Green Talks Benefits of Weight Loss

STORY: Derrick Green is down to 220-pounds and feels more "more explosive." ***Read Inside***

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Derrick Green is finally starting to look the part.

Green looks different this spring... down to 220-pounds after being as high 240-pounds during his freshman season. The former five-star All American weighed in 227-pounds before spring break (beginning of March) and then went home and lost the final seven pounds. His regimen consisted of a strict diet, working out twice a day and daily cardio.

"I feel a lot better, faster, explosive," said Green, who stand at 5-foot-11. " I just knew I couldn't come in the same weight I came in last season -- this season. I feel better. I'm just going to come out and be productive for my team."

As a freshman Green rushed for 270-yards on 83 carries with two touchdowns. He made one start for the Wolverines. but more was expected of the prospect ranked the No. 1 RB in the final player rankings. Unfortunately for him the added weight clearly made an impact on his playing ability as a freshman. That was something he wanted to change this off-season.

"I talked with the strength and conditioning coach and see what I needed to do to get down to the weight," Green said. "220-pounds is where I wanted to be for this season. I just did what I had to do to get down to it. Like I said, I feel great.

"I feel a lot faster, stronger, my body just feels a lot better than last season."

And 220-pounds is where he intends on staying from here on out.

"I want to stay at 220(-pounds)," Green said. "I feel good at this weight, more explosive. I don't want to go up anymore or down."

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