2016 Intro: Ed Oliver

Michigan was among the throng of schools to make it by Houston (Tex.) Westfield to check in on four-star DT Ed Oliver during the contact period. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to get the latest on his recruitment, his thoughts on the Maize & Blue, his favorite, his decision timeline, and more.

Sam Webb:   How did things go for you on the football field last year? 

Ed Oliver:  “It was a good season.  It could have been good.  I just got my feet wet.  I really just kind of came into my own as a player.  I just want to get better next year.” 

Sam Webb:   What was your team’s overall record?  What did you guys do collectively in the end?  What were your individual stats? 

Ed Oliver:  “My team record was 13-1… losing to Allen in the fourth round. I had a 62 tackles on paper, but I really had more.  I came out I think 14 TFLs, I think like five sacks, fumble recovery, I think five touchdowns.” 

Sam Webb:   You scored five touchdowns?  So did you scoop and score, is that it happened? 

Ed Oliver:  “Naw, I played a little running back” 

Sam Webb:   Okay.  What is your height, your weight, and your 40 time? 

Ed Oliver:  “I’m 6’2”; 270; my 40 time that I ran at the All-American combine was 4.6.” 

Sam Webb:   Wow, is it definitely defense for you or do you want to keep doing the running back thing? (Laughter) 

Ed Oliver:  “Naw I’m good where I’m at.  I’m like I can’t never put my hand down on the ground and catch running backs at the same time.” 

Sam Webb:   You said you feel like you could have done better.  What do you plan on getting better at from last year to next year? 

Ed Oliver:  “Technically sound.  Like I said this was my first year (on varsity), a lot of games I was nervous because of the names but you can come back this season, it’s going to be a wrap, it’s going to be Ed all game.  No nerves at the beginning of the game.” 

Sam Webb:   At what point did you start to notice, you said it’s your first year, you were kind of nervous but obviously, you impressed a bunch of colleges.  At what point did you start to notice a big time program starting to show you attention? 

Ed Oliver:  “It was before the season, before the season even started, like last spring ball.” 

Sam Webb:   So things have kind of blown up for you since then.  How many offers do you have on the table right now? 

Ed Oliver:  “I think six.” 

Sam Webb:   Do you know those schools off the top of your head? 

Ed Oliver:  “Yeah, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, U of H, Texas, Texas Tech and I think that’s it.”  

Sam Webb:   I hear that Michigan assistant Fred Jackson made it by your school back during the contact period.  Word has it he offered you.

Ed Oliver:  “I may have talked to Michigan.  There are so many coaches through the schools, it’s crazy.” 

Sam Webb:   Is that a school that if you talked to them more you would have interest in or is that not a school that you don’t really feel too much? 

Ed Oliver:  “Oh yeah, Michigan, come on now – Michigan, most def.” 

Sam Webb:   It’s a little further away from home.  Is that a place that you might visit? 

Ed Oliver:  “Oh yes.” 

Sam Webb:   And you don’t know anything about a Michigan offer? 

Ed Oliver:  “Well a lot of schools had offered me but Coach Lincoln has this rule that only the head coach can offer you so (the head coach) has to call and offer me. “

Sam Webb:   What is it about Michigan that would make you give them a look? 

Ed Oliver:  “I just kind of like their swagger a little bit.  It’s a nice school.” 

Sam Webb:   Kind of talk to me about your recruitment about your recruitment overall then.  You said you’ve got six early offers on the table.  Those are all schools that are very close.  Did you grow up a fan of any one of those schools? 

Ed Oliver:  “Oklahoma State, my brother went there.  (Houston), my brother just signed to them this year.  He is going to be playing for them next year.  But not really.” 

Sam Webb:   So you didn’t grow up a fan necessarily any of the schools on your list, but is any school starting to stick out for you right now?  

Ed Oliver:  “I do have a favorite school, that’s LSU.  If LSU came and hollered at me that would be nice.” 

Sam Webb:   Let us say LSU put an offer down on the table, would that end your recruitment right there or are you going to kind of play it out a little bit longer? 

Ed Oliver:  “More than likely it would (laughter).  I don’t know.” 

Sam Webb:   Is distance from home going to be a big factor for you? 

Ed Oliver:  “Not too far, not like across the county, but I don’t know.” 

Sam Webb:   Have you been able to get out and start taking visits yet or do you still got to do that? 

Ed Oliver:  “I can go to the junior days, a lot of times they want me to go to the junior days.  A&M wanted me to come out there and Texas wanted me to come out there too.” 

Sam Webb:   What about timeline for making a decision? 

Ed Oliver:  “Probably the summer going into my senior season. I want that to be out of the way.” 

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