Is Michigan Gaining Ground with Weber?

Detroit Cass Tech 2015 RB Mike Weber reflects on his U-M visit, where the Wolverines stand, hos thoughts on the run game and more.

Detroit Cass Tech 2015 running back Mike Weber has always been on Michigan's radar. Since the Wolverines hired offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier he has been even more so. In recent weeks Michigan emphasized getting the talented four-star runner on campus.

Even though Nussmeier wasn't on campus when Weber took in another visit to Michigan this past Saturday, Weber still came away impressed. Among the highlights was seeing a former U-M legend in the flesh.

"It was real cool. I got to see Charles Woodson," Weber said. "When I saw him, It was like I knew him forever. It was good to see him."

During his visit, Weber got to spend some quality time with coach Chris Singletary, too.

"He was saying ‘just get back up here for spring practices'sSo I can see how they run things far as the offensive side and get closer with coach (Doug) Nussmeier," Weber said.

"Michigan is 20 minutes away from my house. I'll be up there any chance I get. It's a nice place to be. When people ask me when I am visiting Michigan? I just say, ‘probably tomorrow.' I like being up there. So I am going to be up there a lot this off-season."

Currently, Weber says his top-four schools are Michigan, Michigan State, Tennessee and Wisconsin in no particular order.

"I don't feel I have a leader right now," Weber said. "Michigan is really getting back up there far as them showing interest in me. They're like the school that is showing the most interest. And that's what I look for when I am picking my school."

Weber also noted he isn't worried too much about the Wolverines struggles last season running the football and fully believes in Nussmeier's approach.

"I used to watch the games last season, they was struggling," Weber said. "But Nussmeier made me believe that he can change things around. He showed me some things that can really change the Michigan running game. I would be looking forward to the plays he actually showed me far as Alabama style running backs. I fully think it would be a good fit for me a very distinct offense."

Weber says he plans on getting back to Michigan whenever can and hopes to take in a spring practice or two. He also noted that he will be visiting Wisconsin in April.

"I am basically looking for an opportunity," Weber said. "An opportunity to do my thing, you know. So If I get an opportunity, a good atmosphere, and good people around me – then I feel like that would be a good place for me to be."

As far as a decision timeline, Weber says he most likely make his on national television during a high school all-star game next year.

"(When recruiting first started) I was looking forward to doing it around this time," Weber said. "I sat down and talked with my dad and he told me to wait it out. So we was going to do it at the All-American game. I don't know which one I am going to go to, but will do it on TV then. But if not, then I will do before my senior season."

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