Bredeson Eying UM Academics on Upcoming Visit

Michigan will host offered four-star Hartland (Wis.) Arrowhead offensive tackle Ben Bredeson again Friday, his second visit to Ann Arbor this month. Find out what Bredeson will be looking this time.

For sophomore offensive tackle Ben Bredeson 2013 was filled with success, as the Arrowhead Warhawks turned in a 13-1 record en route to their second consecutive Wisconsin state championship. Since that time, Bredeson has continued to earn praise as colleges have ramped up their recruitment of the 6-foot-4.5, 275 pound prospect.

Bredeson holds four scholarship offers at the moment with the latest coming from the Michigan Wolverines, an offer he received directly after the Michigan Spring Game.

"Michigan is a big one," Bradenson told GoBlueWolverine, "because my Dad always watched those teams with me. And they've been coming on pretty strong lately."

The Wolverines will host Bredeson this Friday for the second time in just two weeks. Bredeson spoke on his last trip—to the Big House.

"The visit was great," said Bredeson. "I got in and talked to some fans right away and kind of got some background on the fans perspective of Michigan. Then I went in and watched the [spring] game. The game was interesting overall.

Bredeson got to take in more of the U-M football program than just the game.

"I got to go in and talk to the coaches," he said, "and tour the facilities like the locker room and the weight room. We saw the practice fields as well as the inside and outside of a college stadium."

His interaction with the Wolverine coaches paid dividends for him.

"I was with coach Mattison a lot," Bredeson said. "I was with him probably nearly the whole time after the Spring Game. I also talked to coach Hoke. That's when they offered me—he said I had an offer. Those two were mainly the ones I spent the most time with. I've been talking to coach Mattison a lot. I've been on the phone with him a lot recently."

While his primary recruiter up to this point has been Mattison, the rising 2016 lineman also had the opportunity to talk to offensive line coach Darrell Funk. This correspondence will of course be important moving forward.

"I had a little five minute conversation with Funk after the spring game," he said. "The visit I'm going to Friday, I plan to sit with him in his office and talk one on one with him."

The focus of Bredeson's upcoming visit will not just be football related.

"On the first visit I went and saw the football buildings, the facilities and the practice fields," he said. "It was basically anything dealing with football. This one is going to be more of an academic and a behind the scenes on how I'm going to get help through school—the layout of the campus and where all my classes would be. I'm basically taking a tour around the campus to see everything. This one is more academics than football I would say."

Michigan faces stiff competition from the other three schools to offer Bredeson, as the Wisconsin product thinks highly of each offering school.

"Wisconsin is obviously a big one growing up from Wisconsin," he said. "I have watched them my whole life. Tennessee is a powerhouse program so I have always admired them from watching them on TV. I have a high interest in them. And I've always kept track of Iowa State and I have a teammate who is a linebacker and is going to play for them. There's kind of a pipeline going from Arrowhead to Iowa State."

With Michigan drawing legitimate consideration from the four-star prospect, and interest in him set to pick up across the country, Bredeson is unsure how far would be ‘too far' away from home for his liking. This is a decision that will require counseling from his family before a conclusion is reached.

"I really haven't decided yet," said Bredeson. "I need to talk to my mom and my family more about if I'm going to stay or if I'm going to go. That's a big decision for me, because if I stay close to home I could come home whenever I don't have football and it wouldn't be a big ordeal with trying to get plane tickets to fly home and then fly back and travel. I haven't really decided if I want to stay home or leave, and I'll have to talk that over with my parents."

Bredeson is also considering other aspects that may dictate his recruitment. Among these is the academic integrity of his future school.

"Academics are going to be a big part in a school," he said. "I definitely want to go to a school that has great academics and academic tradition. Also networking [is important] after school so I can get a job right after to make some money by joining the work force as quickly as possible. I don't want to scramble for a job for a year and a half after college."

Bredeson said he has been thinking about a college major as well.

"I was considering a business finance degree—something along those lines to become a financial advisor or something like that. I haven't really decided firmly yet. I'm going to talk to teachers, guidance counselors, and parents to bounce around some ideas for what I might want to do. That's just an idea for now and I'm not entirely set on it."

Bredeson is not only visiting Michigan this weekend— he is slated to visit Ohio State and Tennessee as well.

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