Dawkins' Path Could Lead to Ann Arbor

2014 New Hampton (N.H.) Prep guard Aubrey Dawkins is visiting Michigan this weekend. Is a U-M offer in the works? Sam Webb spoke to Dawkins about the state of things for him.

Sam Webb: Let's start off first with you telling me how things went for you on the basketball floor last year.

Aubrey Dawkins: "Things went well. I led the team in scoring and we went to the championship and lost to Brewster Academy. We lost to them three times this season, unfortunately. We went 23-8 overall. We had a slow start but picked up and got a good winning streak going. It was a good season individually and as a team. We did really well."

Sam Webb: Do you recall off the top of your head what your individual stats were?

Aubrey Dawkins: "No. I think around 15 points or something like that."

Sam Webb: Well do this instead… give me a scouting report. Kind of break down your game.

Aubrey Dawkins: "I think my game is an all around game. I don't think I do anything especially good. I do a lot of things well. Taking it to the basket, shooting from outside, high IQ, value the ball, athletic. I think that about sums it up. Make the best play, not settle for outside shots, take contested shots, do anything I can to win really."

Sam Webb: Obviously one of the big things with you is pedigree. Your dad having been a really good point guard… a guy that could really facilitate for others… did you try at all to pattern any of your game after his, or did you just find your own way the whole time?

Aubrey Dawkins: "I think I found my own way the whole time. He played different position so it's kind of hard. Obviously he was a good athlete, t but I think I try to go my own way with it and work with what I have and what God gave me and see where that takes me."

Sam Webb: It's always interesting to talk to guys whose dads were players, and in your case also a coach. Does he take the tact where when you step on the floor he is critiques you as a coach… or does he not really evaluate or assess you at all as a basketball player? Some father/coaches go that route and just leave basketball out with their sons. How do you guys kind of handle the basketball sort of father-son / coach/player dichotomy?

Aubrey Dawkins: "He's hard on me. Off the court we're just father and son, laughing and joking around, always talking basketball. When I step on the court or he steps on the court, whatever we're doing, serious, no games being played, trying to get better all the time. On the court I'm going hard. If I'm not on the court, I can be relaxed and be his friend. When I step on that court…"

Sam Webb: Recruiting wise, what offers do you have on the table right now?

Aubrey Dawkins: "Dayton, Utah State, College of Charleston, Pepperdine. That is all I can think of off the top of my head right now. Of course there is more."

Sam Webb: Michigan, what was kind of the genesis of their recruitment of you. When did it start and what have they said, there do things stand right now. Kind of take me through your Michigan recruitment.

Aubrey Dawkins: "It started around two weeks ago now, I guess. They came to watch me play, they contacted my dad about me for a while I guess. Coach Beilein called me and told me he was coming out and how they're interested. They told me a lot about the program and school and stuff. Obviously it was short notice, they coming late. They informed me that they what their style of program and how they operate."

Sam Webb: Have you watched Michigan? Obviously they played Stanford this year. I don't know if you saw that game. Do you know much about their style of play other than what they told you?

Aubrey Dawkins: "Not really a whole lot. I tried to focus on Stanford."

Sam Webb: Have you finalized arrangements for your visit to Ann Arbor?

Aubrey Dawkins: "Oh yes I am, I leave (Friday) morning."

Sam Webb: So you actually get in tomorrow.

Aubrey Dawkins: "Yes sir."

Sam Webb: Have you been on any other visits yet?

Aubrey Dawkins: "I did in the fall. I have another visit set up next week with another school."

Sam Webb: Will this be an official visit to Michigan?

Aubrey Dawkins: "Yes sir."

Sam Webb: You said you are taking another official visit next week?

Aubrey Dawkins: "Yes."

Sam Webb: What school will that be to?

Aubrey Dawkins: "Dayton."

Sam Webb: Kind of give me an idea of what you're looking for. When you get ready to sit down and make a decision, what are going to be the biggest factors in your choice?

Aubrey Dawkins: "I'd say just the relationship with the coaches and players and how I see myself on the team and how they see me helping the team. Everything from a basketball standpoint is big in the decision. I think obviously Michigan is a great school. Most of the schools that recruit me are very good schools. College is what you make of it from that standpoint. Anywhere I go I'll get an education, but the best one is going to stand out to me. That and my relationship with the coaches and players is what is most important."

Sam Webb: Your timeline. Obviously it is a little later, late signing period. Do you have an idea of when you would like this whole process to be over with?

Aubrey Dawkins: "It is definitely going to be over pretty soon. After I take these next two visits, I don't know if I will probably get any more, so that is when I will probably sit down and make a decision. I'm not in any rush. Of course, I can't take all the time in the world because of the deadline. I'm not going to rush myself and jump to any conclusions or commit on a visit. I'm obviously going to weigh my options, the pros and cons."

Sam Webb: Is it fair to conclude, since these are the only two official visits that you've lined up, fair to conclude that those are probably your top two schools right now?

Aubrey Dawkins: "Yes."

Sam Webb: I know you get this question a lot. Your dad is at Stanford. Was there any desire to go out and play with him or was that something that you kind of wanted to do your own path, like you said, with your game?

Aubrey Dawkins: "I would love to play for my dad. It would be awesome. He has been coaching me all my life, it would be awesome. But I think everybody knows it will be a weird dynamic within the locker room the players, and the coaches. It would be interesting, but there are also down sides to it. I think I'll more than likely stay on my own path and have him coach from the father and dad kind of perspective."

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