Lewis Building Connection with U-M

Washington D.C. Gonzaga Prep DB Marcus Lewis has risen rapidly up Michigan's 2015 target list in recent weeks. The interest is definitely mutual and now the former Virginia Tech commitment is planning to visit Ann Arbor in the coming months.

Sam Webb:  Where you expecting the Michigan offer when it came?

Marcus Lewis:  “Yeah I was.  Me and Coach Mallory, we’ve been talking for a while now.  He said that the staff just had a chance to watch my film the other day.”

Sam Webb:  Where does that take you now offer wise?  How many are on the table?

Marcus Lewis:  “(Michigan) was my 22nd offer.”

Sam Webb:  Before we get into your recruitment I would like to get some background.  Take me through the season and tell me how things went on the football field for you last year?

Marcus Lewis:  “Things went well.  They could have gone better.  We lost our starting quarterback and our starting wide receiver pretty early in the season.  We took some tough losses.  We ended up losing in the semifinals to St. Johns.  It was kind of bittersweet.  I had some good friends, some good senior teammates and they are going on to do big things, but I’m going to miss those guys.  I finished with 46 tackles, two intercepts, seven pass breakups, two kick returns for a touchdown and I had some offensive stats, but I don’t know those exactly.  I had a good season individually, but it is kind of bigger than that.  We ended up losing, but we’re going to try and win it next year in my senior year.  That was pretty much it.”

Sam Webb:  Kind of break down your game for me and give me a scouting report.

Marcus Lewis:  “I’m long, I’m physical at the line of scrimmage with the wide receivers.  I’ve got pretty good technique and I’m fast.  I have 4.3 speed, so that’s a plus.  That’s about it, those are the biggest things.”

Sam Webb:  What are your height and weight?

Marcus Lewis:  “I’m 6-1, 190.”

Sam Webb:  At one point you were committed to Virginia Tech, so what made you change course and say you wanted to open things up?

Marcus Lewis:  “I thought it was too early.  My parents and I wanted to take some more time and see where things go.  I’m waiting now to make a decision, I’m not rushing anything.  Whenever it feels right that was kind of a rushed decision I feel and we just want to take our time this time.”

Sam Webb:  21 offered you before Michigan? Does that put the Wolverines lower on your list? How do you feel about Michigan right now?

Marcus Lewis:  “I feel pretty good about them.  I would want to get up and see the school.  Obviously, me and Coach Mallory have a relationship.  We’ve been talking for weeks now.  That’s good.  I know there is a lot of tradition in their program football wise.  They’ve got a lot of good guys like Desmond Howard, a lot of good guys came through there.  I really want to see what it is about.  They had a good recruiting class for 2014.  I just want to get up there and see it for myself, see the campus, see the academic center.  I think Coach Mallory said they were something like 14th in the world as far as academics, Michigan, so that is good.  I know it is a tough school, but I go to a tough school now that really don’t phase me.  That’s pretty much it.”

Sam Webb:  What is the vibe like with Coach Mallory thus far? 

Marcus Lewis:  “We’ve been talking for a few weeks.  He has been telling me some things about the school and giving me video clips to watch, some of the stuff that he does with DBs.  He is just telling me to keep grinding.  We’ve been talking and he is a cool guy.  I like him a lot.”

Sam Webb:  Is it definitely corner for you all the way?

Marcus Lewis:  “Yes it is corner.  A couple of schools are recruiting me for safety, but for the most part corner.”

Sam Webb:  I know you said you are a long way away and you are taking your time going through the process but I’m curious as schools are showing you interest are any of them starting to stick out for you at this point?

Marcus Lewis:  “I wouldn’t say anyone is sticking out.  I would hate to leave anyone out.  I’m trying to get to a top ten by the summer.  I haven’t taken all my visits.  I’m going to Ohio State next week.  I’m going to Florida, Florida State and Miami over spring break and I’m trying to get up to Michigan and Indiana in that area in April sometime.  I’m trying to get everything together.  So after these visits I can really sit down and write pros and cons of schools and make my decision.  You know what I mean?”

Sam Webb:  Yeah that makes sense.  When you get ready to sit down and do that, make that list of pros and cons, make a choice, what are going to be the biggest factors this time around when you pick a school?

Marcus Lewis:  “First off, a place that feels like home even without football.  That would be the school that I would want to spend my four years, if I got hurt, god forbid, whether anything happens.  That would be one factor, another one would be early playing time.  I want to come in and make an impact early.  Third would be the coaching staff, how I get along with those guys and how my relationship is with those guys.  The social aspect as far as the team, like some of the players, how well I get to know those guys.  It is just different things.  Academics too plays a big part too.  Those are about it.”

Sam Webb:  What about distance from home? How big a factor is close going to be?

Marcus Lewis:  “It is not that big deal – distance.  I’ve been a lot of places without my parents.  They’ve brought me up and I’ve been all over the place, all over the country.  That won’t really play a part.  I wouldn’t say that I wouldn’t go west, but for the most part…the furthest it would be maybe like Indiana or Michigan, somewhere like that.”

Sam Webb:  Timeline wise this time around, are you going to be waiting all the way to signing day to make a decision, or do you want to get it done sooner than that?

Marcus Lewis:  “Yeah I would say between after my senior football season and signing day is when I’m going to make a decision.”

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