In-State Visits Set Early Bar for Perry

2016 Mt. Pleasant (WR) Kaleb Perry was one of over two dozen visitors on hand in Ann Arbor last week. It proved to be a visit that compared favorably to a positive experience he had during a prior trip to East Lansing. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to gets his thoughts on U-M, MSU, his other visit plans, and more.

Mt. Pleasant (Mich.) standout Kalebb Perry wound up having a breakout sophomore campaign last fall, but that had more to do with the end of his season than it did the beginning.

“I started off not too good,” Perry recalled.  “I broke my wrist the first game of the season and then came back.  I felt I did pretty good.  I had a really good playoff run on my team. After we played Zeeland West (in Mt. Pleasant’s playoff loss) I noticed everything started to (pick up).  It was an uphill trend.” 

Michigan State, Michigan, West Virginia, and Tennessee are the programs that have been in the most frequent contact to date.  The local schools, though, are the only ones he’s had the opportunity to visit.  Michigan State was the first of the in-state rivals to host him.

“The last time I went was when they played North Carolina (in basketball), their first loss,” said Perry.  “It was cool.  I liked it.  They told me everything I wanted to hear.”

The Mt. Pleasant star took in the Maize & Blue experience last weekend.

“I liked (the facilities) a lot,” said Perry. “It was all really cool.  Way bigger than my high school (laughter).” 

“I liked (the visit) a lot.  I had a lot of fun.  First we toured and then we talked with our position coach (Jeff Hecklinski), and then went to the game after we ate.  (Hecklinski) said he liked my skill set but I need to get a little bit bigger and stronger.” 

That’s a message similar to the one Hecklinski delivered Perry’s travel football teammate, Mike Robb.  And like Robb, Perry’s recruitment could tug at some familial heart strings if both Michigan and Michigan State wind up joining his scholarship list.

“I grew up a fan of Michigan State,” Perry admitted.  “I’m the only Michigan State fan in my family, me and my grandpa. (The Michigan fans are) my mom, my dad, my grandma – everyone.” 

Now that he is being recruited Perry is doing his best to look at all of his suitors with an open mind.  Visits will play a pivotal role in broadening his horizons.

“I have a few (trips planned) over spring break,” he said.  “I’m going to go to West Virginia, Clemson, and Tennessee for sure.  Other than that, I have no clue.  I know there will be more though.” 

Many of them could take place during the summer.  He has already set aside time to attend a few camps/

Said Perry, “I am going to attend Michigan, Michigan State, and then the West Virginia camp and Tennessee.”  

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