Beilein Purdue -- Quick-Hitters

Quick notes from U-M coach John Beilein's Tuesday press conference.

Michigan coach John Beilein quick-hitters

Opening Statement: it was a great, great day Sunday for us. It's over and we play at Purdue. We're going to have play better at Purdue. They have a shot blocker that causes fits. Our offense has to be spectacular till we improve our defense.

Looking past Purdue: Can't look past anyone. … He hopes the players look at it the same way. Every game is going to be a battle.

Keeping Stauskas motivation: Keep giving him encouragement. He's got to be ready to take on that challenge every day. He has to embrace it.

Offense better than last year: I have trouble comparing those things. I have been surprised we have been so efficient. Caris is another guy who can get in the lane. Nik didn't do that last year. They have more pressure on the rim.

Why so efficient?: How many points did we score. We're not fouling people. Maybe it's all part of the formula.

When you're on the road it can be difficult. …You can shy away when teams come after you.

Close out the Big Ten: Do what we do and don't change our approach. Hopefully we have learned a lot from the past. We're going to stay that approach.

Focus: Our focus has been good all year long. We have four games, four practices.

Mitch McGary: He is out there right now doing old fashioned shooting. No plans of him coming back.

National ranked: just trying to go in there every game and win that game. … They have been marked all year long. There is going to be stumbles some days.

1-3-1 zone: Guys were going after it. … How the offensive team goes against it. We continue to use it.

Caris improvement: It says a lot about how difficult is in recruiting. He played on the B-team in AAU. He works really, really hard. … He is committed to be a player. He wants to make Michigan better. … We saw his scoring ability. We knew his weight would be an issue. But he has developed.

Fouling: we want to foul legally. We were upset with some of the and-ones. We encourage physical contact. Can be tough without fouling.

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