Hayes Building Closer Bond with U-M

Michigan increased its appeal to 2016 Orchard Lake St. Mary's star Daelin Hayes thanks to a memorable visit that featured an outstanding academic presentation.

Few sporting events can match Daelin Hayes’ memorable experience at the MichiganMichigan State game last Sunday.  Almost a full week after the thrilling contest the Orchard Lake St. Mary’s star is still excited about it.

“I had a great time at the basketball game,” said Hayes.  “The atmosphere was really crazy.”

It was a fitting centerpiece to a day chalked full of impactful experiences.  Among the most notable were his interactions with the Michigan coaching staff.

“I really like Coach Jackson,” said Hayes.  “He is a real cool guy he told me how impressed he was with my film. Coach Jackson said he wanted to keep me on offense, but he has to let me go to the defense. He said to enjoy the process and don’t be in a rush with my decision.”

“I met Coach Mattison and his wife she is a very nice lady.  He really appealed to me most because of the vibe I had with him he is a very disciplined coach. He talked about what it means to be a great player. He wants to be able to play me at the SAM, WILL and MIKE positions.  Coach wants to move me around. I like how he teaches to never give up on a play go 100% all the time."

Coach Hoke also made an impression on the young 2016 LB looking to build a much stronger relationship with him.

“Meeting Coach Hoke and his wife was nice they are both very energetic people he is one of the most down to earth people you will meet. Coach wants to get me up on campus as much as possible he said to come up to spring practice so that I could see how they take pride in what they do.”

Increasing the appeal was Michigan’s academic presentation. It made a particularly strong impression on his mother.

“My mom is big on education,” said Hayes.  “She is an educator and she loved the academic part of the presentation from Michigan. A Michigan degree cares a lot of weight.  They also spoke about the alumni connections. They broke everything down for us to really understand what they have to offer.”

The only thing missing from the trip in Hayes’ eyes was an offer.  That said, with over half of his high school career still left he knows that time is on his side.

“I am really blessed that I am being recruited,” he said. “I’m enjoying the process. I am visiting Tennessee (this weekend) and will have a chance to get to know the coaches and their program.  I am excited about that.”

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