Michigan Offer a 'Blessing' to Sweet

2015 Jacksonville (Fla.) First Coast OT William Sweet recently committed to North Carolina, but that hasn't stopped the fierce pursuit from other interested suitors. Michigan is among those to have made its strong interest clear by extending a scholarship offer after an in-person evaluation this week.

William Sweet thought his recruitment was over when he committed to North Carolina earlier this month.  Now he isn’t so sure.  Recent offers from LSU, Auburn, and a few days ago Michigan have made him realize that things may actually be heating up.

“I just consider it more of a blessing than anything,” Sweet said regarding ongoing interest from other programs.  “I’m just trying to take all of these things in.  A school like Michigan… that’s a really good school, a great powerhouse.  I’m just blessed more than anything.  After I got (the Michigan offer) I dropped to my knees and thanked God for blessing me.” 

Michigan assistant Darrell Funk was the one to extend the scholarship, a move that only enhanced Sweet’s already favorable impression of his would-be coach.

“He’s a good guy,” said Sweet of Funk.  “I commend him for even considering me for a scholarship at a school like Michigan.  He took time out of his busy schedule to come all the way down to Jacksonville, FL to come watch me.  He actually came to watch me practice.  That meant a lot to me.” 

Though Sweet still considers himself a North Carolina commitment, the sudden increase in attention from other schools has piqued his curiosity.

“I definitely want to get out (on visits),” he said. ”I just want to go out and see some big games and get a chance to see those guys, to see some competition… to learn by watching one on one the guys at the next level and  how they are competing, their footwork and stuff like that.  I definitely want to check out and see some great players.” 

“Life is full of surprises.  As of right now, I know probably one of the biggest college football games is Michigan and Ohio State.  That is a huge game, even down here in Florida.  So I can only imagine how it is up there.  I’m definitely considering checking Michigan out.  I’ve never been up in Michigan but I have family in Farmington Hills.” 

If the Sunshine State star does decide to look seriously at other programs they will be charged with impressing him in much the same way the North Carolina did.  Unlike many of his suitors, the Tar Heels emphasized nurturing Sweet’s development on and off the field.

“One of the things that caught my eye was they are #19 national business school in America,” Sweet said reflecting upon his commitment.  “That really kind of made me lean toward them a little bit more because I want to major in human resources and get that business degree under my belt.  Not knocking college football, but my philosophy is every school has a large stadium, a lot of fan support, and great academics.  The thing that helped me was I just felt comfortable at North Carolina.  Another thing that kind of made my decision was every school talks about how many draft picks they had… how many first-rounders or second-rounders.  If it’s meant for me to go to the NFL, then that is going to happen.”

I’m not going to say any specific schools, but some of the SEC schools’ catch was, ‘we are the best in college football.’  This is not a football decision to me, this is a life decision.  Whether you had 500 first-rounders or five first-rounders, I have to do what is best for me in terms in the long run after football is over.  I know I can’t play football forever, so I have to do what is best for me.”   

For Sweet that means selecting a program that isn’t that close to home.

“Actually my parents want me to get out and see what else is out there,” he said.  “I agree with them.  I’ve been in Florida all my life.  I feel like me getting out of Florida will allow me to grow, mature, and kind of not depend on mom and dad, kind of grow up a little bit, you know what I mean?”

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