Haughton Plans to Get to Know U-M

Michigan's list of safety targets gained an abrupt addition Thursday when it offered Waco (Tex.) Midland standout Kahlil Haughton shortly after making first contact.

“I really hadn’t talked to them until this point,” Kahlil Haughton said.  “They just followed me on Twitter and I followed them back.  Then they hit me up and they were just like, ‘how are you doing? I loved your film.’  They said that they loved my film and they really wanted to recruit me.  They were asking if I had any interest in Michigan.  I was telling them that I really didn’t know much about them.  They mainly just talked about the school and everything and said that they wanted to offer.”

The Wolverines took the four-star prospect’s offer tally to 21, and more could be on the horizon.  The 6-2, 170-pounder boasts the type of versatility that is a rare commodity at his position.

“One thing that is really good about me is that a lot of safeties don’t have that hip flexibility and that quick footwork,” he said. “I think that is something that I can excel at because I think that I have the size of the safety, but yet I have the agility and the movement of a cornerback.  If I need to I can lock an inside receiver, or play zone, or cover a lot of grass while at the same time coming down hill and making a hit.”

Those traits brought Haughton to the attention of a number of suitors in Big 12 country a long time ago.  Some of them have begun to distinguish themselves in his recruitment.

“I’d probably have to say Baylor and Oregon State have probably been recruiting me the longest.  (Recruiting me) the hardest, I’d probably say Baylor, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Duke.  There are a lot of the Big Twelve schools for sure.” 

“There are a couple that stick out, but none that I am really leaning towards right now.  I’m trying to stay open minded.” 

That said, he has definitely forged strong bonds with the coaching staffs at three schools.

“Baylor, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech, probably those the most,” said Haughton.

Michigan is among those now charged with playing catch-up in the relationship game.  An essential component in doing that will be getting him on campus for a visit.

 “Right now I have a medium interest, I would say, because I really don’t know much about the school,” Haughton admitted.  “But I know they have a great program and tradition.  I don’t know much about the area or the academics, but that is something I am going to research on.” 

“I don’t have any visits or anything that I will probably be able to make the rest of this spring.  But the summer, I will be definitely marking some of the places that I can try and make a visit to.  Other than that, I really don’t know the chances of me getting out there.” 

While distance is certainly a hindrance to arranging a visit in the near future, Haughton insists proximity won’t play heavily into the school he ultimately chooses.

“It’s really not that big of a factor,” he said.  “It’s always nice to stay close to home, but it’s really not that big of a deal to me.  If I’m going to a place that I know, the place that I need to be and that I want to be, I’m going to go there regardless of how far away it is from home.” 

“Some of the biggest factors would probably be just the environment, the vibe of the place.  You do not want to go to a place that you don’t love being in for four years.  That is definitely probably one of the big things, just the vibe of the place and the environment, just how much I like it and the life of the city.  Second are academics.  That is a big part for me because the way I look at it is you are going to college to learn and playing football is just icing on the cake.  That is the big factor.  Football doesn’t last forever.  If you need something to fall back on, you have that degree.  Third is the coaching staff.  Just being able to have that great trust connection with them and being able to know that they’ve got your back and always support you and everything.” 

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