Peoples-Jones Reflects on Michigan visit

STORY: Detroit Cass Tech 2017 WR Donovan Peoples-Jones took a visit to Michigan recently. He reflects on his visit, when he'll be back on campus, will he camp, what he is looking for in a program and more.

Detroit Cass Tech wide receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones is considered one of top in-state talents in the 2017 class, and while he didn't play most of his freshman season, colleges are already taking notice of his talent, as he has been on numerous campus visits already.

Last Saturday was no exception, Peoples-Jones and fellow Cass teammates took a visit to Michigan for the Wolverines men's basketball contest against Indiana. It was his first visit back to Ann Arbor since Michigan's rivalry game against Ohio State back in November.

"It went well," Peoples-Jones said. "We went to the basketball game. Then after that we walked over to the field and got to see the field with lights with nobody else in it -- and that was sort of special.

"I'm starting to like it more and more every time I visit. The last visit versus Ohio State that increased my interest and this visit increased my interest too. Then being there seeing all the fans, just kind of hanging around there getting more comfortable is nice."

While he hasn't been asked to camp yet by U-M coaching staff, Peoples-Jones said if he were to be asked to camp he "would love to go" and is expected to back on Michigan's campus in the near future.

"I think I will be up for some spring practices," he said. "I hope I can go to some games in the fall, too. But when I go I want to be around the offense and see what they are all doing, talk to the receiver coaches and see how he brings in the freshman into college ball. I just want to be around there as much as I can so I can be more comfortable."

Currently, Peoples-Jones has no offers, but has already receiving interest from Michigan, Michigan State and Tennessee. He has been on campus visits to Tennessee and Michigan, and said he has possible visits this summer to LSU and Florida State.

As far as what he is looking for on these campus visits, Peoples-Jones admits it's all about the connection with the coaching staff.

"First off, I like to be around an exciting coaching staff," he said. "A coaching staff I can feel comfortable around. I don't have to act differently around them, I can just be myself and they accept me like that. Obviously, the football, the tradition, the school that can support my major (in medicine), and just a school that my family likes."

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