Speight in the middle of the QB Competition

STORY:Freshman QB Wilton Speight is earning first-team reps this spring. Could he start? Is he adjusting? ***read about it inside***

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Wilton Speight should be getting ready for his high school graduation. He should be counting down the days to his prom and spending his last days with his seniors class at Richmond (Va.) Collegiate.

But, instead, Speight graduated early to get on Michigan's campus and get a jump start on his college football career.

And looks like it's paying off, as the freshman has been getting his fair share of the reps with the first-team offense and is right in the middle of the quarterback competition with Devin Gardner, Shane Morris and Russell Bellomy.

"It's day to day," Speight said on the QB competition in spring camp. "It changes all the time. Some days someone will have a standout day, others days it's the next guy. There is four guys who are working their tails off. I want to be better than Devin. And Devin wants to better than me. And Shane, same thing. So it's a competition, but it's a fun competition. "

The fact that he is competing with more experience quarterbacks may be a surprise to some, but not to Speight, who says he takes "mental reps" even when he's not participating, always watching and learning from his main competition.

"He just seems to have good command, good control," Hoke said on Speight. "I think he understands the offense pretty well for a guy who got here in January. But when you look at that, they are all sort of on the same page with going through new terminology and those things. I would say, just his overall demeanor, his approach to the game."

Speight definitely looks the part of a pro-style quarterback that the Wolverine coaching staff covet, he stands at 6-foot-6, 225-pounds, and came to Michigan with a had a reputation of being a hard worker even before he stepped on campus.

But just like all freshman, Speight has gone through his learning curves. He noted his first practice was his eye opening experience at U-M -- that's when he realized he had to adjust, because he wasn't in Richmond anymore.

"I think I did a normal five-step drop and completed a pass and it wasn't fast enough," Speight said. "That's when I realized I got to really focus on doing everything I can as fast as possible, because it's not as slow as the high school game anymore. It's college, it's the Big Ten."

While certainly isn't high school anymore, Speight seems to be making the transition with ease.

"As far as school goes and practice, I feel like I am adjusting pretty well and picking up on it pretty fast," Speight said.

Michigan will play its annual spring game on April 5.

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