Five Now Stick Out for Mollette

Recruiting hasn't slowed down for 2015 Randleman (N.C.) WR Juval Mollette, as more and more schools begin to show interest. He, though, has begun weeding out the true contenders in the race for his services. It's a list that has shrunk rapidly in just a few weeks.

Slowly but surely Juval Mollette’s leaderboard is getting more and more clear.  After naming a top seven last week the 6-5 195-pound WR has refined his list even more.  Now there are five schools receiving prime consideration: North Carolina, Clemson, Michigan, Ohio State, and Tennessee.  The consistent theme with the majority of the quintet is the ability of the respective staffs to forge strong connections with the three-star pass-catcher up to this point.

North Carolina - “They have always recruited me hard.  The university is an hour and fifteen minutes away from my house. I love the staff… Coach Fedora, Coach Kap and Coach Brewer. I like the relationship I am building with them. The coaches are changing Carolina football and I can see that happening.”

Clemson – “They have recruited me hard as well I was just up there last weekend and had a good time. Death Valley is great place to play college football.  It is a football town down there and they put out great wide receivers."

Michigan- “I really like Coach Manning he is a cool guy we just talked last week. Michigan is a great place to play football I like the tradition they have up there, I also like the offense they have and the way they run it."

Ohio State – “I spoke with them not too long ago they have a good football staff and they are traditionally winners up there.”

Tennessee – “I haven’t spoken with the recently, but when we do talk it is always good conversation going on. I am going to try and visit in the spring.”

While he plan to strongly consider each of the aforementioned suitors moving forward, there are two that have currently separated themselves from the pared down pack.

“North Carolina and Clemson are at the top of the list,” Mollette said matter-of-factly.

When the time comes to finally pick among the finalists the decision will be based upon a few key factors.

“I am looking at schools that have good academics, a place that feels like home, and (that has) good coaching,” Mollette stated.

The Tar Heel State star isn’t in any rush to pick a school, but knows that his getting his visits scheduled for early in the fall is a must if he is going to stick to his decision timeline.

“I would like to graduate early and enroll in college so I am looking to take all of my official visits,” Mollette explained.  “My mom doesn’t care where I go as long as I make a good decision for me.”

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