Robinson Says U-M Ready for Dance

Michigan sophomore Glenn Robinson III discusses the Wolverines' selection as the #2 seed in the Midwest Region.

Glenn Robinson:  “I know that this thing will be ready and ready to bounce back on today’s loss.  Personally, most of us forgot about it and are ready to move on and get better. 

Question:  I kind of imagine, like you said, most have forgotten about this.  This game kind of moves forward quickly.  Is it because you are already shifting focus and getting your mind for the tournament ready? 

Glenn Robinson:  “Definitely.  As soon as that game ended, we had five minutes of media. We went in there and watched selection show.  I like the bracket that we have.  That’s good for us.  It’s great competition.  We have to be ready to go from the jump, from first tipoff.  I’m proud of this team and I think we can get it done.” 

Question:  Do you fell, Glenn that you need to step up and play a better game for this team to go deep? 

Glenn Robinson:  “Definitely, definitely, I feel like I have be more aggressive attack, like I have been playing the past seven or eight games.  Step up for this team, because teams are keying in on Nik.  They know he’s a great player and it just opens up abilities for me to create.” 

Question:  You’re disappointed that you lost the one seed probably. 

Glenn Robinson:  “Yes, but at the same time I like this position that we’re in.  Our team was playing and moving forward.  I think that we are just going to keep learning and getting better.  We know that now it’s win or go home.  We have minds that we want to win every game.  We have to come out hard.” 

Question:  How about the depth in the Midwest with Duke and Louisville both in there? 

Glenn Robinson:  “That’s crazy.  Two great teams, like I said, it’s tournament time, it’s March.  You never know what can happen now.  I feel like every team that we’re going to play is going to be good.  They made the tournament.  I’m looking forward to this.” 

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