Michigan Interest in Wimbush on the Rise

Michigan was a frequent visitor at Jersey City (NJ) St. Peter's Prep during the contact period, signaling the rise of 2015 quarterback Brandon Wimbush up its target list. The next phase of his Michigan recruitment is a Doug Nussmeier evaluation. Will a Wolverine offer follow?

Sam Webb:  Take me through your season and tell me how things went for you during your high school year last year. 

Brandon Wimbush:  “Definitely, it’s my first year starting.  I was very excited.  I got sit back behind a couple of good QBs my first few years.  I was very excited for my first year starting and we had a good year, 10-2.  We lost the championship but we just couldn’t finish.  We’ll get back there next year, so. I had 25 touchdowns as a total.  I had 20 throwing and five rushing.” 

Sam Webb:  You talk to anyone about your game and they say you are a dual threat guy, but I kind of like to hear guys describe themselves.  Break down your skills for me. 

Brandon Wimbush:  “We definitely installed an offense centered around the athletes we have this year.   I was able to throw the ball most of the time and if the play broke down or if I was told to run in a design quarterback run, I would be able to definitely gain as much yards as I possible can.” 

Sam Webb:  Is there a player in college or the pros that you get to compared to the most or maybe that you try to emulate on the field? 

Brandon Wimbush:  “I would say Russell Wilson because he is able to extend plays and he is a one heck of a thrower as well.  That is what he does most, the way he prepares for other teams.  That is what I would say.” 

Sam Webb:  What is your height, your weight, and your 40 time? 

Brandon Wimbush:  “I’m 6-2, 210, 4.6.” 

Sam Webb:  Getting into your recruitment I know late last year and even earlier this year you were talking about deciding amongst a few top schools on your list.  What happened to change your mind on that or are you still contemplating making a decision? 

Brandon Wimbush:  “I was planning on making a decision early last month but I recently pushed that back to later this month.  I think after the live period and other schools came in to play, I am going to continue to push it back (even more) to give myself more time and make a better decision for myself.” 

Sam Webb:  I know Michigan stopped by your school a couple of times.  What have the Wolverines kind of said to you about their interest and what has the interaction been like with Coach Manning so far? 

Brandon Wimbush:  “Coach Manning has come up plenty of times for Jabrill Peppers, and he stopped over by the school to see one of our DBs and they talked to me and they said they liked their film and they got a new OC, so they introduced me to their new OC, which happened to be Coach Nussmeier.  He has had plenty of experience and he ended up liking my film. I think they will come up in the springtime and watch me throw live.  Depending on how I do, I guess, they might extend an offer.” 

Sam Webb:  When you heard Nussmeier, was that a name that you knew already?  Were you already familiar with his work at Alabama

Brandon Wimbush:  “At Alabama, yes I was.  I know you have had great players and great quarterbacks out of his programs.” 

Sam Webb:  When you heard that he went to Michigan, did that affect your outlook on Michigan at all or is it the same that it was before? 

Brandon Wimbush:  “I would say it is the same as it was before because I know Coach Hoke is an excellent coach and he has had experience and I would say the same outlook I have had on Michigan.  If anything, it helped Michigan look good.” 

Sam Webb:  When the time comes for you to make a decision what are the factors that will play into that choice?

Brandon Wimbush:  “I had a couple of visits (to Penn State and Boston College) and just academically I have seen two outstanding schools.  That will definitely be my top decision maker.  Then probably next the program, its history, and just overall school.  I can’t go to a school based on relationships with head coaches or the coaching staff because those always change and I am just going to look at what suits me the best and that would be my decision makers.”

Sam Webb:  What about distance from home Brandon.  Is that going to be a factor for you? 

Brandon Wimbush:  “I don’t think so.” 

Sam Webb:  You mentioned coaches making a move.  Vanderbilt was one of the schools that was high on your list and obviously Coach Franklin goes over to Penn State.  That was a school that you already liked.  What was that experience like over in Happy Valley, having Coach Franklin over there? 

Brandon Wimbush:  “It was awesome.  Coach Franklin has done a heck of a job down at Vandy for the three years he has been there.  Coming to Penn State closer to me and two at Penn State, that is just a cap on something that is already a great program.  That changed my outlook on Penn State as well.  It made it a better look for them.” 

Sam Webb:  Let’s talk about Ohio State.  Obviously you know the type of offense they run and how you might fit into it.  Where is Ohio State kind of with you right now? 

Brandon Wimbush:  “They are definitely up top.  I can’t say the top, top… I want to say the top five in my head.  They asked me early and they continue to come at me hard with their recruiting part of it.  I love the coaching staff down there.  I have a good relationship with them.” 

Sam Webb:  I want to make sure that I have your current favorites correct, so after Ohio State, Penn State… what would be the remainder of your top five? 

Brandon Wimbush:  “I don’t really want to say I have a top (list) at all because I haven’t made my visits yet.  As I make more visits, I will be able to tell you.” 

Sam Webb:  Okay, sounds good.  Earlier you mentioned Jabrill Peppers’ name.  Do you know Jabrill at all? 

Brandon Wimbush:  “Yeah I do personally.” 

Sam Webb:  Has he talked to you at all about Michigan? 

Brandon Wimbush:  “He talked to me about Michigan.  I don’t really talk to him a lot.  He’s a busy guy.  He definitely has thrown it out there to me and he is a cool guy.” 

Sam Webb:  This is the very last one.  You mentioned Michigan is going to come out to see you.  As far as whether or not you take a trip to Ann Arbor…  is that going to be totally a function of whether or not they offer, or are you already pretty sure that you are going to visit Michigan? 

Brandon Wimbush:  “I don’t know when or if I will be able to get up there, but I will definitely try to make a spot on my calendar to get out to Michigan.  I have heard so much about it, but offer wise, I’m not sure what Coach Nussmeier wants to do.  I know he had a couple of offers out already for 2015 quarterbacks, so he just still exploring everything.” 

Sam Webb:  So fair to say that really whether you visit Michigan is kind of dependant upon what they decide to do next. 

Brandon Wimbush:  “Yes sir.” 

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