Hagerup Reflects on his Suspension

Punter Will Hagerup was suspended last season for the third time of his career. He discusses what he had to do to get back on the field, and who worked with him a long the way and more **Read More Inside**

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Will Hagerup has had some time to think about not only his football career – but his life.

After serving a suspension for the entire 2013 season. Hagerup has been reinstated on the Michigan football team. He was suspended prior to the 2013 Outback Bowl, his third suspension of his career.

Hagerup, who was name Big Ten punter of the year in 2012, averaged 45.0 yards per attempt and redshirted this past season while serving his suspension. He was suspended less than week after receiving his award.

"I think of it as a part of me growing up," Hagerup said on his suspension. "I think everybody goes through, especially a time like this when you're in college you go through ups and downs. For me it just so happen to be more public, but I am proud of what I accomplished on the field. I'm not proud of some of things I have done off the field. But I think both were necessary to bring me to where I am today."

And while he did practice with the team last season, he admitted there was some doubt if he would ever suit up for the Wolverines again as a fifth-year senior.

"There was a time I wasn't concerned with getting back on a team, getting back on this team. I was concerned about getting right what I had to with my personal life with my family and friends," Hagerup said. "So I say there was a period of time where I wasn't thinking about football (and) what that future would look like."

Over the course of the past year, Hagerup said he met with four individuals once a week as part of guidance to get back on the team. He met with athletic director Dave Brandon, U-M coach Brady Hoke, director of athletic counseling Greg Harden and a unnamed counselor through the university. And through those talks, he said he's been able to earn his way back on the field.

"I think there was a concern there was a huge breach of trust multiple times," Hagerup said. "The early conversations that we had were not about football. Sure, I was worried I wouldn't have this back. But I think it's a testament to people around me helping me and slowing working back that trust they've allowed me this chance.

"To me it's a little symbolic of where I was year ago and the work that I put in. Those who have helped me get to this point. So it's fun, but I still feel like there is still a lot of work to be done, both personally and with our entire team."

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