Abdur-Rahkman has Michigan on Top

2014 Allentown (Pa.) guard Muhammad Ali Abdur-Rahkman is making his official visit to Michigan this weekend. Is an offer in the works? What's his timetable? Sam Webb spoke to the Abdur-Rahkman.

Sam Webb: Let's start with reflecting on your season. Based on what I read, it sounds like you had a pretty successful year.

Muhammad Abdur-Rahkman: "We went 29-1 and we lost in the state tournament. We had a good year altogether."

Sam Webb: What were your individual stats? Also tell me about your game. What you bring to the table.

Muhammad Ali-AbdulrRahkman: "Start with individual stats, I averaged 23 points, four assists and six rebounds a game, broke the boys school record for career points with 2136. I'm more of a facilitator, get in the lane, drive and kick, find the big guys inside. I can play defense. I'm a good defender – perimeter. I can shoot a little bit…I need to get better. Dribbling better, but need to get better. Midrange is pretty good."

Sam Webb: It sounds like recruiting is really starting to pick for you now. ?

Muhammad Ali-Abdur Rahkman: "Yeah I think I was under the radar for most of my recruitment. Things are starting to pick up now. I think because of Twitter. Saying that I'm going on official visits to certain places. I think people think that since Michigan became involved that he must be a good player. That definitely has helped recruitment."

Sam Webb: When did you first start hearing from Michigan? How did that relationship start?

Muhammad Ali-Abdur Rahkman: "Two weeks ago, John Beilein called my coach and talked to him for a while. He said he heard from a friend of 40 years about me and he wanted to check into it. So my coach sent him about eight games of my film and he liked what he saw."

Sam Webb: When did they come out to see you actually play live?

Muhammad Ali-Abdur Rahkman: "They came to a workout last Thursday. There were some other coaches there. They came to a workout."

Sam Webb: What schools have offered you so far?

Muhammad Ali-Abdur Rahkman: "Other schools that are becoming involved haven't really offered yet, but they want me to come on an official visit, like Pitt, Penn State, Rutgers. I think that is about it. Oh and Boston College."

Sam Webb: Your official visit to Michigan is this weekend. Do you have any other visits set up?

Muhammad Ali-Abdur Rahkman: "Not so far, but I'll probably sent them up by next week."

Sam Webb: What do you think of Michigan? I know it is new and you are just starting to talk to them, but what do you think/know about the Wolverines before you get there?

Muhammad Ali-Abdur Rahkman: "I think they are generally good people. I grew up watching Michigan. That's my brother favorite team, so I've always kind of watched them growing up. They just seem like a great school. They are good at developing players. The players play unselfish and play as a team and they seem like they like playing together. That is something that I like."

Sam Webb: As far as how you would fit into the offense, do you see how you would fit in and have they talked to you about what your role might be if Michigan wound up being a place that you would go?

Muhammad Ali-Abdur Rahkman: "Yeah I can see myself, but I have to get a lot better to get a lot of playing time. If I put in the hard work and dedication, I think I can fit in well."

Sam Webb: What does your timeline look like? You have a visit this weekend, you said you are going to try and set up some more visits when you come back home, when would you like to have all this done and over with?

Muhammad Ali-Abdur Rahkman: "Definitely in the next two weeks, I don't want it to go past that."

Sam Webb: So when you get ready to sit down and make your decision, what are going to be the biggest factors in that choice?

Muhammad Ali-Abdur Rahkman: "Good people definitely. Good people to be around and great coaches and being able to earn playing time."

Sam Webb: Do you have a favorite on your list right now?

Muhammad Ali-Abdur Rahkman: "I guess you could say Michigan is one of my favorites. Like I said, I grew up watching them, so definitely one of my favorites."

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