Full Spring Game Notes, Plays

Full recap and notes from the Michigan football spring game Saturday, on first teams, standouts, top plays and more.

Initial impressions


-       First team reps for quarterbacks goes Devin Gardner, Shane Morris and then Wilton Speight. Gardner received the most snaps of any in warm-ups.

-       Michigan freshman wide receiver Freddy Canteen received tons of time with the first team offense during shell drills, mostly on the outside with Dennis Norfleet at the slot and Devin Funchess as the other outside receiver.

-       First team offensive line: Left Tackle Mason Cole, left guard Kyle Bosch, center Graham Glasgow, right guard Kyle Kalis, right tackle Ben Braden.

-       Michigan’s base formation with the offense, at least with the first team, featured two tight ends with both A.J. Williams and Keith Heitzman in there.

-       A couple other noted observations: redshirt freshman center Pat Kugler looks noticeably bigger since last fall, clear the winter strength program was very good to him.

-       Derrick Green was getting the first team reps in drill work, De’Veon Smith (who looks to be in fantastic shape) was right behind him, with Justice Hayes and Ross Douglas filling in after. No surprises with this group.

-       Coming off his knee injury running back Drake Johnson is running through drills, not looking hindered at all.


First scrimmage notes


-       Shane Morris got things started with a nice rollout to the strong side hitting Damario Jones coming free across the middle.

-       Early on, Michigan’s passing attack was efficient, the rushing attack not so much. The best run came from Ross Douglas who took it off tackle to the left bursting through the line.

-       Devin Gardner completed an out to the right to Devin Funchess who was able to turn it up field, still no tackling to the ground just yet.

-       Redshirt freshman defensive tackle Maurice Hurst Jr. with great penetration up the middle blowing up a Michigan run play to the left. Very impressive play.

-       Returning punts for Michigan: first up was Dennis Norfleet, second is Jourdan Lewis.

-       OL/DL work, Pat Kugler drove Maurice Hurst Jr. five yards off the line.

-       Tight end A.J. Williams looks fit but had a couple drops in the drill work so far. Conversely, newly converted defensive lineman Keith Heitzman looks like a natural at tight end, fluid in his routes and catches the ball well.


Inside run Offense/Defense


-       Jake Ryan flattened Derrick Green on the second play, caught him straight up and planted him.

-       When the first team defense is on the field, the offense hasn’t been able to run the football whatsoever. Defense has been solid at the point of attack, nowhere for the running backs to go but down.

-       Justice Hayes showed some nice burst and good vision with a cutback to his left for what would’ve been at least an eight-yard gain in the game.

-       Bryan Mone blew up the offensive line getting into the backfield right away to slow up Ross Douglas.

-       Willie Henry got the inside track on Dan Samuelson to stand-up Derrick Green in the backfield.

-       Justice Hayes able to break free on a run off tackle to the right, basically untouched and into the end zone. Hayes looks fresh and very quick today.


Full spring game notes


-       First play of the scrimmage and Devin Gardner is picked off by Jourdan Lewis. Gardner waited and waited trying to find Canteen on a corner route before Lewis jumped it.

-       De’Veon Smith carried the ball to the left for a few yards, fought through a tackle.

-       Third play, Gardner hit with some pressure and throws an errant pass to Devin Funchess on the outside. Jourdan Lewis once again on the tight coverage there.

-       Derrick Green and the second team offense check in with Shane morris. Green takes a carry up the middle for a couple.

-       Morris first pass complete to walk-on wide out Bo Dever on a quick curl with heavy pressure from both sides.

-       Morris second pass incomplete over the middle, pocket collapsing before it could form.

-       Wilton Speight onto the field with two quick handoffs to Ross Douglas for small gains.

-       Third down pass down the sideline and incomplete, over the head of the intended target by Speight. The defense doing a nice job with the offense backed up deep in their own territory.

-       Smith runs left for a couple yards, defense sniffing that one out quick as the first team offense and Devin Gardner get back on the field.

-       Hayes runs left and the defense forces him to the sideline for a minimal gain.

-       Gardner misfires on a corner route to Funchess.

-       First team offensive line still: left tackle Mason Cole, left guard Kyle Bosch, center Jack Miller, right guard Kyle Kalis, right tackle Ben Braden.

-       Gardner’s third down pass incomplete, Funchess appeared to have it but dropped it with Blake Countess in coverage.

-       Gardner slings one to Funchess on a slant, Raymon Taylor in coverage there. Brandon Watson was coming off the edge quick unabated but didn’t get there in time.

-       Gardner finally given time and steps into a nice throw on a post to Freddy Canteen down the left sideline for a big gain down inside the 10 yard line. Canteen was wide open.

-       De’Veon Smith with a nice run to the right, outrunning some of Michigan’s linebackers to gain the edge for a six yard gain.

-       Jourdan Lewis flagged for pass interference on Funchess trying to defend against a slant. Funchess using his big body to his advantage so far.

-       Gardner’s pass sails incomplete but another pass interference called on Jourdan Lewis.

-       Shane Morris back on with the second team offense. De’Veon Smith runs left through a hole for a three yard gain on first down.

-       Run left for Smith again and Henry Poggi was there waiting for him. Nice play for the redshirt freshman.

-       False start on the Michigan offense.

-       Pass play, Morris feels pocket collapsing and steps up to run, Bryan Mone reaches and is called for a facemask.

-       Morris drops back and finds Jehu Chesson on a quick out to the left. Very fluid play right there.

-       Second and short, Derrick Green runs left and the defense closes the hole in a hurry. Swarm of Wolverines there but Green is able to get just enough for the first down.

-       First down run for Green who takes it right for a gain of eight. Big hole and Green falls forward for an extra yard.

-       Next play, Smith comes on and picks up the first down on a run to the right. Michigan’s running game finding a bit of a rhythm.

-       Late rush comes from Desmond Morgan who forces a quick throw by Morris, incomplete down the right sideline and in the end zone, intended for Jack Wangler.

-       Big hole to the right on the cutback by Justice Hayes, if he doesn’t trip over his feet he might be in the end zone. Still gains eight yards on the play.

-       Brennen Beyer with a terrific play to get into the backfield and bring the ball carrier down.

-       Devin Gardner nearly picked off again, late throw to the sideline and Jarrod Wilson dropped an interception.

-       Run play to the left, blown up for no gain by the defense. Green had nowhere to go, Clark, Glasgow, Beyer all in on the stop.

-       Brennen Beyer with penetration on the outside, beating Ben Braden, Gardner forced to step up and run, touched down.

-       Justice Hayes continuing to run hard, Royce Jenkins-Stone was in there but couldn’t bring him down, gain of six for the offense.

-       Justice Hayes with another carry to the right, makes the first guy miss in the backfield for a short gain setting up third and a couple.

-       Run up the middle, Jake Ryan unblocked and misses the tackle against Smith. Smith picks up the first down on the second effort.

-       Run to the left, Joe Bolden in the backfield to stand up Smith.

-       Canteen burns Blake Countess on a go route down the sideline, Countess recovers to break it up though. Pretty well thrown ball by Gardner.

-       Frank Clark gets into the backfield for the “sack” of Devin Gardner.

-       Poggi into the backfield again to stop Green for a loss of one on the play.

-      Willie Henry like a bolt of lightning into Michigan’s backfield to standup Ross Douglas. Blown assignment by the offensive line.

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