Malone-Hatcher Enjoys U-M Visit; Plans Return

For the third time in five months, 2017 St. Joseph's (Mich.) defensive end Corey Malone-Hatcher took in Michigan on an unofficial visit. Saturday's trip to Ann Arbor turned out to be his best yet.

Michigan hosted yet another round of prospects on campus last weekend and 2017 St. Joseph’s (Mich.) defensive end Corey Malone-Hatcher was among them.  A collection of nearly ten football recruits were present for the Wolverines’ 84-80 victory over Indiana at the Crisler Center on Saturday. 

“It was great,” said Malone-Hatcher.  “They had us show up an hour earlier than the other recruits and we met up with coach Singletary.  Basically we had a conversation asking me what my goals were for next year and my weight goal which is 235 and I’m 225 right now.  I showed him my last lifting video that I took which was a 500 pound squat for three reps and he was really impressed with that.”

As a budding tight end and defensive end prospect, the 6-3, 225 pound Malone-Hatcher garnered a lot of attention thanks to a productive freshman campaign.  After recording 63 tackles, 13 sacks and 13 quarterback hurries last year, Michigan certainly took notice.

“They were the first school that gave me a jersey with the number 43 which is the number I wore last year,” he said.  “That was a really cool experience.  I was excited to go out onto the field.  We checked out the huge stadium without anyone in there and it was monstrous.  And there’s even a whole section of seats that I didn’t even notice during games.”

Needless to say, the Wolverines left a positive impression on Malone-Hatcher camp.  The same can be said of his father Orlando, who went on to say that it was his best trip to Michigan yet.  This was their third trip to Ann Arbor in five months.

“They seem very interested,” said Malone-Hatcher.  “I’ve been on multiple visits for a couple games.  I was really hoping they would pull out that Ohio State game.  That would have been a big upset.  But I’ve been told they like my playing style by coach Singletary and coach Mattison.  They like my size and what I can bring to the team in terms of leadership and ways I can impact both on and off the field.  They have been pressing really hard lately.”

The early connection with the coaches is but part of Michigan’s appeal.  So too is the school’s academic prestige.  That will be one of the major considerations for the aspiring engineer hen decision time rolls around.

“First and foremost, which is big for me, they have an excellent academic program which is one of the best in the country,” said Malone-Hatcher.  “That is something I will always have to take into account.  Year in and year out they seem to get some of the best recruits.  I know a lot of kids that are freshman that are getting offered that U of M is their top school and they bleed blue and yellow.  I know I’ll be able to play with a lot of the great players that come through so I would love to be a part of it.”

That doesn’t mean that Malone-Hatcher has his heart already set on Michigan.  He remains wide open to other schools at the early juncture of his recruitment, and he has already begun to hear from programs outside of the state of Michigan as well. 

“I’ve had colleges request visits and camps,” said Malone-Hatcher.  “Virginia Tech just asked me to come down for a visit and they want me to camp there in the summer.  They told me about the spring game.  I was just at U of M and they want me to come back for the spring game and for a couple spring practices.  Michigan State wants me to come to a few spring practices, the spring game and to camp too.  Georgia wants me to hit up a camp.  Florida State wants me to hit up a camp.  Clemson wants me to hit up a camp... Pitt and a couple MAC schools too.  It’s coming a little bit from everywhere.”

“We’ll definitely be getting to Alabama to camp too since they were the first school I got out and visited.  So I definitely have close ties with them.”

That should make for a busy camp circuit for the Malone-Hatchers, who have not yet formed a concrete plan on which schools will receive visits.  Michigan, however, already has a set return date for this Saturday’s spring practice.


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