Morgan Says U-M Prepared for Tough Draw

Michigan senior big man Jordan Morgan discusses the Wolverines' selection as the #2 seed in the Midwest Region.

Question:  How about the depth at the top?  Louisville is slotted in behind you guys.

Jordan Morgan:  “It’s going to be just as hard for them as it is for us.  It should be an interesting tournament bracket.” 

Question:  What was your first reaction when you saw Michigan pop up as a two seed? 

Jordan Morgan:  “To be honest, I knew we’d be there, as much as we played.  I don’t really know much about Wofford.  I’m sure we’ll find out more about that but to be honest, I figured we’d be that two seeder in the Midwest region, keeping up kind of close to home.” 

Question:  How much does it help you guys, after kind of an emotional intense game against Michigan State, even though you came out on the losing end, just to be able to flick the switch and turn the page quickly, because now it is the tournament and that is it. 

Jordan Morgan:  “You’ve got to be able to move on.  It was a tough fought game and you’ve got to stay positive about it.  But we got to move on.  It’s go time right now.  It’s either put up or shut up.  You win or you go home.  So you got to switch your focus fast.” 

Question:  What do you remember about last year at this time, before you guys started an extended run that can maybe serve you, help you talk to some of the younger guys about it? 

Jordan Morgan:  “I think it was a lot different last year.  It wasn’t just like a one loss to Wisconsin last year.  We had lost a couple and we weren’t really playing that well.  So, I think it was just the way we played for each other more than anything that we can take from last year.” 

Question:  So you feel you might be better equipped, like right now, the way you’ve been playing coming into it?

Jordan Morgan:  “I don’t know if it was last year that I did that.  I think it was more our season that kind of prepared us.  You talk about the season, we played great team all year long in our conference, out of our conference.  If anything, that has prepared us.” 

Question:  You proved last year that you didn’t need number one seed to make it all the way.

Jordan Morgan:  “Definitely.  It’s not about receiving that.  That’s all good but there are a lot of things that go into it.  You just got to play who you got to play.” 

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