Is U-M Offer on Horizon for Durham?

Michigan is among the schools that have been in frequent contact with 2015 Plano (Tex.) East LB/DE Landis Durham in recent weeks. The Lone Star State standout chatted with GoBlueWolverine recently about his recruitment, his interest in Michigan, his decision timeline and much much more.

Sam Webb:  What has the interaction with Michigan been like?  What have you been hearing from them lately, did they make it by your school?  What is Michigan saying to you? 

Landis Durham: “A couple of weeks ago actually, coach Greg Mattison stopped by.  Later I spoke to him and he told me how interested they were.  He let me know that they wanted me to make it up there on a visit for spring for sure.” 

Sam Webb:  Position wise I see that you played some linebacker and you’ve played some end.  There were schools that are recruiting for both positions.  What is your preference?  What do you want to play at the next level? 

Landis Durham: “I am just going to throw in there I can play a little bit of punting too this past year, I punt the ball (laughter).  At the next level, to me, I feel like I’m a better defensive end than I am linebacker, but we’ll see what happens.  I know stereotypically I’m the right size for a linebacker and everything.  What I would like to do is probably play in the hybrid position of outside linebacker and defensive end.” 

Sam Webb:  What is your height, your weight, and your 40 time right now? 

Landis Durham: “Height right now is 6’3”.  I weigh about 225-230.  My 40 time is 4.52.” 

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to talk to Coach Mattison about the position in his defense where you’d fit best? 

Landis Durham: “You know what, I can’t really remember if he was talking about outside or inside linebacker.  I’ll be standing up for sure if I were to play at Michigan.” 

Sam Webb:  Let us talk about recruiting more broadly. What schools have offered you so far? 

Landis Durham: “I know I have nine offers in total from Boise State, Boston College, Illinois, Nebraska, Nevada, SMU, TCU, Tulsa, and Washington.” 

Sam Webb:  That list obviously consists of schools from all over the country.  Have any of those schools on that list so far started to stick out for you, any favorites among that group? 

Landis Durham: “As of right now, I’d probably go my top two… this is really hard to say. I know on these past couple of visits that the school I’ve been offered by, TCU, I know I like them. I enjoyed them.  I look forward to seeing them play next year for sure.  One of my later offers I got from Nebraska, they kind of stand out.  That’s also good Big 10 football.” 

Sam Webb:  What position are those schools recruiting you for?  I know you said you are going to play in kind of a hybrid position.  Is that where they are recruiting you? 

Landis Durham: “I know at TCU I would be playing middle linebacker like in a 4-2 defense.  Nebraska, I think hybrid outside linebacker.” 

Sam Webb: Did Coach Mattison talk to you at all about where you are as far as an offer is concerned? 

Landis Durham: “Not really but I think we are getting pretty close.” 

Sam Webb:  What has the contact with them and interaction been like since he came by the school?  Has it been pretty consistent?  Has it been kind of every now and then?  What has it been like? 

Landis Durham: “It has been pretty consistent.  We talk on Twitter.” 

Sam Webb:  Give me your take on Michigan at this point.  What do you know at all and what do you think about Michigan at this point? 

Landis Durham: “I’d love to play in the Big House, I tell you that much.  You know they have the most wins in college football history, right?  The tradition of winning is there for sure.  I love to win.  I’m real competitive.  I definitely would not mind going there.”   

Sam Webb:  So when you get ready to sit down and make your decision, what are going to be the biggest factors in that choice? 

Landis Durham: “I’m looking for a place that will help me develop as a man, a good athlete and a good young man up there, you know, as a better person, you know.” 

Sam Webb:  You mentioned earlier that you would prefer to be a hybrid kind of guy.  Is position, is that going to be a big factor in your decision-making process? 

Landis Durham: “No, I’m going to play wherever I go man.  Wherever they want me to be, I’m going to play.  That’s not going to be bothering me at all.” 

Sam Webb:  What about distance from home?  Like I said, listening to your list, you’ve got schools from all over the country.  How far away from home the school is, is that going to play into your thought process? 

Landis Durham: “Probably a little bit, you know.  The dream conference that I am want to play in is the SEC.  Stay in the south, stay closer to home.  There is pretty great football there too.  Yeah, a little bit, you know, it would be great to stay home and still play good football.” 

Sam Webb:   You mention schools that you’ve visited.  Kind of lay out the places that you have been already. 

Landis Durham: “During the season, I visited Oklahoma, I visited Mississippi State, and just recently I visited Texas, TCU, and Baylor.” 

Sam Webb:  Where else do you think you’ll be going.  Really, more specifically, do you really think you are going to be able to make it up to Michigan on a visit? 

Landis Durham: “Yeah… we will definitely have to see what we can do, but probably go on an official visit.” 

Sam Webb:  What about timeline for making your choice, when do you think, are you going to wait until signing day like a lot of guys do or are you going to try to get it done before your senior season?  Have you kind of thought about that at all? 

Landis Durham: “It will probably be after season next year.  I’d like to sit down and watch everybody and see how everybody does, to make my decision.” 

Sam Webb:  You feel like Michigan is kind of close.  Any other schools that are recruiting you hard that you feel like are close to adding or joining your offer list? 

Landis Durham: “Probably Baylor, Texas,.. I know Penn State is showing pretty good interest.   I think that is probably about it right now.  Also, further along the line, Texas A&M.” 

Sam Webb:  Did you grow up a fan, you are a Texas guy, did you grown up a fan of Texas or A&M or any school for that matter? 

Landis Durham: “I actually grew up a fan of LSU.” 

Sam Webb:  Let us say tomorrow Les Miles came to the table and said, ‘Landis, you’re my guy… I want you to come to LSU.’  Does that end your recruiting right there or are you going to let this play out some? 

Landis Durham: “Like I said, I think I’m still going to wait it out, just to make sure I make the right decision.” 

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