love who loves you.

“Ohio State, they’ve been showing me interest but in my opinion, they should’ve offered me by now and they’ve offered a few people in my class that I feel I’m better than and I’ve proven I’m better than.”

Moyer’s best friend is fellow 2016 forward Seth Towns, a 6-foot-8, 190-pounder from Columbus (Ohio) Northland high school, the same school as former Michigan star Trey Burke.

For Moyer and Towns, who made the visit to Ann Arbor together, the dream is to play together at the next level.

“Myself and Seth, our ultimate goal is to play college basketball together,” Moyer said. “We’ve been best friends since the age of four and we just really have got a close relationship with one another. We pretty much take every visit together, we went to Kansas together, Virginia Tech together and if you look at our offers, our offers pretty much coordinate.

“Not all schools are recruiting us as a package deal with we’re hard to separate. I’m not saying I’m going to go where Seth goes but that’s the ultimate goal, I would love to play with Seth and it would be great.”

From here Moyer cited Kansas, Ohio State, Virginia Tech and Wisconsin as visits he’ll take this spring or summer.

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